Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 5 w/ author D.B. Reynolds in 9 DAYS OF DARKNESS


I‘m so happy to introduce a new “to me” author, D.B. Reynolds.
I found DB through author Adrian Phoenix; she recommended her and said I should give her books a try.

I recently finished her first book in the Vampires in America series, Raphael, and am very impressed with her writing style. Reading the first book in a series is sometimes tedious and like browsing a books’ table of contents to see what’s in store. Although I often expect the first book in a series to drag as we learn the “rules” of the storyline, or try to get comfortable with the characters, almost like a first date; learning and questioning as we go. Raphael however is a pair of well worn, soft leather boots…familiar, welcoming, and ready to take a long stroll. Really, I think I read this book in a single day. You will no doubt love the story, the characters and be left wanting for more.

Review of Raphael, Vampires in America series

The story is set in Malibu, CA. This is of course where the beautiful people live, and who are more beautiful than the flawless undead, vampires to be specific. Raphael is a Vampire Lord, he is power; and tips the balance between life and death for the vampires he rules over. Who would possibly defy him? A group of humans dare a daylight attack and kidnap a female vampire who is dear to Raphael. He will seek out a human private investigator to help track them and find her before its too late.

Cynthia Leighton is just that investigator. She was once a cop and known for helping a vamp who was in a jamb. She was called to take on this kidnapping and jumped at the chance; anything would be better then chasing cheating spouses for a change. But Cynthia got a lot more than just a new assignment; she may have gotten herself in way over her head with a certain vampire Lord named Raphael.

Raphael is everything we expect him to be for a vampire Lord. He is dark, mysterious and excruciatingly seductive. The passion and fire that ignites between him and Cynthia is breathtaking. D.B. has mastered the art of perfect seduction with her writing of the love scenes in this novel. Intense moments of torment, pleasure and anticipation will keep you on the edge of your seat, holding your breath to find out what comes next. I can give this novel no less than 5 stars, for it deserves each and every one of them.

Watch out readers! I fully expect to see Reynolds’ books lining the shelves alongside great authors the likes of Kenyon, Hamilton and Moning.

I was able to ask D.B. a few questions, here's what she had to tell us:
Interview with D.B. Reynolds

