Saturday, June 18, 2011

Spontaneous Fiction w/ DJ Manly

Spontaneous Fiction...Saturday?
Okay, so it's a little late, but so worth the wait.
This week we have one of my favorite m/m Erotic authors as our guest writer to tantilize you.

He has graciously donated a copy of his newest e-book,
ALL ABOUT JENNY, due out on July 1st.
The best addition to the story wins a copy!

Here is the Inspiration photo I supplied:
And here's how DJ started the story:

The vampire watched the stripper with intensity. He wasn't sure if he was the right one. It would take more than a few contortions from a hard muscled body to convince him. But Theodore was impressed anyway. It was remarkable how well this mortal knew the circumference of the small stage he danced on. The mask he wore made each movement hazardess. The bodies sitting around the stage held their breath, perhaps wishing he'd miscalculate and fall into their waiting arms.The dancer wore a collar around his neck, not the traditional type with a ring. It was more like a belt which had been buckled and tightened. He tore at it as he undulated his hips and slowly, very slowly unzipped his jeans. When the other man walked on stage, dressed like a dom, all in leather, wielding a whip, the blind stripper dropped to his knees. The whip cracked again, Theodore sucked in some air. The whip hit the flesh and his notrils filled with fresh blood. Ahhh...what was this...not completely an act. The streams of blood mingled with the sweat on the hard muscled chest and Theodore moved closer. It was then he met the gaze of the master. There was challenge in his eyes. The game was on...

Who can add to this one? Please continue this story...

Remember to put your email addy in the comment section so we can contact you if you're the Winner.

LAST WEEK'S WINNER of Spontaneous Fiction is...
(dragoness007 at yahoo dot com )


barklesswagmore said...

I'm no writer but I'll play in the hopes that someone with more talent will play along. . .

The unexpected bite of the whip surprised Alexander. He forced himself to hold back the scream threatening to expose his shock at the deviation from the scripted routine. Victor, if this were even his pal Victor, paused a moment before letting the whip tear into his flesh again. This time he expected the burn and when it came, and came again, he writhed in ecstasy that wasn’t completely feigned. The energy in the room changed then, charged with a new intensity, as more of his blood began to flow. He resisted the urge to remove the mask that blinded him and instead ran his hands seductively across the blood soaking his chest as he anticipated the next blow. Instead he heard an unfamiliar voice, definitely not Victor, quietly demand he remain completely still as he felt what could only be the master’s leather clad erection press against his lips.


Theodore trusted his instincts and was now certain of two things. This beautiful young man was indeed the one and this master was in for one hell of a surprise.

Anonymous said...

very nice addition....come on guys lets have more....I have a proposition....if this story can be added to by other people and reach 1600 words, I'll teak it and publish it...including the names of all the participants under about it?


Dragon Lady said...

Alexander froze, his hands in the middle of his chest, with just a touch of fear tightening his muscles. This was definitely off script. While he loved spontaneous play, Alexander always had some idea of what was to be on stage when ever he walked out from behind the curtains. All he had thought, all he had prepared for, fled his thoughts. Alexander fought to control his mind, to send it forth, to "see" who was with him now. Everything was hazy, fuzzy, like a sheen of oil had been spilled all across the Dom's mind. But, wait....there was something, someone....close...who waited for him, wanted him, NEEDED him. Alexander forgot about being frozen and just barely turned towards the mind he could sense, seeking a deeper connection.

I have NEVER written before, so if it sucks, I am very sorry!


dragn_lady at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Theodore broke eye contact with the master once the command was issued. The dancer’s emotions of ecstasy emitted moments ago were now replaced with panic. He felt the stripper’s fear. His ability to sense the emotions of mortals had always been an annoyance. Tonight was different. The smell of the dancer’s blood was different. Everything was just, different. He was drawn to this man.

As Theodore worked his way to the stage, he could see the minute tremble of the dancer’s body as he reacted to the master’s quiet command.

A few more steps and he’d be on the stage.

Suddenly, the fear was gone. The slight tremble faded. Both replaced by an unusual calm. Theodore paused. The calm emitted by the stripper was eerie, and unexpected. He felt a mental pull.

The dancer turned his head away from the master’s leather clad erection, refusing to follow the dom’s implied command.


One unmistakable word.

The crowd was bewildered.

Theodore smiled. Oh yeah, he was indeed the one.

I'm not a writer, I'm more of an art person ;) Sorry DJ is it's not usable.


Ellis Carrington said...

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to remind you not to touch or taste the merchandise until bidding has been completed.” At the admonishment from the disembodied voice overhead, one eager patron grumbled and pulled back a hand that had crept close to the human’s foot.

The hard thump of Theodore’s heart was inexplicable. His gaze narrowed at the near-offender. “Mine,” he growled under his breath.

How odd. Theodore sat back with a sharp breath and took stock of himself, his stare trained again on the beautiful slave. The clench of his fists, the rush of blood in his ears, and the sudden hardness of his cock all spoke to the fact that while he may not have made a decision—perhaps his body already had.

“Gah!” The lash kissed the human’s back this time and the man was unable to hold back a cry of pain. Another rivulet of blood trickled down, down…following a crevasse made by the gorgeous male’s bunched muscles and picking up speed as if that blood was just as eager as Theodore to slide over the smooth, round flesh on his ass.

