Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lost Boys found at Comic-Con 2010

This year’s Comic-Con produced an amazing array of exhibits, shows and panels. To my own surprise and possibly others, it also delivered a shocker; a third movie in the LOST BOYS franchise. Yes, you heard me correctly; Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander were present and should be held accountable. For what you might ask? Well, I’d like the 2 hours of my life back that I spent watching the “WORLD PREMIERE” of The Lost Boys III, The Thirst; which debuted Thursday July 23rd from 10pm-Midnight.

Corey and Jamison, two of main characters of the original Lost Boys trio, were talking up the movie and putting on quite a performance during the panel prior to the big unveiling. Corey arrived equipped with his digital video camera and recorded the audience, Jamison and himself during the panel. Though they both had heartfelt words to express for the missing third in the trio, Corey Haim, they tried to keep the mood light and seemed excited for this next chapter in the Lost Boys legacy.

Movie lovers and fans of the original cult classic Lost Boys braved the night in hopes of a new, edgier and better 3rd installment featuring the Frog brothers. What we got was a bag of popcorn, a glow stick, a red headband and a failed attempt at a vampire thriller. Each scene was predictable and almost cheesy in its dialogue and delivery. I was waiting for any moment to see Leslie Neilson to walk across the screen and confirm that this had all been a funny parody of the original. He never showed.

Although the film did not appeal to my liking, I must give great praise to the creator of the opening credits and introduction to the movie; the graphic art/comic book images were visually stunning. Another highlight was a song addition to the movie soundtrack by Corey Feldman’s band, Truth Moment. No matter what, I have to give the Frog brothers an “A” for effort and commend them on rising above the quality of Lost Boys II, The Tribe; Lost Boys III is definitely a move upward and in the right direction.

Look for the release of LB3 in the Fall 2010 from Warner Home Video.

It's Theo Thursday!

Hello All, I myself need a little THEO to brighten my day.
Okay, that just about covers it!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Take it Off Tuesday and IN MY BOX!

I'm combining the two things today...
Both are related to my adventures at Comic-Con.
For take it off Tuesday, I want to introduce a local of San Diego that allowed me to stalk him at work.

Meet Bruce.
He is a personal Trainer by day, lifts 5 times a week and a door man @ Dicks by night.
I think he has some serious potential... Don't you?

Besides what I received in the mail, I wanted to share what I scored at Comic-Con

In the mail I received:
WILD FIRE by Christine Feehan

My booty from Comic-Con:
THE TAR-AIYM KRANG by Alan Dean Foster
THE BECOMING by Jeanne C. Stein
BLOOD PROPHECY by Stefan Petrucha
LUCAN by Susan Kearney
THE STRAIN by Guillermo Del Toro
DOUBLEBLIND by Ann Aguirre
CHEAT THE GRAVE by Vicki Pettersson
BRAIN JACK(ARC)  by Brian Falkner
NAAMAH'S KISS by Jacqueline Carey
A GAME OF THRONES by George R.R. Martin
CEMETERY DANCE by Preston & Child
INCARCERON by Catherine Fisher
CLOCKWORK ANGEL by Cassandra Clare
HERO (ARC) by Mike Lupica
DID LSD KILL JFK? (ARC) by Tim Kring
CHRONICLES OF NICK by Sherrilyn Kenyon (signed)
GHOST GIRL by Tonya Hurley (signed)
CITY OF GLASS by Cassandra Clare
DARK EMBERS by Tessa Adams
FARMERS & MERCENERIES by Maxwell Drake (signed)
STORIES anthology
THE IMMORTALS by Paul Stewart/Chris Riddel
THE OBELISK by Howard Gordon
SOMON CAT by Simon Tofield (Fav cartoon)
THE REPLACEMENT by Brenna Yovanoff
SAPPHIQUE by Catherine Fisher
THE ETERNAL ONES by Kristen Miller
NIGHTSHADE by Andrea Cremer
MATCHED by Ally Condie
(galley ebooks)
IN THE DARK OF DREAMS  by Marjorie M. Liu
WAIT TILL DUSK by Jocelynn Drake
PRAY FOR DAWN by Jocelynn Drake
RAPTURE UNTAMED by Pamela Palmer

I know! Is that crazy or what??
Some of these you will see in future giveaways...stay tuned!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Book Review: Twice Tempted by a Rogue by Tessa Dare

Twice Tempted by a Rogue  (Stud Club, #2)Twice Tempted by a Rogue by Tessa Dare

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was great. I normally don't put a lot of quotes in my reviews, but I just can't help it here. Rhys was sweet and eloquent. I think he's one of my favorite heroes. Merry was a determined woman who worked hard and helped keep the town afloat when Rhys left home, and his family home burnt to the ground.

