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Deceived by the Others by Jess Haines

Deceived By The Others (H&W Investigations #3)Deceived By The Others by Jess Haines

My rating: 2.5 of 5 flames

With all the hype this series has been getting, I was very excited for the chance at an early copy. And unfortunately I was incredibly disappointed in this book.

I almost DNF'd this book. I'm glad I didn't, as it wasn't awful by any means. I do think a lot of people will like this book, as the world was easy to slip into, the writing easy to follow, and the world was actually pretty cool. For me? I have a hard time enjoying a book when I hate the main character. I found Shia to be a stupid idiot who had a temper. That's all. No depth. I think we all had problems with Chaz, but I let it go, thinking he was just worried about the weekend where Shia would be amongst the whole pack. But my complaint, is he never acted like he loved Shia. He was more possesive than protective, and he was incredibly domineering. I didn’t like how he was never ever around when she needed him. So all the comments about how Chaz could protect her, don’t really work when he has failed at every chance.

Shia actually had 3 strikes right off the bat. By page 16 she had been warned by 3 separate people that something was going to happen if she went on vacation. By page 43, she’s been followed, and had a note with a knife sticking it into her cabin door. Both times shs “shrugs it off.” If this had been book 1 where she was still new to the Other world, I could have shown more understanding, but she wasn’t a newbie. She’s dating the Sunstriker pack’s alpha, she’s blood-bonded to Alec Royce, a vampire, and she’s had dealings with mages, werewolves, vampires, the White Hats (anti-Other group)…do you see where I’m going with this? It made no sense for her to be so oblivious.

Several times she put stuff off to Seth (a lower ranking packmember who made no bones about his dislike for Chaz) playing a prank, or just shrugging it off. That made me so angry! I mean, death threats? You don’t shrug that off when you’re in the middle of a werewolf pack, and you’ve been warned something big and bad will happen soon.

There was a random little side plot regarding the threatening notes that was so out of left field, and absolutely pointless, that I rolled my eyes. I won’t spoil it, but really? That’s what those notes were about? That was not in any way relevant to the story. Like at all.

And the biggie…Chaz did something naughty. Not just naughty, but a dealbreaker in my book. And apparently in Shia’s as well, as she left him. I began to respect her a bit more around there. But what made me hate Chaz even more, if possible, is that he arranged it so that Shia had no other choices but to ride home with him. So he talked to her the whole drive, “apologized,” if you can call that an apology, and once he realized she was genuinely hurt and angry, he kicked her out of his Jeep, right there, in the middle of the street, nowhere close to home.

That’s when the action basically picked up and it was non-stop til the end. I liked it, I loved watching her interactions with Royce, and with her friends. I really thought she was growing as a person. She’s grown a lot since book 1, so I was thinking that this was it, the point where she impresses me. And then she bailed. She grabbed the belt and left. (I can’t spoil the belt, but anyone who’s read the other books will know what the belt does).

I wish I could rate the book in 2 parts. I'd give it a 1 for the first 150 pages and a 3.5 for the last half. That's how different the two halves of the book are. But I think what Shia does at the end after all Royce did for her, is pretty sucky. And that cliffhanger? It's not much of a cliff hanger. We all know she'll go after the bad guys. But my complaint is that she was PI...shouldn't she be at least a little kickass?

**Thank you Kensington for the review copy

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My Fierce Highlander by Vonda Sinclair

My Fierce HighlanderMy Fierce Highlander by Vonda Sinclair

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

This book starts off strong. I started around 10pm and ended up reading it straight through til 2am! I kept saying to myself “As soon as I find a stopping point, I’ll put it down,” but I just kept on reading.

The heroine, Gwyneth Carswell, is the daughter of an English earl. But she was taken in by a handsome lord who said the right things, and when he left her ruined, and pregnant, her father sent her to live with some distant relatives in the Highlands. She was 17 and pregnant, and that cousin was chief of the clan MacIrwin, and married her to one of his men. In Gwyneth’s mind, her son now had a last name, and she would never let her sensual side lead her again. She was a very timid heroine, who had been mistreated by men her whole life (when you get a glimpse of her father, you understand that it wasn’t just her abusive husband, and wasn't only physical abuse). She refuses to go by “Lady” Gwyneth trading down instead for Mistress Carswell, feeling that blending in and not bringing forth her shame and previous station would be best. She even names her son Rory, even though he’s English, so that he will blend in more.

