Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Writer's Block Wednesday! Chapter 2


The rising sun slowly began peeking through the crack between the blinds and straight into Markus’ eyes. He groaned and looked over at the alarm clock: 6:30 AM. Why did I stay up till 2am surfing the internet? He had to be at the range at 7am and absolutely hated himself right about now. He officially had 30 minutes to shower, shave, and grab a protein bar, a bottle of water and drive to the golf course. “Shit!” He cursed.
He stretched and rubbed the sleep from his eyes, not looking forward to working on this particular Saturday. Markus was the local golf pro at Twin Pines Country Club, where he had the lovely task of teaching the member’s wives how to play golf.
Oh joy! He thought, then rose from the rumpled bed and trudged into the bathroom to start his very, very early day.

Kimber was lying in bed when her cell phone began to vibrate across the bedside table. She grabbed the phone and flipped it open.
“Hello?” sounding sleepy, her voice not fully awake made a cracking noise.
“Hey sleepyhead!” came the voice at the other end.
“Oh, hi Chrissie, what’s up, what time is it?” She stretched and sat up in bed.
“Its 11 o’clock, you bum! Time to get up and get beautiful” Chrissie sang.
"What? Go slowly…why am I getting beautiful? Kimber’s mind was still foggy with sleep.
“We are gooooo-ing out tooooo-night! And we are going to Mr. B’s for some drinks and seeee-xxxxy men!” Chrissie chimed out slowly so Kimber would understand and of course, be a little annoyed.
“Hmm, strippers? You know I can’t resist drinks and half naked men! I’m in. Thanks for the notice, although I don’t think I need 9 hours to get beautiful, do I?” she laughed.
“Silly, me and some of the girls are going to the spa for Mani-Pedi time, thought you’d like to tag along?
“Sounds fabulous, as long as this caravan starts with a trip to Starbuck’s for coffee and breakfast?” Kimber’s stomach growled at the thought of food.
“It’s a plan! Pick you up in 20, gorgeous. Kisses” Chrissie made smooches into the phone and hung up.
Gorgeous was an understatement for the way Kimber looked. She was 5’9” tall, long legged; bronze skinned and had long wavy blonde hair that hung nearly to her waist. She had that beautiful girl next door naïve look, but what anything but naïve in any sense. Kimber stretched and leaped down from her high four poster bed. Padded to her closet, undressed, then slipped on a sun dress, flip flops and put her hair into a messy bun. Looking in the mirror, she thought; good enough for government work and proceeded into the bathroom to finish getting ready.
 At 7 PM that evening, the entire group of girls stood in the Living room of Kimber and Shannon’s house. All of them dressed to the nines and highlighting their earlier Mani-Pedi’s with strappy high heels and sparkling rings and bracelets. Kimber wore a tiny jean skirt, bamboo wedge sandals and off the shoulder peasant top, all of which drew attention to her long legs, tan skin and ample natural breasts.
“Okay ladies, time to check our supplies” she clapped her hands together in order to get all of their attention.
“Lipstick” Chrissie held up her Blood red tube to demonstrate. She had donned a pair a tight leather pants, criss-cross booty heels and vampire Bite Me t-shirt, all of which only accentuated her fair skin tone, full sleeve tattoos, petite 5’2” frame and curly long auburn hair.
In unison, all the girls said “check!”
“Cash! Make sure you have singles” laughed Chrissie & waving a wad of dollar bills. She was the extrovert of the group, decked out in a hot pink pleather mini dress and thigh high black leather boots, complete with silver spiked heels. She wore her hair Annie Lennox style, spiked and platinum blonde; her make-up and jewelry perfectly applied, she always looked as though she just stepped off the runway.
“Check!” again the girls squealed.
“Condoms” Kimber smirked “A girls gotta have her priorities straight!”
Laughing, they all yelled “CHECK!” and held up little foil wrapped squares towards the sky.
The girls were ready, primed with a few shots of tequila and determined to have a good time or else. They all rushed out the door to the awaiting cab, giggling as they all piled in.
The club was hopping and there was still a line of women waiting to get inside for the Man Candy show. As the cab pulled to the curb, all three girls stepped out and strode to the front of the line. Heads turned as they walked in step, a newer sexier version of Charlie’s Angels, maybe they should be called Charlie’s little devils, which at least would be more accurate.
"Hey Frank” Kimber sidled up to the doorman, giving him a thousand dollar smile and sexy wink.
“Well, hello Kimber”, Frank smiled and removed the rope to give them VIP access to the front of the line.
“Enjoy the show!” he winked back. The girls moved inside and took in the scene, finding a table front and center.
“Man, he has it bad for you” Chrissie yelled above the loud music.
“Who?”, Kimber batted her eyelashes and gave her friends a knowing smile. She knew that Frank had it bad for her, that’s why they always got the VIP treatment when they came to Mr. B’s. What’s a little harmless flirting, Kimber mused.
As the drinks were delivered, the lights dimmed. The girls squealed and toasted,
“Let the Man Candy commence!”