We met Rhys in One Dance With a Duke, and we learned about the Stud Club. Leo, the founding member of this tongue-in-cheek club, was murdered. The murder is as of yet unsolved, but we've learned that Leo was extremely angry at Spencer (the Duke of Morland) for winning a certain gent by the name of Farrady's token...Leo knew that Spencer wanted to disband the club and was furious with Faraday for gambling against his better judgement. But who is this Faraday? What is his purpose in all of this-and is he the man who looks like Bellamy?

Now, here, Rhys is courting his ill-fated good luck that keeps him alive against all odds-I love how he is an "imperfect" hero, with scars and stiff fingers, and a trick knee. And I love how from the first moment Rhys sees Meredith, he wants her...for his wife! The widowed owner of a tavern/inn, he's a lord, and he wants her for his wife. Loved it. Loved how he wooed her, how he announced the banns without letting her know, but took her to the church to hear them read, and how he kept refusing her efforts to get him into bed. Here's a quote I particularly love. He's kissing her for the first time, but he'd also avoided kissing her the night before.
He pressed his lips to her quickly, as if she might change her mind if he gave her the chance, or as if he might change his. The timing was off, and their lips mashed together at the wrong angle, and her eyes were still open.For a moment she felt 14 again. Awkward, uncertain. Painfully aware of everything but the joy of being kissed.But then he tilted her face a degree, and his mouth shifted a fraction against hers. She remembered to close her eyes.And suddenly they fit. Suddenly this kiss was everything. And she still felt 14 again, but in that blissful, giddy way of tumbling headlong down a rocky slope- with no thought for caution, no purpse but to chase exhilaration and joy.Rhys St. Maur was kissing her.And it was wonderful.

There were too many quotes for me to copy down, but this had some of the most romantic moments without being to "purple."I thought it was evil of Tessa Dare to finally have Merry agree to Rhys' constant proposals, and to have him start brooding on something such as "I'm not good enough for her," "She deserves better," etc...but Cora (the witness to Leo's murder-she has quite a surprising story herself!) tells both Bellamy and Rhys that they are being absolute cowards! I loved that! And Rhys took her advice! How many heroes take advice from an 18 year old girl? One part I particularly enjoyed was where Rhys takes Merry to Bath. In Regency historicals, so often everything takes place in London...Almack's Bowling Green...I know all the locations that make it a Regency romance. But here we got a very descriptive look at Bath. More than just "they hied to Bath for the waters" or something along those lines. Here we see what sounds like a true picture of the town of Bath. I liked it. I won't summarize at all here, since the mystery will continue into Three Nights with a Scoundrel, but I will say that Leo's death was bigger than just the Stud Club...which is why I was disappointed to not see more Stud Club action. Anyone who enjoyed the first stud Club book will enjoy this, and those who liked the writing, story and Spencer but were annoyed with Amelia, you'll like the strong and determined Merry. And I don't think anyone won't like Rhys-he's my choice in stud.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Comic-Con Candy!

Hello my faithful followers. I'm coming to you from Comic-Con, the craziest place EVER!

Yesterday was LONG and I must have been exausted not to post Thursday Theo...
What is wrong with me??
Well I have a local Talent here at Comic-Con that caught my eye, then he caught me and grabbed a photo.
Anyone remember the movie Boondock Saints? Well Sean Patrick Flanery is the funniest guy and my pick for Man Candy of the Week!

Sean is definately looking good.
He is at Comic-Con to promote the Boondock Saints comics...
and BTW he is super nice and funny.

More exciting things to come (as soon as I get a better wi-fi connection!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Book Review: One Dance with a Duke by Tessa Dare

One Dance with a Duke (Stud Club, #1)One Dance with a Duke by Tessa Dare

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I thought this was great. I read a few reviews where Amelia's affection for her brother Jack was overdone, but I thought it worked with the way her relationship and self-martyring personality was. And to be fair, the self-martyring wasn't really all that bad...that was more Spencer's take on Amelia, not mine.
Amelia and Spencer meet at a ball, minus any romantic impulses. The circumstances of the tongue-in-cheek Stud Club bring them together...the founding member Leo has been murdered, and Amelia takes it upon herself to tell his twin sister Lily, rather than let the men tell her. And throughout this awful night, Spencer sees how strong Amelia is, and how she handles everybody.
Spencer and Amelia are married just days later, as a business arrangement, and fall into friendship and love. I loved how Spencer was able to admit that he loved Amelia from the second she pressed her handkerchief into his palm that first night.
One of my favorite parts of this book is an impromptu ball given to the newly married Spencer and Amelia. Amelia is just absolutely shining in her new role as duchess, and Spencer notices it, and so does every single other male in the room. I loved how Spencer later made her watch herself in the mirror to show her what face others see when they look at her, but how the faces she makes in passion are only for him. In fact that was in general just a great scene.
Amelia's brother Jack is a gambler, and Amelia is an idiot where Jack is concerned. At the end, there is a bit where Jack sails off to America, but the resolution isn't quite what I would like to have seen. Jack and Amelia's dealings with her brother, putting him before her husband and such, are the main reason that this isn't a 5 star book. I do think it fit with Amelia's personality though, so I tried not to let it bug me too much.
This story is well done, and the writing is easy to follow without being simplistic. I loved it, and definitely want to read the next book in the series.