1. Where do you currently live?
I live in California, in one of those flammable canyons near Malibu.
2. Are you Married? kids? pets?
I’ve been married for many years to my brilliant and wonderful husband. No kids and no pets, either. We travel too much to make pets practical.
3. When did you get started writing?
I started writing in high school when I was lucky enough to have a couple of great composition teachers. It was an experiment in team teaching, so there were two teachers in the classroom at the same time. They were wickedly funny and very encouraging. I decided then that I wanted to be a writer, although it wasn’t until many, many years later that I had the chance to really pursue my goal.
4. Do you want to thank one person in particular for giving that extra push?
Well, my mom always had books in our house and she really pushed all of us to read. I think every good writer is a reader at heart. We just write the books we’d like to read. So, among so many other things, I thank my mom for that.
5. How many books did you attempt before you were published?
Three? I’m trying to count back. I think it was three, but maybe four. Two of them are sitting on a shelf and maybe eventually I’ll go back and do something with those story ideas. But the other one (and a half) are the first books in an epic fantasy trilogy which I DEFINITELY will finish someday. It’s just a matter of finding the time.
6. Do you have any MUST haves to write? Food, drink or time?
First of all, I write mostly at night. I start around midnight and write until about 4:00-4:30 a.m. That’s when I’m at my most productive. I usually grab an hour, sometimes two, during the day for revisions, but daytime is also when I take care of other things, like interviews and guest blogs, keeping up on my various boards and writing groups. Other than that, I take my laptop with me everywhere I go, and I can write almost anywhere, as long as I’m not constantly interrupted. Which means I can write in the middle of an anonymous crowd, in a coffee shop or the doctor’s office waiting room, but not in the presence of anyone who’s likely to expect conversation? Food and/or drink aren’t important, except for water. Must stay hydrated, you know.
7. Which novel is your favorite of your books?
The one I’m working on is always my favorite; because that’s the one I’m most immersed in at any given time. And that means I love it all over again when I get the manuscript back for revisions, because I look at it fresh every time.
8. Who is your favorite character?
Oh, no. I’m not falling for that one. I have to work with these people. I love all of my characters!
9. How many books do you have in the works now?
Well, my third Vampires in America book is coming out soon, so I’m expecting copy edit/revisions on that very soon. I also have a werewolf e-novella which will release in July and I’m doing copy edit/revisions on that right now. And then I’m currently writing the fourth Vampires in America book, Sophia, which I had to interrupt in order to complete all these revisions! And in the back of my head, I’m percolating story ideas for the fifth Vampires book, a new werewolf novel in the same universe as my novella, and a whole new series starring demons, I think.
10. For your next book, what is the name and when is the release date?
Rajmund, Book 4 of Vampires in America, will release on July 15th of this year.
And Heart of the Wolf, my werewolf e-novella, will release sometime in July, though I don’t have a specific date yet.
11. What made you write a dark book?
I got tired of reading about vampires who were too civilized, too far away from the myth of Vampire. They’d become nothing more than sensitive guys who were forced to drink blood to survive and really didn’t want to. I wanted to write a story (or stories) about vampires who were VAMPIRES! Totally alpha characters that were bloody, predatory, territorial and lethal . . . as well as sexy, gorgeous and possessive as hell.
12. Do you like writing the hot romance scenes?
I don’t mind writing them and I like reading them once I’ve finished, but they’re actually a lot of work. It’s important to make hot scenes flow and to retain a sense of sexual urgency, so that the reader actually gets caught up the sensuality of the sexual action. And since there are only so many ways of saying “insert tab A into slot B,” I have to come up with other things for the lovers to do and feel, and other ways for me to describe it, before, during and after the insertion of said tab into that slot.
13. Do you have plans for another new book/series?
Yes, definitely. I’ve already written a Science Fiction Romance which has garnered high praise and which I hope to have a publisher for in the next year. If I do find a publisher, I’d love to write more in that universe. I’m also currently making notes to myself about a whole new series featuring some new paranormal – new in the sense I’ve not written it before.
14. What is the 1st book you remember reading and falling in love with?
Charlotte’s Web, I got it at the library when I was about nine, I think. And the librarian, who knew me well since I was in there every week checking out a big pile of books, told me she thought it was a little too simple for my reading level. But I checked it out anyway and fell in love with it.
15. Who are your favorite authors? Favorite series?
So many authors! But I have to say that Adrian Phoenix is one of my very favorites. I love her Maker’s Song series with Dante Baptiste and Heather. I think Dante is one of the all-time great fictional characters, complex and dangerous, sexy as hell, and vulnerable all at the same time. I also love Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld, especially her werewolves, and Charlaine Harris’ Sookie/Southern Vampire series. And there are so many more … C. J. Cherryh, Anne Bishop, Suzanne Brockmann, Kresley Cole, Linda Howard, John Sandford, J. R. Ward, J. T. Ellison … I’m a voracious reader. Can you tell?
16. What is your favorite quote?
It’s from Walter Wellesley “Red” Smith … “There’s nothing to writing, All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.”
17. Do you have a favorite book cover?
I love MY book covers, of course. But I actually have a framed copy of the art from Kresley Cole’s Kiss of a Demon King on my wall. The artist is Craig White and I LOVE that cover.
18. Naughtiest book you ever read?
Hmmm, what’s this naughty you speak of? The first erotica I ever read was Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus. I was a bit shocked, because didn’t know going in that the book was erotica! And now, of course, the romance genre has burst out of its heaving bosoms and lusty wenches into wonderfully sexy prose and hot, hot sex scenes. And I’ve read so many of those; I don’t think I can rank them all. Plus, I don’t really consider anything I’ve read to be naughty, just sexy, sensual and really hot!