The hero, Alasdair MacGrath, is injured when the MacIrwin chief plays at wanting peace, but ambushes the MacGrath party instead. Gwyneth has become a healer since the death of her husband, and when she finds Alasdair, she can’t just let him die. But she has to hide him, or risk death.

Alasdair leaves, but is almost caught-so when he fights one of the MacIrwin men, that man tells Donald, the chief and her cousin. They do trace him back to her, burning her home down, and killing the healer, who lived with her. Luckily she escaped...and where did she run? Straight to MacGrath of course!

I loved Alasdair. From the first moment, to the last, I loved him. Gwyneth drove me nuts a few times, especially in her constant rejections of Alasdair. By the last few pages, which I couldn't turn fast enough, I really was angry with her for her decisions. BUT, I also know why she did it, and I know that she really needed to see that what she thought she wanted wasn't necessarily what she wanted.

I did like the ending, and I did like how not every villain was sent off to jail with a tidy nice bow on the end. I'm not saying what really happened, but it worked.

This was my first Vonda Sinclair read, and it won't be my last. The Highland Hussy decrees that Ms. Sinclair is a fantastic writer, who brought so much of the reality of fighting and feuding Highlanders to the pages, that it was easy to visualize and sympathize with Gwyneth.

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Thank You to Ms. Sinclair for the review copy

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Guest Post with Sherry Soule

Sherry Soule, author of Beautifully Broken, stopped by our sister site to share a quiz and a giveaway of her new Young Adult book. She wrote a great guest post over there, but I thought it would be fun to share with our demonlover's followers :)

"Why are we so obsessed with vampires?

Paranormal Romance is a supernatural force to be reckoned with. Packed with a menagerie of werewolves, ghosts, angels, fay, and assorted demons, its undisputed king is none other than the favorite centuries-old bloodsucker—the vampire.

In popular western culture, vampires are mostly depicted as immortal, romantic, intelligent, and mystically endowed in many ways. The vampire typically has a variety of abilities at its disposal; these include great strength and immunity to any lasting effect of any injury by mundane means, with specific exceptions. Such as, the sunlight can kill them. They can also change into a mist, wolf, or a bat, and some can control the minds of others.

Vampires are mythological or folkloric revenants who subsist by feeding on the blood of the living. In folkloric tales, the undead vampires often visited loved ones and caused mischief or deaths in the neighborhoods they inhabited when they were alive. They wore shrouds and were often described as bloated and of ruddy or dark countenance, markedly different from today’s gaunt, pale vampire, which dates from the early Nineteenth Century.

The charismatic and sophisticated vampire of modern fiction was born in 1819 with the publication of The Vamprye by John Polidori; the story was highly successful and arguably, the most influential vampire work of the early 19th century.

However, it is Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula that is remembered as the quintessential vampire novel and provided the basis of the modern vampire legend. The success of this book spawned a distinctive vampire genre, still popular in the 21st century, with books, films, and television shows. The vampire has since become a dominant figure in the horror genre.

However, very rarely are vampire stories about vampires.

They are often about forbidden passions, and secret fears. Vampires are the perfect metaphor for anything that challenges you or makes you lose control.

Vampires are often thought of as the most romantic creature to grace cinema and/or literature…

Some of the most popular young adult vamp novels are:

Vladimir Tod series by Heather Brewer

The Blood Coven series by Mari Mancusi

Den of Shadows collection by Amelia Atwater Rhodes

Bloodline Series by Kate Cary

Vampire Beach series by Alex Duval

Blue Bloods series by Melissa De la Cruz

The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer

House of Night series by P.C. and Kristen Cast

The Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine

Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead"

Where you can find author, Sherry Soule:
Official website:
Book Trailer:

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Sherry Soule is stopping by!

Sherry Soule, author of Beautifully Broken, a the first book in a new paranormal Young Adult series, is stopping by for a guest post and a fun contest. Take the quiz over at Got Fiction for her guest post and a chance to win her book!

Goodreads blurb:

They say every town has its secrets, but that doesn’t even begin to describe Whispering Pines. The townsfolk are a superstitious lot and the mystical disappearance of a local teen has everyone murmuring about a centuries old witch’s curse.