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Book Review: Cupids' Overlook by Cameron Glenn

Cupids' OverlookCupids' Overlook by Cameron Glenn

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This is the author's quick review from
"It tells of how two "cupids" try and find their future parents and place them together. It starts off as a bubley fun romance but then evolves into something deeper and more interesting. A great price too!"
First of all, he misspelled "bubbly" and it's "try to find," not "try and find."
By page three I didn't want to finish the book. I can't even tell you what this book is about since it's all over the place. The poetry "Jason" writes is awful. The grammar and language-the passive voice, all awful.
Any time the cupids talk to each other there are no quotation marks, and only sometimes is it italicized. here's a direct quote-misspellings and missing words are the author's, not mine.
We cherubim not yet born creatures dwelling above in the dimension of what I'll term heaven prefer the act of procreation which brings us down to earth be enacted between two who made a sacred commitment with each other and that it happen under those conditions of ways. But we also know it doesn't always happen under those conditions or ways. We don't judge, the right of judgment is reserved for only one at the finality of things, but we can prefer. Sometimes the act is done for selfish gratifications and with assumptions that nothing special, let alone sacred, beyond the personal physical pleasure offered in the nuts and bolts grind of it, be derived or taken from it. This lax attitude on it is more often adopted by males, but not always. Love isn't even required for the physical act to take place; sometimes both involved are just after the lust, wishing no further commitment beyond that goal, to reach a peak of pleasure; and sometimes not even the lust gratification is adequately appeased, or little so; some pervert it and misuse it and ruin it and take enjoyment in the debasement of it, turning sacred beauty into crass perversions; it's purpose is meant to build and create, but it can just as easily consume, tear down, erode and destroy, abused and mishandled.
You know when Ace Ventura takes a huge breath in the movie before he has a huge run-on explanation? That's what this felt like, but at least Ace made sense.
He cites Kevin Jonas (of the Jonas Brothers) as an example of purity-honoring his purity ring, and his values...
My favorite quote since it made absolutely zero sense!!!
"One of their servers said to her, the pretty girl who makes everyone happy by wearing the pretty dress, then makes everyone sad by wearing the coat, with a Brazilian accent in a way that made them laugh."
So, my review is that this book made my head hurt trying to figure out the nonsensical wording, phrasing, and if he were one of my students, I'd have red-marked his paper up the wazoo!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Man Candy of the week!

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 205 lbs
Chest: 44
Waist: 32
Shoe: 11
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Blue

I always like to support up and coming models...
Here's another pic that's more my style.

Find Dakota on Facebook

Sunday, July 18, 2010

RomCon contest winner and Costume contest winner!

My adventure in Denver,CO on July 9-11 was fantastic. Attending the ROMCON 1st annual convention for Romance readers was an exciting experience to say the least.
I can say that it was a great success and I will be attending next year for sure.
The hard work of Michelle, Thea and all the volunteers are noted and appreciated. The BEST time I had was volunteering myself for the "SPEEDDATE an AUTHOR" events. This one on one chat with as many as 12 authors in the same room was fantastic!
During this event I was able to mingle with fellow readers and chat with authors I love; as well as meet new authors I can't wait to read.

I will be posting interviews with these exciting authors and sharing a little of our funny almost can't call them interviews, we were having too much fun!
Here are a few photos I'd like to share with all of you!

Here's DL with, Jessa Slade, Nalini Singh & Jeaniene Frost.

 Met Veronica Wolff (Love her!) she was so funny. SO now I have to run out and read all her books! LOL

Lila DiPasqua and I actually met on the shuttle over from the airport. She is a fabulous woman and her 1st book releases August 3rd (check out the widget on the main page)

DL on the left rocking the Black & White Masquerade party with Jenna Maclaine (my new friend and author if the Cin Craven series) & Mary (my RomCon Buddy)

The fabulous ladies of Erotica/Romance
This was one rowdy panel for the late night Sexcapades!
I also got to chat with 2 of my favorite PNR authors, Pamela Clare & Shannon K Butcher

Now, for the really important information...the winner of the
 "send DL to RomCon contest"
Here's is what the Grand prize winner will receive in the box:
  • Signed book cover poster of DARK PERIL by Christine Feehan
  • Signed book flat of BLONG TO THE NIGHT & DEADLY FEAR by Cynthia Eden
  • Book: McKettricks of Texas; TATE by Linda Lael Miller
  • Signed book: Summer Breeze by Catherine Anderson
  • Signed book: A Highlander's Homecoming by Melissa Mayhue
  • Book: PROOF OF SEDUCTION by Courtney Milan
  • Book: UNCERTAIN MAGIC by Laura Kinsale
  • Book: DESTINED FOR AN EARLY GRAVE by Jeaniene Frost
  • Book: Lucky Break by Carly Phillips
  • Signed book: UNTOUCHED by Anna Campbell
  • Signed book: TO BEGUILE A BEAST by Elizabeth Hoyt
  • Sample books:
    • A Passion for Paranormal
  • Signed book: WHAT HAPPENS IN LONDON by Julia Quinn
  • Signed book: BLACK EAGLE by Gen Bailey
  • Book: COUNTESS OF SCANDAL by Laurel McKee
  • Signed sneak peek booklet of WICKED INTENTIONS by Elizabeth Hoyt
  • Signed bookmarks and postcards, magnets, and misc goodies....
And the best is for last... A signed copy of NIGHT GAME by Christine Feehan.
Whew! What a great box of goodies.
The winner is....

