Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Book Review: Highland Warrior by Monica McCarty

I just loved Caitrina as our heroine. She is fiesty, intelligent, a tad naive, and super cute. I love how she meets our hero Jamie. She climbed a tree to help her brother get a kitten down, but had to undress out of her fabulous gown to do so. Her brother takes off with his kitten, leaving Caitrina stuck up the tree in nothing but her sark and with no help in sight...or is there?

A mysterious man on horseback who is at the clan gathering for the games rescues her and leaves her breathless...

Jamie Campbell, the Earl of Argyle's Henchman and cousin has few friends and a reputation for being the monster in the closet. Really he's a very honorable man who happens to be related to the infamous Earl of Argyle. He has no friends among the clan Lamont, and yet seeks Caitrina's hand in marriage. She is repulsed by her response to him. She cannot believe her father actually likes the henchman. ugh! Until she gets to know him. But will her pride keep them apart?

Yes, for a while, but her clan is torn apart and most of her family killed and she blames takes months for him to find her to make sure she's alright. He saved her from a rape and a fully engulfed castle fire, but she doesn't remember it. It takes a lot of sweet seduction and gentle patience for Jamie (a supposedly emotionless man)to woo Caitrina, but even towards the end she can't give him her trust. When it finally happens, though, it is sweet, and so worth it.
This is one of my favorite Historical romances of all time. I loved it.
This was a definite 5 stars.

Don't go so fast...Part II

Okay, where were we...
Slowing down...
We discussed BEFORE SEX, now how about...

(my favorite part)
How does that old rock song go..."Stoke me, Stoke me!"....LOL
Just kidding, what I mean is, this is the time to ease into things; petting, touching...
No groaping his unit ladies!
 and men, please DO NOT tune in Tokyo, we hate that. No naughty parts just yet. Time to explore your partners body and be selfish...touch what and where you want to. Feel the the places that excite you.
His chest, stomach, face and even run your fingers through his hair.
Just connect.
Then let him do the same.
Now...FOREPLAY (for you sports guys out there, this is not about GOLF!)
Foreplay is important and a must in efforts for slow sex. Try not to race through this boys & girls.
Try a little oral, yes you both can do this and do it to completion; for both parties.
(Yes, CLIMAX...The big "O"...if you are not getting this already in your sex life,
drop that zero & get yourself a hero!)

You've now set the stage for Intercourse...
Choose a position that affords a visual connection, look in to those baby blues or whatever color they are.
This will increase the intamacy between you... build the moment gradually.

Immediately roll over, grab the remote and turn on the game...Just Kidding!
This is just as important!!! Remember when we'd sigh and say "oh how I love a man who cuddles after!"
Well, duh...of course we do.
It is the FINALE to the grand performance, the cherry on the sundae.
Lie together, breathing and still...savor this moment, sweat glissening on each other's skin...
This is the cement that bonds you together...Or maybe that's another sticky substance??
Either way, talk, whisper naughty things to each other, tempt and tease.
and by all means, if you are ready to go again...remember
"Perfect practice, make perfect...
sex, that is"

I think in a nutshell, we all lead busy and stressful lives and sometime forget to take the time for the important things. Our relationships with our spouses, lovers or partners are the most important.
By giving of ourselves, we will receive that much more in return.
Take the time to make the time. Love, laugh and be a little naughty.

Monday, June 28, 2010

In my BOX Monday!

Wow, the mailman has been working hard for me this week.
Can't wait to share what I've received in the mail...

Received from PAPERBACKSWAP:
Passion by Lisa Valdez
ManHunter by Loreth Anne White
Master of Torment by Karin Tabke
Soul Magic by Jennifer Lyon
Hidden Agendas by Lora Leigh
Portrait in Death by JD Robb

Book I won from WRITING IS A BLESSING blog:
Insatiable by Meg Cabot

Books received by authors/Publishers:
Dares and Dreams by BK Walker
The Crowded Shadows by Celine Kiernan
Bound by Temptation by Lavina Kent
Nicholas by Elizabeth Amber
Dane by Elizabeth Amber
Eternal Hunter by Cynthia Eden
I'll be slaying you by Cynthia Eden

Book I purchased:
Marked by Elisabeth Naughton

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Slow down, don't go so fast....

The Demon will see you now!
I like to share interesting articles I read... especially those talking about sex.
I found this great article in my Women's Health Magazine..
by Elise Nersesian

Did you know the average romp lasts three to seven minutes, yet both MEN & WOMEN desire 13 Minutes!
Want to know HOW to make the moment last longer? I did! So here's what DL learned...