I’d like to invite everyone to come by my blog at
I have contests and information on all my books, plus I post free Vampire Vignettes, which are little x-rated slices of life with my Vampires. Right now, I’m re-running the early Vignettes for anyone who missed them.

D.B> Reynolds is kind enough to donate a signed copy of either
Raphael or Jabril
To one lucky winner who comments below:
1. Comment and/or ask D.B. a question
2. Share the 9 DAYS OF DARKNESS at FB, Twitter, etc…(where'd you post it?)
3. Leave your name and email in you comment post

To be entered into the SPECIAL mystery contest at the end of the event, Post
The 9 DAYS OF DARKNESS button on your blog or somewhere and
tell me where I can find it.


Karen E. said...

Loved the interview! I honestly have to say I have not read this series yet, but I will. This is what I love about this web site. Discovering new authors and great stories!! I like the stories with the strong characters. So far this 9 Days of Darkness has been great!

HighlandHussy said...

Funny that Kiss of a Demon King is myfavorite book cover too. I think we all get along so well here because we all love the same things, and I really look forward to reading your books. It looks like we have similar tastes. I also like how you want your vamps to be true to form vampires, and not broody sad excuse for a vampire males.

DforDarla said...

I haven't read this series either, I have seen the covers n stuff when I was browsing b&n during class, but I'm going to read it! The series sound awesome, cuz I'm kinda tired of the poor me, self loathing vampires.

I retweeted the contest on twitter

Keta Diablo said...

Hi D.B. (and demonlover)

The interview was fantastic. Isn't it nice to learn about a writer's life. I'm off to your blog! Raphael sounds fantastic as do the books you have in the words. I found myself a new author too and would LOVE, LOVE to win one of your books.

Much success to you, D.B. and demonlover, I've posted your 9 Days of Darkness button on my blog, Keta's Keep,

My best to both, Keta
erotic romance & gay fiction author

Adrian Phoenix said...

Wonderful interview, DB! And thanks so much for all your comments about Dante and my books. WOW! I really appreciate it!

I love your Vampire in America series - they are easily among my fav reads! All of your characters draw me in - especially Cyn.

I can't wait for Jabril and Heart of the Wolf.

Having read your SF romance (ahem), I'd like to say that it was a great read! I loved the characters and the world you created and I hope we see it published soon (with mroe books to follow)!

One question: When the hell do you sleep?? LOL.

(I'm spreading the word via my usual channels. Please don't enter me in the contest. I don't want to steal books from readers new to D.B.!)


Paranormal Haven said...

Although signed copies would be awesome, no need to enter me I already have my copies of Raphael and Jabril. I just wanted to stop in and say hi to D.B. For those who haven't read her books they are a must for fans of vampires and/or Paranormal Romance books!

Stephanie G

D. B. Reynolds said...

I'm here! It's the crack of dawn for those of us who stay awake all night writing, but I'm here!

Thanks first to ADRIAN PHOENIX, who is a totally awesome writer! I get a little thrill every time she says she likes my books! And I LOVE Dante!

And to KAREN E, HIGHLAND HUSSY, DARLA and KETA DIABLO ... thank you so much for coming by and for commenting. I really do hope you read the books, because I love writing them! And, yeah, my vamps are not silently brooding and suffering. They're too busy conquering the world and its women!

And thank you STEPHANIE (PARANORMAL HAVEN) ... didn't I sign the books I sent you? Bad me. I'll sign RAJMUND for sure!

As for when I sleep ... what's sleep? LOL


HighlandHussy said...

Since Kelly, the demonlover herself has to stay awake til all hours to keep her loyal fans happy, I'll jump on really quickly and thank all of you commentors for stopping by and saying something.

I'd like to thank Adrian for being a faithful follower too, and thanks for stopping by all the time :) we love that and you!