Marianne Strnad
Congratulations! Please email me at with your mailing address to receive your box of goodies.

It was because of all the followers that I was able to attend this convention and bring many more goodies and authors to this site's attention. Thank you with all my heart.


The prize winner for guessing my costume as MERCY THOMPSON is...

Michikit @ Amina Black Blog
Please email me with your address, your prize includes:
DARK HUNGER graphic novel
SPIDERS BITE by Jennifer Estep

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Book Review: His Lady Mistress by Elizabeth Rolls

This book was a free download from Harlequin, and is still free on the Kindle app for your smartphones.
For a free download-Not bad.
I think that when you have a spunky heroine she should stay true to that. Enter Verity. Her father commits suicide and she is then left penniless because the law confiscates everything of his that very night. Later on that night, she plants flowers on her father's grave, and a man is there to help-Max. He takes her home, feeds her and leaves her to her uncle. She is shuffled off to said relative who takes her dignity, and treats her like Cinderella-poor cousin who has no choice but to fend off her male cousin's advances, be treated worse than the servants, and have the servants treat her shabbily too. Her aunt/uncle even changed her name. But she is supposedly "not broken" throughout all this. I say she adapted to survive, but in doing so, gave up parts of herself. This book is by no means on the level of Julia Quinn, Sarah MacLean or Lisa Kleypas, so don't expect a fabulous read. The storyline is there, it's just too indecisive.
She is asked by a guest of her Aunt and Uncle (who is visiting to court her cousin) if she would be his mistress and she accepts, but it is Max! And he's an earl. He came to find out how she was...too bad her uncle passed her off as a servant and said that Verity Scott was dead-and well, she practically was, just Selina the servant remained. Enter Doormat Verity.
Verity was accused of trapping Max into marriage, and she just wanted escape. Their marriage was a series of back and forth like/don't like scenes.
He felt sweet on Selina, finds out it's Verity and that she lied to him-he hates her. He realizes she didn't try to trap him (meanwhile she has retreated into herself and become Doormat, as I shall henceforth call her) So Doormat then behaves like a beaten dog-any bit of attention from Max and she has love and hope again, wagging her tail and licking his hand. Any harsh words she's cold and on the verge of crying, cowering with her tail tucked.
I actually did like the story, just don't expect alot from it. It had so much potential-but the back and forth between the two lead characters just annoyed me. Doormat grew a bit of a backbone, and Max would realize how wrong he was about her (this happened several times) but he'd never tell her more than just "you're mine,you're not leaving" it got tedious.
I liked Richard, Max's twin who realized before Max did that Verity/Doormat was honest and in love with Max. The pregnancy was almost unexpected, but the hints were there (I'm not spoiling, you figure it out soon enough). But Max had made it quite clear he didn't want any children. That whole situation was handled poorly.
I read it at one sitting-it's not long, and easy to follow, just look at it as a freebie, and don't have high expectations. I liked it, I just got annoyed with the Spunky girl who became Doormat, and never showed her true spunk again.
2 stars

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Theo Thursday!

Hello My wonderful Peeps!
Think I forgot your dose of Theo?... NEVER!
Here you go.
Please check out other fine photography by BRAD WALSH

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Book Review: Lover Mine by J.R. Ward

I wasn't expecting much out of this book, as I am not a huge fan of Xhex. I like John Matthew a lot, but he's not my favorite. In fact I wish we'd seen more of the Blay/Qhuinn/Saxton drama.

From most of the reviews I'd read, the big complaint was the Paranormal Reality show. I must be in the minority because I loved it! I thought it was short and to the point, but with enough substance to make sense. I guessed who the ghost was within the first couple scenes, but I won't say so as not to spoil it...but I did like how Xhex found out :) that was priceless. And typical of the WARDen to make us wait til the last 10 pages to learn who. Maybe he'll play a bigger role in the next book?

We last saw Xhex being kidnapped by Lash, son of the Omega, in Rehvenge's book, but it was like she fell off the grid. When we find her, she is Lash's new playtoy, and he tends to break his toys. But not Xhex, he can't break her. John Matthew and his boys find out where Lash has been staying, call the Brothers and storm the place. But they can't find Xhex-just a room with blood and evidence of some truly heinous brutality. So JM falls to his knees and weeps. This is the first time the Brothers realize what Xhex means to JM. Meanwhile, Xhex is basically invisible to everyone. But JM can feel her. So JM goes downstairs and takes out all his emotion on the lesser in the kitchen. then he goes home to grieve.