Before Sex:
Prime the engines... start getting ready in the morning. Send him a sexy text: Ah yes, favorite. But don't be too crude, never want the text to land into enemy hands.
Try " I can't wait to get you out of those work clothes!" Yeah, I think that would do it.
This simple act of writing down what you want to do stimulates the mind and ensures you'll be in his all day long.
Preparation is another important step; get in the mood... Unless you have an "on" switch like a vacuum, this is very important. Turn off your amygdala (that portion of your brain that controls your anxiety & fear) and turn on your body. A hot bath can help with this and of course you want to be all shiny and fresh anyways.
The hot water and steam will calm you and awaken your nerve endings, making you more sensitive to touch. DId you know cucumber scented soap is a turn-on? (I thought it was just my golden cucumber award that was a turn-on,LOL)

and last...hook up the tunes.
It's time to dust off that Barry White CD and set a relaxing, familiar environment.
But wait! we're not ready to just "get it on" yet.

Wanna know what to do DURING & AFTER? Tune in tomorrow for the rest of the story and DEMON's point of view.

Sinful Sunday!

Hello this fine and Sinful Sunday!
It's time to play catch-up, I'm so sorry I've been neglecting you all.
I've been getting ready for RomCon and have purchased my plane ticket for the trip thanks to all of your donations and support. Between those who donated and RomCon giving me a free ticket to the event I was able to afford the airfare.
Thanks again!
Now all I need is a roommate to share the hotel fee! Anyone going and need a bunkmate?
No matter what I will be there and be sure to share with all of you along the way.
Oh and don't forget that if you donated to the cause, you are automatically entered to win a box of goodies from the giveaways I receive.
You can still enter HERE!
But back to the sin...
Here's your special SINFUL Sunday treat!
Say hello to model Trevor Adams
I think Trevor's photo above in the red short should be a book cover,
doesn't he look like a HAWT VAMPIRE??
They just don't make 'em like this very often...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Excerpt from latest Kresley Cole book

Kresley Cole's next installment in her Immortals After Dark series is set to be released August 24. Just last night, she got her first excerpt up from the book Demon from the Dark...and let me tell you it is going to be goood!
This excerpt has very little interaction between our hero Malkom, and our heroine Carrow. But we do get to see their first meeting, and we get some incredibly intriguing information and background on both Carrow and Malkom...the first Vemon!!!
Remember how at the end of Pleasure of a Dark Prince, several immortals were captured? Well, this excerpt tells us why and to what end. not read the excerpt unless you want to suffer horribly til August! I am sitting on pins and needles now waiting for the end of August!
Check out the link to both Kresley's website, and the excerpt to Demon from the Dark.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Book Review: Purity in Death by JD Robb

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Piatkus Books (January 6, 2005)  
ISBN-10: 0749934417
ISBN-13: 978-0749934415


Louie Cogburn had spent three days holed up in his apartment, staring at his computer screen. His pounding headache was unbearable - it felt like spikes drilling into his brain. And it was getting worse. Finally, when someone knocked at his door, Louie picked up a baseball bat, opened up the door, and started swinging....

The first cop on the scene fired his stunner twice. Louie died instantly. Detective Eve Dallas has taken over the investigation, but there's nothing to explain the man's sudden rage or death. The only clue is a bizarre message left on his computer screen: ABSOLUTE PURITY ACHEIVED

And when a second man dies under near-identical circumstances, Eve starts racking her brain for answers and the courage to face the impossible...that this might be a computer virus able to spread from machine to man....

Once again JD Robb takes us on an incredible journey to find a terrorist group with the objective to purify the world. A group calling themselves “guardians” has taken the law into their own hands, deciding to rid the world of the trash; those who prey on the children and ultimately destroy their innocence. Though Lieutenant Eve Dallas wants justice just the same, what she doesn’t want is a vigilante group doing it outside the letter of the law and taking innocent bystanders with them. Eve and her team are hot on the trail, with her husband Roarke’s help they can stop the next execution before it happens.

I love the action and excitement of the “in Death” books, but the nothing compares to the relationship between Eve and Roarke. The passion and love between them unconditional, they are perfectly matched and I envy the pure raw emotional and physical fireworks between them. This book is a definite keeper.

Thursday, June 24, 2010 it really???? Theo Thursday!!!!