Sixteen-year-old Shiloh Ravenwolf is a heritage witch from the Broussard family, a family both destined and cursed. When she takes a summer job at Ravenhurst Manor, she discovers a ghost with an agenda. That’s where she meets the new town hottie, Trent Donovan, and immediately becomes spellbound by his charms. Yet she is determined to discover the connection between them before it’s too late.

Finally, Shiloh’s met someone who is supercute and totally into her, but Trent may be the next victim on the supernatural hit list. And Shiloh is the only person with the power to save him. Complicated much?

It sucks to have a destiny, especially since Shiloh would rather spend her summer being a normal girl who worries about clothes and boys, not the supernatural. But she’s never been
normal and the stranger things become the more her own magical senses awaken.

With cryptic messages from a pesky wraith, she will begin to understand the mysterious significance of the strange mark branded on her wrist, and decide how much she’s willing to sacrifice to protect the other teenagers in town.

Unfortunately, for Shiloh, not all ghosts want help crossing over. Some want vengeance.

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To Touch the Knight by Lindsay Townsend

To Touch The KnightTo Touch The Knight by Lindsay Townsend

My rating: 3 of 5 flames

I found it started off strong. It's the year 1349, and during the prologue,a very clever and cunning widow saves her fellow villagers from being bricked into the church by their lord, in quite an unorthodox manner. With many sick and more dying, they were walled in to die of the pestillence, and keep the sickness from spreading. Edith, though, is no ordinary woman. She is a blacksmith. She has her tools with her, and once the lord and his men are gone, she pulls out her tools, and frees the villagers.

The beginning was quite intriguing, as what can a bunch of villagers with no home, no money, do with themselves? Edith has some rare silks from China that her grandfather had brought back, and from his journals, she sets about to make them all costumes. They travel the tournament circuit pretending she is a princess from the Far East, and they her court. Here is where I felt that so much more could have been done with the book. The game of pretend was a serious one, and she would have been killed if anyone found out she was mingling with her “betters,” but I thought that it was being set up to make use of that fact so much more.

Fast forward a couple years to 1351, and we see Edith at a tournament accepting gifts from the knights. My first thoughts, with such a dangerous game of acting as the Lady of Lilies, was that there were two directions the author could take this-either it would be light, and ridiculous with the heroine dressed as a veiled harem girl, but feigning to be a Chinese princess, or it would be the opposite. She would be discovered for the fraud she was and would need to be rescued by either her own wits, or the hero. Well, the author surprised me-she did neither. The heroine stayed Lady of Lilies, Princess of the Far East, up til the end. She was only Edith with Sir Ranulf, the hero, and only towards the last third of the book.

In fact, it was almost bittersweet to see how people either hung around her to see her bright silks, and veiled face, only because she was a princess. Or with her friends, the ones from her village, they still treated her as one of them. So when Ranulf went to a bit of trouble to set up their first time together, she thought:
""No other man had taken such trouble to please her, not when they knew her simply as Edith."

Now, while the beginning starts off strong, it’s a slow book, a slow build-up, and a slow romance. A couple things didn’t work for me. I didn’t like how both characters were willing to say “I love you” (and they did mean it, don’t get me wrong) but in the same scene each thinks that he/she doesn’t trust the other. This happened a couple times. Another thing that bothered me was that I didn't feel there was much resolution at the end. "She was content." that was the last line. There had been so much to deal with and that was the end? They'd dealt with Sir Giles, Edith's former lord-the man who walled them into the church and left them for dead. They'd dealt with the Plague, they'd accepted many new people (and children) to their motley crew. They'd had an angry mob looking for salvation from the pestilence. And at the end, "She was content." I felt like there was so much left undone.

One thing I really did like was that the villain of the piece wasn’t necessarily Sir Giles (although he was a bastard) but it was the Plague. I liked how the heroine was much more practical than most. She knew how to tell how far along someone was before they weren’t going to make it. There was a scene where a baby was stillborn and completely deformed. I thought it was so sad that everyone automatically said it was the devil's work, and the girl's fault. The girl called herself "many" meaning she was one of many girls the men would pass around. I think that several dashes of realism from the author gave this medieval romance a harsher edge than most I’ve read. Everything from the fleas in the borrowed tunic, to the branding of Sir Giles’ servants (he was an awful lord! Awful-he branded his serfs across the face as one would cattle), but all of that harsh reality only drove home the point that it was after all, the year 1351. And i liked how it was stressed by Ranulf how young Edith was. She was married at 14, widowed and betrothed by 19, and I'm guessing that she's only about 22 when this is all taking place. She's very resourceful and good at thinking on her feet. I only wish that there had been more showing and less telling.