But in true Xhex style, she frees herself. Very Xena Warrior Princess of her. But she goes to her basement apartment to heal rather than to JM. She called Rehvenge who played the message for JM and the 2 went to find her. Once they did, JM got her to feed and brought her to the Brother's compound.

I would say that for the first time in all 8 BDB books, I wasn't annoyed at the lesser sub-plots. I have always hated the amount of shifting points of view. Usually the boring but important enough to read series of chapters that I have to trudge through all from some lesser's viewpoint, just to have him killed and have to trudge through some other lesser's pov. But this time, Lash's pov was always interesting, and the subplots of Payne and Wrath were welcome, as well as the Chosen and No'One.
At first I didn't like the Darius journal sections. I now understand them and think they were very worthy of the plot, but I feel like Ward went overboard trying to make it sound formal and feel like several hundred years ago. It was stilted and hard to read. But I loved how it was intertwined into the storyline of Xhex and JM-wow talk about fated! We see JM with Darius' memories, and Xhex's sympath side always sees JM as having a split emotional grid-I pictured it like two auras, but housed in the same body. And Lash's energy ball snapped it into place. When Tohr meets No'One at the end, and sees her with Xhex-holy cow! I never saw that one coming!

I'd like to see the Scribe Virign come back into this whole mess she's created and start being a bit more proactive-it's like she's fading away and drifting. In the first couple books she was a force to be reckoned with, but now -meh.

I'd like to see someone else's book before Payne and Manny just because we don't know them as well, and I like how we usually see our leads for a while before they get a whole book. BUT we all know that just because it's Payne and Manny's book, doesn't mean we won't see Blay, Qhuinn, Saxton, Mhurder, and all the others throughout. I mean, I feel like in Lover Avenged, it was like Wrath and Beth part 2. So who knows what Ward has up her sleeves? It'll be interesting, though, to see "what's doing" with everyone though. And I did like V and Rhage's references to knitting he he..anyone who's read the Insider's Guide will get that one.

Anyone who's been putting this one off, should read it now! Everything ties up in true WARDen fashion, and I think she heard our cries about Jane and V because Doc Jane got a lot more face time to show how she solidifies when she touches stuff, how she and V are happy. It was really fantastic when she first met Payne and was able to bring V in to see his twin sister. Awesome book, JM and Xhex were good, but there was so much more going on that I wasn't bored with them, or solely focused on them. All the weird pieces fit in and made sense, and I loved the fated aspect of Darius/JM/Tohr/Xhex.
5 stars

Take it off Tuessday!

This magnificent man below was brought to my attention by my new RomCon buddy, Kim. Thank you so much! and my readers will thank you as well...
Say hello to David Gandy.
LOOK at those cheeks! WOW

Had to fantasy in a commercial??

Really, I think I'd just die if this happened!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Exciting news from RomCon

Hi fellow book lovers! I'm on my way home now with a short stop over in Las Vegas...So since it is SINFUL Sunday and I'm even headed that way, I thought you might want something to tide you over till Take it off Tuesday.
While in Denver, CO and enjoying the company of so many authors and fellow books lovers, I was able to discover and meet a few “new to me” authors I’d like to introduce to you.

I spent a lot of time with these ladies and will be posting the interviews/information in the upcoming days.
Anna Campbell: Historical Romance
Jeaniene Frost: Paranormal Romance
Monica Kaye: Erotica
Lila DiPasqua: Historical Romance
Wendi Darlin (aka Carmie L’rae): Erotica
Brenda Novak: Romantic Suspense
Karen Jones: Erotic poetry
I have to admit that I had a fantastic time at the 1st annual RomCon and think that the organizers did a fabulous job. I had so much fun as a volunteer, not to mention working with the incredible RomCon staff, such as Michele and Thea.
I will post more pictures and highlights of my adventures when I get back and take a breath!

Interview with Delilah K. Stephans

Last month I got the pleasure of reading Delilah K. Stephans' vampire novel, The Envoy. I posted the 4 star review, and thought how fun it would be to interview her, now that the book is out. I hope that all of you enjoy the interview, and her new take on vampires. Her book is available now, through

Highland Hussy-What made you write about vampires?

Delilah K. Stephans-I've loved vampire novels since 1981 when a friend introduced me to Chelesa Quinn Yarbro's Chronicles of Saint Germain. When I decided I wanted to make the move from writting for myself to writing for publication I decided to combine my love of Romance Novels and Vampires.

HH-When creating your vampire world, did you want to keep the normal vampire stigmas? or did you go in a completely different direction? How do you distinguish your vampires from others out there?