Yeah, my favorite day of the week.
I will continue to support and share pictures of Theo and ask that all of you support him as well. He has been sentenced, but we (his fans) are hoping for early release. You can read more about Theo on the support page on FaceBook.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Review:Good Guys Deserve Bad Girls by AP Miller

Title:Good Guys Deserve Bad Girls
Author:AP Miller
Publisher:Noble Romance Publishing, LLC (April 1, 2010)
Source:Received for review
Reading Level:Romance

You know what “they” say . . . . There are girls you don't take home to mother. There are girls you don't date on a serious basis. There are girls that are fun to be around, but that you never, ever consider for marriage. They're not nice girls. They're bad girls . . . and you should never fall in love with a bad girl.Or so they say.But if all that’s true, then what is it about bad girls that make good guys want them so very . . . badly?Andrew is definitely a nice guy. He’s a hard-working, decent Christian fellow. Good with his hands, honest, honorable, and does the right thing by his family and his church.Pathrusim is definitely a bad girl. About as unchristian as you can get, what with her being a demoness, straight from the pits of hell itself. She wants to wrap Andrew around her little finger, and enslave him for all eternity.But what is it about Andrew that draws her to him? If she's such a bad girl, why does she want so badly to have a . . . nice guy?"

I think this book had a lot more potential than showed. There were certain parts where I thought were well written and I enjoyed, and other I thought were unnecessary and could have been replaced with a much better scene.
While I enjoyed the overall book by the wife and husband team of AP Miller, it wasn't one of the greatest books I have read. It was more of a "buy when your bored but warning, you will most likely read one time.".
On the other hand, all of my smut lovers, you will certainly enjoy this book!

Book Review: Morrigan's Cross by Nora Roberts

If you are a regular to my blog/site, you know that I don’t always review Brand New books and like to bring attention to oldies and goodies.

This week I read a book by author Nora Roberts, the first in the Circle Trilogy, called Morrigan’s Cross. Have you heard of it?

This trilogy encompasses all the things I love in the PNR genre, Vampires, romance, time travel, Scotland, warriors and even a little witchcraft. What could bring so many things into this novel? Well, the six people that are going to try and save the world of course.

The Goddess Morrigan has sent them all on a quest; the warrior, the scholar, the shape shifter, the vampire, the witch and the sorcerer. It will take the combined efforts of these unlikely sorts to form a circle, an army to start the battle against evil and the ancient vampire that seeks to take over the world, all the worlds, and enslave or kill along the way.

Time can’t change the fact that this is a delightful trilogy and worth a peek. Please pick up these quick reads and enjoy, Nora Roberts does not disappoint.

The three books in the series are:
Morrigan’s Cross
Dance of the Gods
Valley of Silence

Don’t forget you can find me on , my user name is Kelly-O and I usually post the books I review for swap after I’ve finished reading them.

A good read and gets 4 STARS from me

Take it off Tuesday!

Hello All! I wanted to share a fabulous pic of my friend Simon Howard.
He is a model and photographer.

Can you belive this is his "out of shape" picture???
You can find him on Facebook and at his website:
View some of hi fabulous photography at:
He even has a blog (and only 16 friends???)

Below is just a really great pic!
not one of Simon's...

The End, lol

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Book Review: Ash: Son of the Demon God by DJ Manly

ASH: Son of the Demon God
The Devil
Wow, Can I just say WOW!

D.J. Manly has out done himself on this one. Oh how we fall for the characters of this PNR m/m erotic romance.
Thinks "EROTIC ACHERON" people, and boy is this a yummy and naughty piece of work.

Meet Ash, son of the Demon King, half human-half demon. He shows none of his demon side in his appearance, but he does hold fantastic powers within. Cascading locks of midnight like his mother, he is a mountain of sexuality and sinew; taut rippling muscles and the face of an angel. Though he can, rarely would he need his powers to seduce another, male or female, they simply fall at his feet and beg to be taken. Now, on his eighteenth year, he must travel to the underworld and seek out his father. He will be sent on a quest; a mission that if successful will finally release him from his father’s binding and give him freedom. What he must do is simple enough, isn’t it?

Rush, ruler of the valley of the sun, meditates on the trials he is facing. The war with the Sky people, the warrior known as Ash that leads the armies crushing his people, the ruling pressures and the constant ache of need within him. Though he tries to relieve this constant pressure, the vow…no curse of celibacy thrust upon him by his ancestors is almost unbearable. No matter the temptation, this vow keeps his people safe; keeps them in the light. If he were to falter, submit to his desires, they would all fall into darkness.

Are you excited yet? You should be! RUN, and don’t walk to buy this book.
 Buy a copy of ASH: Son of the Demon God
“FANTASTIC, Exciting, Breathtaking and Raw.”

Remember this is m/m and meant for mature readers… 18+ only
Please visit DJ’s site and pick this one or all of his books!

5 stars!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Winner of HOT & STICKY contest!

Winner? I mean WINNERS!!!

Did you leave a comment before the HOT & STICKY contest was over on June 9th?

If you did, you'll be so happy because...
booklover0226 wins Hot and Sticky
 and ALL THE REST who left a comment can choose one of the novellas from the CROSSROADS series!