As music thumped, the spotlight flashed on and found its mark. Sebastian, the club’s M.C. stood clad in leather pants, thigh high boots and white poet’s shirt; he looked like a modern day HAWT swashbuckling pirate.
“I’d like to get some of his booty!” Shannon slurred, apparently the tequila was working.
“Good Evening ladies! Are you ready to see some hot and hard men?” the M.C. announced. “I’ve got a special treat for you ladies tonight, all the way from Australia…give a scream out for SPLASH!”
The crowd erupted and got to their feet, surging forward towards the front of the stage. Just then the lights went to black, the glow of black lights barely illuminated the stage enough to see a tall figure taking his place for his number. The music began to play and slowly candles began flaring to life around the stage.
Kimber smiled as she recognized the song, Barry White’s “Let’s get it on”.
“I love this song”, she told her friends; never taking her eyes from the stage. As the stage lights and candles got brighter, the special guest stripper “Splash” came into view. Well, she could see the back of him anyway. He stood back to the audience, left hand resting on a chair. Kimber could see that he was well built and muscled, the tuxedo he wore was snuggly formed to his body builder frame.
“Nice” she said aloud, not that anyone could hear over the screaming women surrounding them.
When he turned in time with the music and faced the audience, an audible gasp rent the air. Kimber was transfixed by the vision before her, SPLASH was a god. He stood no less then 6’4” tall, muscled, with sandy beach blonde hair that barely dusted his shoulders and piercing aqua blue eyes. If he truly had an Australian accent, she might just have an “O” if he whispered in her ear at this moment!
“My God!” Chrissie leapt to her feet to get an eye full.
“Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?” Shannon exclaimed. Splash worked the crowd, moving from lady to lady, offering a wink, slight touch of the hand or sinful smile. Accepting charitable donations were ever the women could successfully shove a dollar bill, or five or twenty. Drunken women were always generous to the Man Candy.
As he drew nearer to their table, he had removed several pieces of clothing; leaving him only in his tuxedo pants.
Kimber’s gaze raked across his chiseled chest, abs and arms, He is so fine! She thought. The music made an abrupt change and Splash strode to the chair placed in the center of the stage. The beginning of the song “Pour some sugar on me” began to play, and soon he sat straddling the chair in nothing but a neon Blue thong. The next instant, the lights blinked out and the stage was enveloped in Black lights. Leaning back, he thrust his chest to the sky, one hand out-stretched… raining down from above him, a wave of blue and green neon paint dowsed his body. Highlighting every single inch of muscled, rippling perfection in glowing neon paint.
Wow! I guess we know how he got the name splash, she thought.
Just then, Splash raised his head and looked into the crowd, and looked directly at her. He began to smear the paint over his torso, running his hands across his chest, his stomach…Oh my god, Kimber placed a hand over her gaping mouth. He was reaching into that tiny g-string and smoothing paint over something else as he looked-right-at-her!
“I don’t think that small swatch of cloth is going to contain him much longer!” Shannon quipped.
“Neither do I” Kimber swallowed audibly.
With that, Splash gave Kimber a wink and the music came to an end. He grabbed a nearby towel, wrapped it around his waist and made one final sweep of the stage collecting his monetary rewards for giving the ladies a good show.
The crowd clapped and applauded with appreciation. The girls gave each other a knowing “WOW” look and then discussed some of Splash’s finer points, then ordered a second round of drinks; waiting for the second dancer to begin.

Frank sidled up behind Kimber, pressing all 6’6” of his Japanese-Irish, green eyed, hard chisled yumminess into her backside.
“Mmmm, Hi Frank!” Kimber faked a moan.
“How’d you know it was me?” Frank said amused.
“Who else would have the balls to accost me with my two ninja sisters within striking distance? That and I know the smell of your cologne baby” Kimber pinched Frank on the ass. Frank smiled and leaned in to whisper into Kimbers ear,
“One of the dancers wants to see you in the back, I’m sure you can guess which one”.
“Really, Whatever for?” she put on her innocent naïve face and batted her eyelashes.
Frank rolled his eyes and resumed his place standing as security by the stage’s side entrance.