Ds-I've read so many vampire novels I made a list of each type of vampire's stigmas, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Once I had that list I went through and decided which made sense to me as a writer. The one thing consistant is vampires drink blood - however the amount of blood varies. I decided that given the fact that my vampires are dead, they needed the blood but it didn't make sense to me to have vampires having to kill the food source, that led to deciding a wine glass full of blood a week. So, I guess I went my own structured direction. I did a couple of things with my vamps to make them unique. 1. Raw foods (foods uncooked like sushi, salads, yogurt, extremely rare steaks) can replace blood but it's fast food to blood's gourmet meal. 2. Aversion to religious icons. That one never made since to me, what if the individual turned had been Pagan or Atheist or Buddhist or Hindu... why would a Christian Cross affect them? So moved that into the up to the individual vampire - like there are a lot of people are afraid of spiders but there are some that their phobia is so strong seeing a spider incapacitates them. 3. My vampire society has a governing body of their own and also work with government officials to protect their citizenry.

HH-The cruentas was a great concept...what made you come up with that?

DS-Vampires are stronger and faster than humans. I needed something to level the playing field an uncontrollable blood thirst was the answer.

HH-When you write, is there anything you absolutely need? For me, I need music. Always, and a cup of coffee :)

DS-Not really anything physical. I more need an "itch" in my fingertips.

HH-Can you tell us about the other books you've written? I know you write with a partner-how does that work?

DS-The first book I published was a Time Travel. Where a modern woman is stuck in the past - but she went back in time by choice. I have two more in the editing stage and one in the submission process I'm superstitious so don't like talking about them until closer to release. As for writing with a partner, which I did on Black Velvet, for me it was easy. Antonia Tiranth and I have been writing buddies for 7 years, while we each have our own style for some reason when we write together both our styles morph until they become a single unique voice. We can also pretty much figure out where the other is going with only a short peek of whatever we are working on.

HH-When you write, do you find yourself a plotter? or a pantser? I know you've said your characters speak to you (mine do too!) but some people just have to have that magic outline all planned out.

DS-I'm a complete and total pantser. I usually start with a visual of a specific scene, where that scene falls within the book is sometimes in question. I once outlined a book - it was a beautiful outline - and it never got written. There is no right or wrong way to write. Some writers have no problem jumping later in the book if they are stuck at one point. I have to write it in order page 1 to THE END. So, if you're reading one of my books are surprised by a plot twist - trust that I was just as shocked.

The Envoy

Danger and passion stalk the cool southern nights.

When Diana Matthews waited on Francisco Bolle at Electronic Avenue, she never imagined the dangerous world of vampires was more than mere myth. Nor did she imagine one would come to her rescue when three thugs confronted her after work. Fascinated with his old world charm, Diana can't resist being drawn to Francisco even though his true nature is as frightening as it is fascinating.

Francisco Bolle is intrigued by the feisty, petite sales clerk. But when an old enemy returns to challenge the laws of Vampire society, danger and death might come between them. Diana had just started to accept what he is when the worst side of himself surfaces.

Can Francisco and Diana survive the danger? More importantly, can they survive their love?


An hour and ten minutes later, Francisco pushed open the door to the restaurant. Diana waited

beside the host’s podium, arms crossed, her foot tapping angrily.

“Forgive my tardiness.”

“I was about to leave.” Her eyes were not flashing, so he knew she wasn’t furious with him.

“And I would have understood.” He looked at the hostess. “Table for two, non-smoking.”

He returned his attention to Diana. “The statement took longer than I expected.”

“If you’ll follow me.” The hostess gathered two menus and started through the restaurant,

weaving between tables filled with diners, not waiting to see if they followed.

Seated, orders placed and drinks in front of them, he found himself the subject of Diana’s

intense scrutiny. He had met with heads of state throughout the world but none had made him want to shift in his seat as much as the lovely sales clerk.

“I am assuming you wish to know why the statement took longer.” A raised eyebrow and

tilt of her head indicated that she did. “One of the gentlemen ended up with two broken bones

in his right forearm.” He expected she might be offended at the violence and was unprepared for

her reaction.

“I wish it had been his neck.” She mimed breaking something with her hands. “Not really.

Thank you again for being outside, and I apologize for chewing you out. I was just angry…”

“At yourself?”


“Dare I hope you held some small concern for my safety?”

Her face flushed with color at his question.

The waiter placed their orders on the table and refilled their glasses in the silence that

descended between them.

“Yes, a little,” she answered, lifting her glass when the waiter had moved away. “I’ve never

seen you in the mall before, are you new to town?”

Francisco noticed the deliberate change of subject and allowed it. “No, I have lived in Mobile

for many years now. I rarely come to the mall though.”

“That explains it.” She cut into her grilled chicken. “I’m here forty plus hours a week. What

do you do for a living?”

“I am a liaison between D. C. and H. and the local government.”

“Ah, a lawyer.”

“I was once. Now I am a liaison.” He leaned forward, looked around the restaurant quickly,

then crooked a finger at her. She sat forward, eyes searching. “That means I do less actual work

but I am paid more.”