Crossroads (warning: forced seduction in this novella)
Crossroads Revisited
Crossroads Showdown
Crossroads Shadowland

Booklover 0226 can also take that offer instead of Hot and Sticky if you like!

Just e-mail KETA DIABLO with your choice at  She wIll send the books right out.  
Please put DEMON LOVER BLOG WINNER in the subject line.

Congratulations everyone!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's THEO Thursday!

Ahhhh...My favorite day of the week.

Show your support and share with others that love Theo.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BIG NEWS!!! Going to Comic-Con

DemonLover is going to Comic-Con as PRESS!!!
Calling all Romance, Sci-fi, Mystery/Thriller, PNR Authors and more! I'd like to see you there.
If you'd like to do an in person interview and are attending Comi-Con, Please email me at
I will be posting the reviews on my page

Can't wait to report all the cool books and goodies!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I think Tuesday just might be my favorite day of the week... Besides Theo Thursday of course!

Book Review: The Face of Death by Cody McFadyen

Cody McFadyen is a genius wielding a pen as his mighty sword. To say this book was good would be a blatant understatement, simply because if was fantastic.

McFadyen gives you everything you want and more out of a Mystery/Thriller; excitement, suspense, nail biting intrigue and the heart pounding hint of terror of what’s going to happen next? If you haven’t heard of this author, I urge you to go swiftly to your book store or Amazon and purchase the first book in the series, Shadow Man. Let me try to give you a taste, but not too much to spoil your appetite.

Our heroine is FBI agent Smokey Barrett, she has been through hell and back tracking serial killers. She and her team are called in on the really bad cases, they are the best, and have a success rate for solves that keep them that way.

This case is different, she has been asked for personally by the lone survivor in the family’s home, her name is Sara. What Smokey finds when she arrives is gruesome, both parents sliced ear to ear and neck to abdomen, eviscerated; the teenage son throat cut as well.

Sara sits with a gun to her head and blood on her nightgown…just staring…waiting…


Here’s the blurb from the back cover:
In Shadow Man, Cody McFadyen took the suspense thriller where other writers have feared to tread. He introduced readers to a heroine every bit as dark and edgy as the serial killers she hunts: Special Agent Smoky Barrett. Now, in his latest novel, McFadyen brings Agent Barrett back to track down a killer who breaks all the rules. Get ready for a shattering confrontation with the very essence of human evil.

“I want to talk to Smoky Barrett or I’ll kill myself.”

The girl is sixteen, at the scene of a grisly triple homicide, and has a gun to her head. She claims “The Stranger” killed her adoptive family, that he’s been following her all her life, killing everyone she ever loved, and that no one believes her.

No one has. Until now.

Special Agent Smoky Barrett is head of the violent crimes unit in Los Angeles, the part of the FBI reserved for tracking down the worst of the worst. Her team has been handpicked from among the nation’s elite law enforcement specialists and they are as obsessed and relentless as the psychos they hunt; they’ll have to be to deal with this case.

For another vicious double homicide reveals a killer embarked on a dark crusade of trauma and death: an “artist” who’s molding sixteen-year-old Sarah into the perfect victim—and the ultimate weapon. But Smoky Barrett has another, more personal reason for catching The Stranger—an adopted daughter and a new life that are worth protecting at any cost.

This time Smoky is going to have to put it all on the line. Because The Stranger is all too real, all too close, and all too relentless. And when he finally shows his face, if she’s not ready to confront her worst fear, Smoky won’t have time to do anything but die.

Find this book at AMAZON.COM

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Book Review: Pure Sex by DJ Manly

Purchase HERE @ Amazon

Loved this books. DJ has a wonderful way of pulling you into the story and letting you get into the head of his characters.

Lance had long ago vowed never to love and decided to use his sexy body and handsome face to ensure he is never, ever poor again.

After his business associate died, his contract null, he is forced to find another man that would like to have his kind of services, a contracted lover and fantasy all rolled into one and in return Lance would continue to live a very comfortable life. A life without strings and love. Jackson Scott is that man.

This was just another job for Lance, he'd done it all before. But something was very different about the way he was feeling, he can't seem to keep his eyes off Tobias...he can't stop thinking about him. Toby is Jackson's right hand man, assistant in everything and apparently part-time lover as well. What is it about Toby? Why is Lance suddenly getting sick when he should be getting turned on? Ah Hell, he doesn't know what the hell is going on...

DJ's book is HOT, not to mention expertly written, heart felt and intriguing. I love the chemistry between Lance and Toby, and loved to hate Jackson and his self-centered ways.
Hank, our country bred chauffer, let's just say you have to read the book in order to get the goods! WOW.
As always I can hardly put down DJ's book once I start it.

I can't wait for the next...


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