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***Thank you to Kensington for the ARC

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Queen of the Sylphs by L.J. McDonald

Hi lovely demonlover followers! This is your Highland Hussy letting you know this is a guest review from Michelle, who was able to help me out and review Queen of the Sylphs. I loved the first book in that series, but just didn't have enough time to play catch up to read this one, so I asked her if she wouldn't mind reviewing for us.

You can read my review of The Battle Sylph (book 1) here, and now I'll let Michelle take it away!

Sometimes a book grabs you, and places you in the author’s beautifully created world so effectively; you cannot imagine the story ending.

I fell in love with McDonald’s The Battle Sylph (book 1 in the Sylph series) and craved more. I read The Shattered Sylph (book 2 in the Sylph series) and almost immediately began bugging the author for the release dates of the next book in the series. I was like a squealing fangirl when I received an ARC copy of Queen of the Sylphs. With my high expectations and my love for this series, I was prepared to be disappointed. I’m happy to say, not only was I not disappointed, but this book easily exceeded all my expectations!

As a reviewer, you try to explain a book's strengths and weaknesses so that other readers can figure out if they want to read the book. I have a hard time finding any weaknesses for books like this one. When I love a book, I love it with my entire being, and sometimes my love will blind me to flaws in the story. I did not see any flaws, so forgive me now if they are there, and I did not point them out.

The characters

In Queen of the Sylph, we have so many returning characters that play a vital part to the story including:

Heyyou and Solie- (the main characters from The Battle Sylph)
Ril and Lizzie- (the main characters from the Shattered Sylph)
Mace and The Widow- (the main characters from A Midwinter Fantasy (Strangely Beautiful, #2.5) (Sylph, #2.5))

In addition to our previous main characters, we have some of the minor characters from the previous books playing a larger part including:

Leon, Justin, Gabralina, Wat, Claw, Rachel, Nelson, Galway, Devon, and Dillon

And introducing a new character:


While the character list may seem mountainous, McDonald develops each character perfectly and makes the story flow smoothly. In fact, the story is told by alternating character POV. I usually hate when the POV changes throughout the story but in this book, it is necessary.

Each POV contributes to the telling of the story and gives the reader a better understanding of what is happening.

The story

What happens when one selfish, manipulative girl, uses the loyalty and honor of the sylphs to her advantage? Sala is a girl seeking to be queen and will test the Sylph’s loyalty and honor, the bond between Sylph and master, and the trust between villager and Sylph, in her quest to be queen.

Because of the Sylph’s honor, a Sylph cannot disobey a command from their master or their queen. One small mistake gives Sala the ability to control one Sylph and that sets up a series of events that has crushing consequences. My heart broke for that Sylph. His agony was so pure that I literally had tears running down on my Kindle.

Besides Sala’s actions, Heyyou creates a bit of havoc that only Heyyou could manage. He is still goofy, playful, and his desire to please and love Solie, creates a big surprise for the entire Sylph community. You can’t help but love Heyyou and his boyish charm. What Heyyou does to Solie is done with the best intentions and it gives the story some much needed charm.


Action, mystery, non-stop excitement, heart-breaking loss, and a sweet charming romance all wrapped up in an engaging story that flows perfectly. What else could I ask for except the next book please!

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Lord of Rage by Jill Monroe

Lord of Rage (Royal House of Shadows, #2)Lord of Rage by Jill Monroe

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

I like the world created in this series, and I so far have really liked the fresh perspective in each book, since each book has a different author.

I think the first chapter (Osborn's history) and the prologue (Breena's present) could have been switched to make the story a bit easier to follow. The prologue is Breena running from the attack on her people, the first chapter takes place 10 years prior, then we're back to Breena a couple days after the kingdom falls.

I was confused a bit, as I thought in Lord of the Vampires Nicolai had been held captive for years...Breena's story takes place immediately after the king and queen are murdered, and then send their children away with only two things in their minds...avenge and survive.