“What should I do?” she asked Shannon & Chrissie.
“Go for it!” Chrissie gave her a visible two thumbs up.
“I know it’s hard, but take one for the team” Shannon smiled mischievously, “Or I will!”
Downing her entire drink in one gulp, she stood and smoothed out her jean skirt. She then snatched her compact, checked her reflection and applied another dab of glass to her plump DSLs; Dick Sucking Lips, for those not familiar with the acronym.
“Okay, ready or not, here I cum!” she and the girls giggled.
Kimber made her way to the backstage entrance just as dancer #2 took to the stage. Frank ushered her to the dressing room marked “Splash” and left to return to his post.

Standing in front of the door, Kimber stilled herself, took a deep breath and raised a hand to knock…
Just then, Splash wrenched open the door and pierced her with his blue eyes. His gazed moved over her body taking in every detail.
"What took you so long?” he said as a smiled bloomed across his face.
He seized her by the waist, pulling inside the dressing room and securing the door behind them. In that instant his mount was on hers, punishing her lips and pressing his hard body against her.
Kimber really loved the way he tasted, like honey and chocolate, and smelled earthy and fresh; just clean from a shower?
“Mmmmm” Kimber moaned and drove her hands into his damp hair. She ran her fingers down his neck and into the collar of his robe, tracing the lines of his body with her nails.
Splash was on fire, this woman had so much sex appeal he could taste it. He felt her gaze on him like a brand as he performed on stage and just had to meet her, had to…
“Oh God” he breathed as their dance of tongues, sucking of lips and general devouring of one another’s mouths continued.
Kimber ran her hands inside his robe and over his shoulders, pulling him closer so her breasts were smashed against his chest. Breaking the kiss for a moment, she pushed Splash back, making a small amount of space between them.
“What?” he looked at her questionly.
“I want to look at you, and I mean ALL of you” Kimber said in a husky voice.
He stood in front of her now, robe pulled from his shoulders and resting at the crook of his arms, only his robe’s belt around his waist impeding her from seeing him completely naked. As she reached forward and pulled at one end of the belt, Splash relaxed his arms and the robe slid freely to the floor.
“Magnificent” she murmured.
He went to reach for her.
“No, stay” she commanded and just stood taking in the sight of him. He is beautiful, she thought.
His skin was golden brown everywhere, he either tanned nude or ran around naked on the beach. He was completely bare, shaved smooth; which only drew more attention to his impressive assets. His cock was long, impressively thick and standing at full attention in front of her, her heart sped as she glanced as his face from beneath hooded eyes. Kimber motioned to him with her finger, “come”, and he came running. Wrapping her in another solid embrace, he thrust his hands into her long blonde locks and ground his length into her core.
Heat radiated from every pore of her body and she felt the moisture begin to well between her legs. She was on fire… for him.
She barely wedged her hand between their smashed bodies and found what she was seeking.
Splash gasped, “God please, yes…ohhhh” her hand enclosed around his pulsing shaft and she gently squeezed. Like a leashed dog, Kimber guided him to the nearby couch, but told him,”Stand here”. She knelt on the couch, bringing herself eye level with his belly button.
She grasped his sack, rolling him softly with her fingers and tracing each vein as it snaked to the head of his penis.
Splash stared down at her, hair tousled and skin flushed, she was angelic and a only a breath away from him swollen shaft.
Kimber felt his gaze and looked into his eyes, her lips parted and she slowly licked and moistened the entire surface of her voluptuous DSLs.


Adrian Phoenix said...

Awesome job, Kelly. Smokin' hot! Waiting for chapter 3. :)


blueicegal said...

wow!! omg i was like no way no way throughout! was way intense arghh amazingness!! want more!!! :P

Gina M said...

Very well done!

Amber said...

aaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to just go right to the... fun of it, and then take it away right when it starts getting.... hottttt (jerk ;)-). eeek! I'll try not to stalk you for the next chapter. Which probably means I'll be sitting on my hands for a week. :D Dirty dirty! (pssst... can I join the Charlie's little devils?) hehehehe

Pixiedust said...

niiiice...what a cliff hanger!


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