He smiled when Diana bit her lip trying to hold back her laughter, then reclined against her

seat, her shoulders shaking with suppressed mirth.

“Can I have your job?”

“I am afraid the position is not available. It also has some very specific job requirements that

you do not meet.” He thought for a moment. “There is an assistant’s position open, but I would

prefer not to offer it to you.”

“Because you don’t know me?”

“D. C. and H. has a very strict no dating policy for executives concerning their assistants.”

He placed his napkin beside the plate of half-eaten steak and pushed it back. “I find, Ms. Matthews, that I very much wish to become better acquainted with you outside of the professional

Friday, July 9, 2010

Days end report from RomCon...

Hello peeps, this is DL reporting after a LONG day of Authors, fun and Books.
I've got a few pictures to share and the reveal of my costume!
DL and Christine Feehan

DL as Mercy Thompson! Yeah... I won most unique costume and
a ticket to next year's RomCon convention.

Our RomCon Buddy group
Mary, Maggie, DL, Kelli and Kim.

Me and my friend Jenna Maclaine, fabulous PNR author!

Another Buddy group shot:
DL, Jenna, Mary, Felicia, Kim, Maggie and Kelli.

Cute camera guy! LOL

Me and Melissa Mayhue, nicest author EVER!
Me and Jeaniene Frost, She is awesome!

Mary in her faery costume
Ann Marie as Medusa
Jamie and Maggie

Having a blast with my new buddies and my 3 roommates!
Can't wait to share more tomorrow...
Sweet dreams!

Leavin' on an aeroplane! and giving away a surprise...

Hello all my peeps. Here's a little THEO to start your day off right!

DemonLover (me) is officially going to be taking off in 6 hours for RomCon.
What the heck am I doing up still??
Well, I had to get everything ready and make sure the costumes were packed and ready to go.
I will be updating the site with pictures and information throughout the weekend.
Exciting news: I have am interview lined up with Jeaniene Frost, author of the Night Huntress novels.
 I'm also going to try and grab a chat with Monica McCarty while I'm there. She is one of my favorite Historical Romance authors.

Stay tuned for news and updates at the end of the day. Just wait till you see my costume for the Friday night party!!!!
Can you guess who I"m going to be?
Here's a hint: I wear my hair in braids, I like to take long runs in the forest, I have a friend that's a vampire and I'm dating a werewolf.
Comment below and tell me what character & book.
The correct answers will be entered into a drawing for a surprise gift!
You only have until midnight on Friday, July 9th PST. So hurry!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Free Vamp Read

Hi Everybody! this is a re-post from my girl at and if you guys are anything like me, a free read is a good read!
Yolanda Sfetsos has added a new free vampire novella, FLESH & BLOOD, that you can download in PDF form from her website.

Jake is a vampire haunted by the past.
Mary is a waitress trapped inside a coffee shop.
Can flesh and blood help save each other?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Portrait in Death (In Death, #16)Portrait in Death by J.D. Robb

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh how I love me some Roarke and Eve.
This book was no exception, Nora Roberts delivers as always.
I don't want to give too much away, but here goes:

Eve's day starts off PERFECT. Somerset is leaving for 2 weeks and she is overjoyed. Somerset free for a whole 2 weeks! After stuffing herself with breakfast and starting her day with a smile, it all comes to a shattering halt.

Somerset's plans are derailed, all hell breaks loose and another sick psycho has killed again. All in a days work, Eve would say...but why did this day have to go to shit?

Roarke get's blind sided, first by Somerset's change in plans and next by the news of his past, someone who new his mother.

We learn a lot in this novel about the past, the bonds of family and the strength of Eve and Roarke's love for each other. The firey frustration and heat that they ignite never fails to entice and mystify me. God I love me some Roarke.
Could such a intense, sexy and passionate man truly exist?
Oh well, at least we have the "in Death series to give us our regular dose of that delicious man.

Excellent read. Loved this book.

View all my reviews >>

Book Review: The Lost Duke of Wyndham and Mr. Cavendish, I Presume by Julia Quinn

This is the first book in Julia Quinn's series "The Two Dukes of Wyndham."

This was a boring book. I read the second book in this series first and Mr. Cavendish, I Presume was much more interesting and enjoyable.

Here we have Grace, a companion to the dowager duchess, the poor 2 dukes' grandmother. Jack, a highwayman, holds up Grace and the dowager's coach, but the dowager recognizes Jack as being a Cavendish. She then kidnaps him and forces him to stay to prove that he is the actual duke, being that his late father was the elder brother to Thomas' father. The potential was there, but Ms. Quinn fell short. I liked how we got to see Grace, and Jack interact, but there wasn't a lot of opportunity for that, since Grace was with the duchess all the time. By the way, that woman had zero redeeming factors. At all. She was a rude, awful woman, and I have no idea why Julia Quinn would create such an unlikeable character who isn't a villain?