Theodore’s nostrils flared. The scent of the blood, redolent of spices, and chocolate, and innocence wafted to him. His belly growled and clenched with anticipation. Delicious. He could just imagine the taste of that vital fluid: like a cake on Christmas morning.
And then, for Theodore, came the pièce de résistance. Not the blood, as it would have been for most. The eyes. The human was made to kneel in place and the mask was removed, and then Theodore could scarcely breathe. The aqua-colored orbs glowed under the stage lights, surrounded by a field of crisp white. The lashes were long and feathery. And it seemed that the bright-eyed gaze met Theodore’s directly. Straight, white teeth sank into a plump, red, juicy lower lip. Innocent. Like the eyes, like the blood. So incongruent with the near lack of costume and enticing gyrations. So out of place in his seedy local. But still, unequivocally perfect. Perfect. Theodore’s cock surged again in agreement.

“We will begin the bidding at fifty-thousand,” said the hidden announcer. Patrons clamored and shouted. The Dom stood by the mortal with his arms crossed. On guard.

Theodore smiled and drew in another lungful of the human’s essence as he relaxed into his chair. “Take your time, mes amis.” The others could bellow and jostle each-other all they wanted.

That human would be his.

Thanks for letting me play!
-- Ellis (egstaab at gmail dot com)

HighlandHussy said...

By the time the bidding had reached over a hundred thousand, nearly unheard of for most human slaves, Theodore spoke up.

"Two hundred thousand dollars."

A thick hush fell over the room.
Amid the heavy silence another voice cracked across the room sharper than the whip previously used.


Theodore met the eyes of his competition, and they were black. A slight tremor from the human brought him back to the figures on stage. His human had tried to struggle to his feet from his kneeling postion, but the Dom kicked him forward and pressed his booted foot between his shoulder blades.

Air hissed from between Theodore's teeth. For some reason the rough handling of the human was pissing him off. That earlier word flitted through his head again "Mine..."

"Don't damage the goods, Victor." It took so much more control than Theodore had to keep his voice level, sounding bored even.

The human's head turned towards Theodore. Even though he was still blindfolded, the human was able to find Theodore. Interesting, he thought.

"Five hundred thousand dollars," Theodore said, keeping his eyes on his competition.

Anger flitted across the other vampire's face before he dipped his head in acknowledgement that Theodore had outbid him.

Before the word "Sold!" had quit echoing around the room, Theodore had leapt onto the stage and ripped Victor off his human.

Leaving the man blindfolded, Theodore licked straight up his back, smiling when he felt the human male shudder beneath his tongue. Theodore was nearly in ecstasy from the spicy taste of the blood when he heard the human whisper "I knew it would be you."

Anonymous said...

Theodore was not surprised. Not about the idea that Alexander knew he would be saved, but that it was him, specifically, that would do the saving – that part was surprising. After all, he’d never even met Alexander until tonight. Well, technically, he still hadn’t met Alexander. He had just licked what would have otherwise gone to waste. Thanks to that merciless Dom.

It was Theodore’s master who had promised a beautifully glorious surprise should he bring back the mortal. Bring back the mortal with the blood skin.

As if that wasn’t vague enough, he had added, the one who can see beyond.

He’d been alive for a while, and he’d been faced with the changing tides of time. He’d been all over the world, been with many women and men, but he’d never had utter satiation dangled in front of him in such a perfect form as Alexander’s near-naked body.

Theodore called his men over and had them pay the auction house for its services. He leant down to Alexander and whispered, “Come.”

Theodore lifted the belt-collar with his forefinger and gently pulled Alexander to his feet and into one of the backstage dressing rooms. He squeezed Alexander’s arms in an effort to convey stillness.

So Alexander stood. He was more relaxed than Theodore thought he should have been for the awkward torment he just went through, but he was respectful and grateful to his purchaser.

He made no motions to clean his skin of the blood or remove the blindfold. He merely stood, statue-still.

Theodore walked around him in a circle, Alexander’s head moving diagonally down in the direction he heard his buyer walk, and attempted to verify that Alexander was, in fact, the one of which the master spoke.

He ran his fingertips over the cuff of Alexander’s broad shoulders, listening as Alexander’s breath hitched in a moment of anticipation.

“I knew it was you,” Alexander said, moving his lips slowly.

“How can that be? We haven’t met,” Theodore said, his lips curving in a gentle smile.

Alexander felt the way his fingers raked down his bloodied back in a caress. “I could smell you, every part of you.”

“How?” he asked, amused by Alexander’s assurance.

“Because I dreamed of you,” he responded, his arms and back gaining the wake of goose bumps just as Theodore’s hands swept over his skin. “I remember the way you smelled, the sandy gruff of your voice, the strength and age in your embrace.”

Theodore stepped back. He had not experienced this before, and he wasn’t sure how it came to be that Alexander could possibly know this.

“I remember the way your eyes burned into mine, and the ecstasy of your every taste bud on my body.”

Theodore thought things had suddenly turned sexy in this little, darkened room. “Remove your blindfold,” he ordered.

Alexander did as he was told and slipped the blindfold up and over his head, letting it fall to the ground. He kept his face forward as Theodore finished his circle and stood before the man he bought.

Those beautiful Aqua-colored eyes seemed to rest on Theodore’s form – but not in his eyes.

The one who can see beyond, Theodore let echo in his mind. Suddenly it all made sense. “You have the most entrancingly beautiful eyes,” he said.

“So I’ve been told,” Alexander said, smiling.

“Has it been your whole life?” he asked.

Alexander nodded. He had an absolute joy about him.

Theodore wondered why the master wanted him. From just looking at him, Theodore knew why he, himself, wanted Alexander – but he did not pretend to understand the master’s will.

And because he harbored a fierce ache at his groin, he hoped the master did not want Alexander for the same reason Theodore did.

For life.


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