And DB, you are awesome for doing this for us, DL and I are thrilled to have you here today. You'll see DL on here today too, never fear!

D. B. Reynolds said...

Thanks, Highland Hussy! I'm very happy to be here and thank Kelly and everyone at DL for hosting me! 9 Days of Darkness is a great idea for a blog event!

Adrian Phoenix said...

Must say I love the fact that your vampires are too busy conquering the world and its women to sit around and brood. I'm not overly fond of brooding vamps either (unless their egos have just been crushed/rejected and they have good reason to brood and lick their wounds.) ;)

And as for 'what's sleep?' . . . That's what I thought.


D. B. Reynolds said...

I'm planning on my next vampire lord (after Rajmund) being a female, so she'll be conquering the world and its MEN! Something a little different, but plenty of hunky, alpha males around of both the vamp and human variety.

Adrian Phoenix said...

I can't wait!


HighlandHussy said...

DB, that is soo exciting-a female vampire lord (I'm rubbing my hands together in anticipation)...
I have a quick question-are the Vampires in your series "out?" I got the impression that they are, but just curious :)

Elizabeth said...

great review the book sounds intresting and about vamps!

DemonLover said...

A female vampire Lord sounds fabulous. Can't wait. Will she be evil or fair, yet hard and seductive?


Amy J - Book Addict said...

OOHH! Another new author for me to look into! AND she lives in my state of California! Wonder if I can get a book signing in my area?? LOL

Would love a chance to win this!
Amy J

dfordarla said...

Just realized I didn't leave my e-mail, which would probably be a good thing to have put on here in the first place.

dfordarla said...

and I did it again, why I keep forgetting who knows.

D. B. Reynolds said...

To answer both Highland Hussy and DemonLover's questions ...

My female vampire lord is beautiful, powerful and very seductive. She grew up in a culture where a woman's only weapon was her beauty (not so different from today, really,) so she's accustomed to using her looks to get what she wants and she's had a couple hundred years to practice. But she's also very powerful, and when push comes to shove, she doesn't back down for anyone.

She's not evil, but she's every bit as aggressive and territorial as the males. And, of course, she needs a male human lover who isn't intimidated by her at all.

jellybelly82158 said...

This is a new author for me but the books sound great. The thought of a female vampire is really great.

jellybelly82158 at gmail dot com

jellybelly82158 said...

shared on Twitter - user name

jellybelly82158 at gmail dot com

jellybelly82158 said...

Shared on Facebook - user name jellybelly82158

jellybelly82158 at gmail dot com

Hell Kat said...

Awesome Interview! I have been wanting to read these for a while now... I'm going to have to get busy on that!!!!/hellkat81?v=wall&story_fbid=122439821123630


Hell Kat said...

forgot to mention that I have your button up on my left side bar =)

Robin K said...

This is a new author for me. I would love to read Raphael.


Robin K
robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

mbreakfield said...

Great interview. I've never heard of these books and would like to try them.
I tweeted.

mbreakfield said...

Forgot my e-mail.

linds said...

hey there D.B. your interview was interesting and awesome. ive never read your books but they have the qualities i like in a paranormal romance a vampire not only being alpha but also sexy and possessive. As much as i love my vamps i dont mind my were's either have you thought of writing anything with shifters? also are any of your vamps in america from San Francisco or will they be?

Lindsey H. <~~~ sorry so long aol did it

linds said...

posted on my fb sunshine

Lindsey H.

D. B. Reynolds said...

Hey Linds,
Great minds and all that ... I have a werewolf e-novella coming out in July from Siren-Bookstrand, and I'm hoping that will lead to a series.

Also, the Science Fiction Romance I'm currently sending to publishers involves a semi-sentient planet where the Shifters (big cat shifters) are the dominant species on the planet.

So, that's a big YES to shifters!!