The ending was nice for Jack and Grace but it felt hollow. While Julia Quinn made her characters happy in the end, none of it seemed fitting to either of the men's personalities.
Thomas was raised to be the Duke of Wyndham. He did an excellent job, his people were happy and thriving. He is blind-sided with the news that he has a cousin who is actually duke.
Jack doesn't want to be duke. And yet it's being crammed down his throat. He falls for Grace, but she is now "beneath" him.
In the end, both "dukes" are supposedly happy, and yet, it doesn't seem to do these men justice.
I read a review that said these 2 books The Lost Duke of Wyndham and Mr. Cavendish, I Presume should have been one book. I agree. It would have saved the readers all of the annoying repetition and re-hashing and exact same conversations.
I thought this book merely "okay" while the second book I liked very much...all except the ending of course.
So I would just read the second book and be done with it. However, if you're a huge Julia Quinn fan and want to read both, read them in order, you'll like Jack better.
2 stars

In this book, we see the exact same story, but from Thomas and Amelia's perspectives. I have to say that the beginning of this book is absolutely wonderful! Wyndham (Thomas Cavendish, the duke of Wyndham) has been betrothed to Lady Amelia since she was an infant, and he about 6 years old. He puts off marrying her, however, and Amelia is getting annoyed with it. At balls he is polite, asks her to dance, then continues on as if his duty is done. Well, at 21, Amelia is tired of being so "perfect" around him all the time. So when Thomas asks her to dance, she says *gasp* "No." It intrigues Thomas and he suddenly decides he actually likes his betrothed. Unfortunately Grace and his grandmother are accosted by highwaymen that night, and everyone's lives change forever. Enter Jack. Now he's a likeable and respectable rogue, who turns out to be Thomas' elder cousin. Thomas is worried that along with the dukedom, Jack might inherit his bride. Just when he finally decides to claim Amelia, Jack might be the duke of Wyndham.
This book was so much better, and the characters were so much fun together. My only complaint about this book was the ending. Again, I feel cheated and that the ending was unjust and unfair. Even though Julia Quinn gave everyone a happy ending, it wasn't very satisfactory to me.
4 stars

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

RomCon is almost here!

The Rocky Mountain Romance Convention
Denver, Colorado July 9-11, 2010!

Oh my, RomCon is just around the corner and I am so excited! Thanks to all of my faithful followers and a little help from RomCon ladies, I have purchased the airfare for the convention. I was even able to find roommates for the Hotel. Yeah!

So I will be posting updates each day as I am able and pictures, of course.
I have a tentative meeting with author Anna Campbell; I’m also working on some other interviews as well and just waiting to hear back.
I will be attending some great lottery events while I'm there:

Contemporary Spotlight Authors Host A Tea: Join Susan Mallery, Brenda Novak and Carly Phillips as they host 150 special attendees with tea and traditional tea fare!

Betwixt and Between--Paranormal Authors Tea: including Cathy Clamp, Christine Feehan, CL Wilson, Erin Kellison, Gabi Stevens, Jeaniene Frost, Jeanne C. Stein, Keena Kincaid, Lynda Hilburn, Melissa Mayhue, Meljean Brook, Nalini Singh, Nicole Peeler, Shannon K. Butcher, Terri Garey, Veronica Wolff.

Do any of you have a favorite author in this list below? Want me to ask her a specific question? Have an author on the blog?

Comment below and tell me what you want DemonLover to ask your favorite author.

Authors attending RomCon:
Anna Campbell
Autumn Piper
Brenda Novak
Bridget Midway
C.L. Wilson
Carly Phillips
Carolyn Crane
Carrie Vaughn
Catherine Anderson
Catherine Maxwell
Cathy Clamp, (also w/a Cat Adams)
Celeste Bradley
Christine Feehan
Cindi Myers
Cindy Gerard
Debbie Doggett
Deeanne Gist
Delilah Marvelle
Elaine Levine
Elizabeth Boyle
Elizabeth Hoyt
Erin Kellison
Erin Nicholas
Francis Ray
Gabi Stevens
Geralyn Dawson
Hana Samek Norton
Hanna Rhys Barnes
Hannah Howell
J L Wilson
Jami Alden
Janelle Denison
Jeaniene Frost
Jeanne C. Stein
Jessa Slade
Jo Beverley
Joanne Kennedy
Jodi Thomas
Judi Fennell
Julia Quinn
Keena Kincaid
Lavinia Kent
Lila DiPasqua
Lori Foster aka L. L. Foster
Lori Wilde
Lorie O'Clare
Lynda Hilburn
Mary Burton
Meagan Hatfield
Meg Benjamin
Melissa Mayhue
Melissa Schroeder
Meljean Brook
Monica McCarty
Nalini Singh
Nicole Peeler
Pamela Clare
Pamela Nowak
Sally MacKenzie
Shayla Black
Susan Crandall
Susan Donovan
Susan Grant
Susan Mallery
Tara Janzen
Terri Brisbin
Terri Garey
Wendi Darlin


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