[btw Jill Monroe told me that the timeline will be cleared up by the 4th book. So where I thought they would all run concurrently, I guess not]

Breena's memory isn't fully there when she finds herself in a strange forest. She knows who she is, just not the details of what happened and how she got to be running through the forest with avenge and survive as her mantra. Every time she tries to remember something, she gets a splitting headache, her magic is gone, and she is very afraid. Then she comes upon a cabin in the woods. This is such a cute spin on Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The three "Bears" are actually "bers" or berserkers. In the first chapter we see Osborn getting his pelt-he goes out, finds a bear, and he has to kill the bear, thus merging their spirits (which the story of that, with the bermannen was super cool!). But his people are attacked immediately afterwards. All but his 2 little brothers and himself are slaughtered. It is awful. At 14 he not only is responsible for the care of 2 little boys (think ages 4 and 5), but his people are gone. He hires himself out as a mercenary until he can no longer justify that job-which for a man who feels he has no honor, is a pretty big deal. He then takes his now teenage brothers and retreats to the cabin on Ursa lands.

This is where Breena finds him.

Breena has been dreaming of him, and entering his dreams for a while now, and finding her warrior is not only real, but standing in front of her is just what she needs. She thinks he will help her avenge her family, and fight to get her kingdom back. Breena never expected him to say no. But Osborn will be no one's mercenary again. Not even Breena's.

What I liked was watching them grow to love each other. My favorite part in the whole book actually has to do with the cover. I love this cover-this is a case of the artist getting it exactly right-the gown, the armband, the color. All of it! See, Osborn went into the village to get info about her people, to see if any survived, and he sees a gown, a cloak and an armband-he just has to get them for her. And this big tough warrior gives them to Breena like this,

"I uh, got this for you."

aww...He was so sweet.

But the main thing that makes this book a 4 rather than a 5, is that during that whole time where we see them falling in love, and learning each other, it gets a bit slow. There was one attack, almost immediately, then nothing until the very end. I did like how the end battle played out, but I thought it was over too quick, and I really wanted to scream at Breena for believing Osborn could just walk away like that.

But on the whole, I was hooked instantly, and I think that this book flows a lot better than Gena's book, I loved the world that these authors have created, and I am not only loading up Lord of the Wolfyn onto my Nook right now, but I really like Jill Monroe's writing style. I'm looking up Ms. Monroe's backlist on fictionwise right now :)

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Book Review: Lucifer's Daughter by Eve Langlais

Lucifer's Daughter by Eve Langlais
4 1/2 out of 5 flames

Muriel, virgin daughter of Satan, has been saving herself for love with the perfect man while making her dad the laughingstock of hell. His incessant nagging gets on her nerves but it’s not easy finding the right guy. He can’t be 100% mortal or she’d likely crush him in the heat of the heat of the moment, he has to be super-hot and honestly not any old guy will accept Satan as a future father-in-law. She resigns herself to a future of longing and nagging . . .