As for San Francisco ... my vamps have divided North America into eight territories, each ruled by a Vampire Lord. Raphael is the most powerful of all the lords and rules everything west of the Rockies, with his main residence in Malibu, CA. So, none of the future books are currently planned for San Francisco, but it's always possible.

Thanks for stopping by!


linds said...

hey D.B.

so will that novella in july be available through kindle? cause i will def check that one out too. i go through books like water and even re-read them a gazillion times over. so im happy that DL has the 9 days of darkness going on cause she is posting some good stuff for me to check out including your series.


D. B. Reynolds said...

I had to look that one up, Linds, because Siren-Bookstrand is a new publisher for me. It doesn't look like they carry a Kindle version, but they do have several e-formats and free downloadable readers. Here's a link to their info page on formats ...

Thanks again!


Carol said...

Hi Donna! Sorry I missed you yesterday (in the middle of moving) but you know I LOVE your books! Can't wait for Rajmund and very excited about the new series as well.

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

Hi D.B.! Sorry to be late, time differences mess me up. (Visitor from old Europe here *waves*) I have to confess you area new author to me, I first heard about you when Adrian Phoenix recommended your books in another post here at DemonLover's 9 Days of Darkness Event. Your novels sound exciting, I'll be putting them on my wishlist :-)

OMG! You write at night/dawn? Well at least you are enveloped by the sounds of the night, sure sets the athmosphere to the story ;-) lol I'm also a night owl, but not at this extent, I go to bed around 2am because I have to be up and about before 8.

Thanks for the interesting interview and for offering up one of your novels!

ps: Do you know that when I first saw your name I instantly thought of Debbie Reynolds the actress who played Kathy in Singin' in the Rain? (huge SitR fan here.. ;-D)

1. commented
2. tweeted here:
3. Stella
stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

donnas said...

Great interview. I have not read any of your books but I am looking forward to them. Thanks for sharing!

Tweet -

bacchus76 at myself dot com

C.R. Moss said...

Loved the interview!
& the male model on the cover of Raphael...yum!

booklover0226 said...

I enjoyed the interview. I look forward in starting Vampires in America series; I'm always looking for "new" authors.

I posted on Twitter..

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

skyla11377 said...

Great Interview, I Really Enjoyed It.

Hey D.B. What Inspired You To Write Vampires In America Series Or Did You See Something That Inspired You To Write It?

I Posted This Link On My Facebook Page (Raquel Vega-Grieder).

I Tweeted About This Event (@skyla11377).

Name: Raquel Vega-Grieder

Jessica Peter said...

I'm always impressed at writers that do hot romance. I'm entirely intimidated by it. I'm also wondering when you sleep. Phew!

D. B. Reynolds said...

Hi, SKYLA! Thanks for stopping by.
The idea for Raphael all flowed from the first scene, which just hit me one morning in the shower. (That's where I do some of my best thinking, btw - LOL) I saw this female vamp being kidnapped and she says to her kidnappers, "He'll kill you." She's totally confident that "he" will come after her and "he" will kill her abductors.

And so I wrote the book to create "him" and he was Raphael -- whom I just LOVE!

And, JESSICA, I do sleep. Honest. But I have a weird schedule, so I sleep into the morning, and I usually try to catch a nap later in the day. I LOVE naps! Thanks for visiting my Day of Darkness!


Spav said...

I've never heard of this series, but it sounds interesting.



Dot S. said...

I'm late here,this is what I get for being out of town when my fave new author does a guest spot.

For anyone who has not yet read RAPHAEL or JABRIL by D.B. Reynolds, run to get it NOW before RAJMUND comes in July. D.B. is the best new author on the paranormal scene. Bar none!

Dot S. said...

OOps, forgot to mention I've posted this "9days" on facebook.

Tanya1224 said...

Thank you for sharing this Author. I've never heard of her and yet because of this review I'm going to read her books. I thought it sounded really good and if you read it in one day it must have been hard to put down :) I've posted about this on Twitter.

Tanya1224 said...

I fogot to leave my e-mail's


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