Muriel no longer lives in hell under Satan’s thumb but in a realm populated by humans and supernaturals that is very much like the mortal realm only with things like the “Damned” network and Survivor: Burn In Hell. Sounds like a fun place to me! She owns a bar that is popular with the supernatural beasties because she is a “null” which makes the 100’ surrounding her a magic-free zone. One night, soon after another nagging visit from Satan, a hunk named Auric and his two gorgeous pals show up. She assumes Satan is testing her. But instead of wooing her, Auric is almost gruff as he demands to meet the owner of the bar. She refuses to answer him honestly, hell she’s been dodging assassins most of her life, but something about him fuels her lust as no other man has done. He’s hiding things as well but their connection is something neither can resist for long and once he kisses her he may just lose her virginity after all.
Though this story doesn’t hold any major surprises, especially when Auric’s secret is revealed, it was cute and pure sexy fun and so very easy to read. Muriel is funny and sarcastic and even though a virgin by choice, is not a prude. She can take care of herself but Auric, big He-man protector hasn’t a clue and assumes she’s a helpless little female. When he attempts to “save” her from a hellhound, not knowing she’s a daughter of Satan this fun exchange happens.
My heart fluttered. He’d called me pretty. He’d wanted to protect me. How cute–but so unnecessary.
"I appreciate the thought behind it, but really, I can take care of myself."
"Even against hellhounds? he said skeptically.
“Piece of cake,” I boasted. That wasn’t, technically, giving anything away. Lots of special folk could take care of hellhounds.
“Just who and what are you?” asked Auric. His questions were getting repetitive.
I rolled my eyes. “I told you, my name is Muriel.”
Auric crossed his arms over his chest–did I mention he had a really broad chest?–and gave me a stern look.
Oh, please, once Satan gave you ‘the look,’ all other looks paled in comparison. I just glared right back at him 'til he signed with exasperation-another sound I was familiar with.
This story wraps everything up in a satisfying way but it could have been another 300 pages and I bet I would’ve enjoyed reading more because I loved the writing style so much. There aren’t a lot of writers I’ve found who can balance such strong sexual tension with a fun paranormal plot without their characters coming across as obnoxious or silly. This author succeeds for me and if these snippets make you grin you may want to check it out too.
Satan is hilarious as a frustrated daddy.
I don’t know why, but I’m attached to you, too,” Satan said grumpily, hugging me back. I cherished moments like that; they tended to be few and far between. "Try to be bad," he said, before popping out of sight."
And Muriel’s sense of humor just completely won me over.
Rolling my eyes, I again had to question why men had to be so stubborn. “Seriously, Auric, you do not want to mess with this thing."
"I've dealt with demons before" he said, pulling out a sword from behind his kitchen counter. I had to admit to being impressed-his sword was long, shiny, and hard. Wait, that didn't sound right. Needless to say, he had a big one; and judging by the way he moved it, he also knew how to use it. Damn, I was even hornier than before. But right after I finished admiring his sword, I clued in to what he'd said.
"What do you mean, you've dealt with demons before?"

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oceanborne by Katherine Irons

OceanborneOceanborne by Katherine Irons

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

This book is a hot mess.

I actually had quite a good time at the beginning. I laughed and smiled a lot...the problem? I don't think it was meant to be funny.

Several of the phrases that made it hard to take the story seriously:

[these are said by an Atlantean warrior-prince during those "oh crap moments" where the hero is in deep trouble]

-"By Zeus' bullocks!"

-"By Ares' foreskin!"

-"By Aphrodite's sweet mound!"

-"By Jason's fleece!"

-"By Ares' shaft!"

-"By Hades' rotten cock!"

The basic plot is that Elena is an underwater archaeologist whose father was laughed out of the field for his belief in Atlantis. He was later lost at sea. Elena is a bit more pragmatic and doesn't believe in Atlantis, but she is still carrying on his legacy. In fact she so desperately doesn't believe in Atlantis that 260 pages in, she still thinks it's a dream. Right. On a stormy night, trying to take one last look at a history-changing shipwreck, Elena sees a man drowning, and she rescues him.

Prince Orion isn't drowning, he's fighting Shades. But he gladly takes Elena's assistance when she offers. They crash on a small island off Greece, and he falls for her...sort of...he wants her, but he's never been attracted to humans before, and they're forbidden to begin with. So he settles for a bit of making out and shows her some treasures of ancient times, then erases her memory and deposits her back on shore...where she has a boyfriend waiting for her.

That was totally unnecessary and pointless. Greg's part in the plot could have been cut totally and it would have only helped the book. There were so many plotholes in this story, and his plothole was one of the worst. The worst was where Orion and Elena stayed in Eden (the land of the fairies) and therefore they reversed time. Ummm, yeah. Then during the time they were in Eden, the princess Morwena is killed, Rhiannon (heroine from first book in the series, Seaborne, but with a new name Claire=Rhiannon) is poisoned and bespelled and almost loses the baby she's carrying, her daughter Danu is shown to have fantastical healing powers... and all of this is reversed, but not explained. You kind of have to guess at why Morwena is alive, and then it seems like there was no point to Danu's powers being shown to her family just to have them reversed.

The character of Elena fell flat. The story felt forced. The writing wasn't bad, but the plot was convoluted and some parts were never explained well.

I give this one a rating of 2.5 flames and I would try the author again absolutely, as I enjoyed the style of her writing, I just hope her editor on the next book points out those plotholes and for the love love of great Ares' foreskin, please stop using those cockamamie phrases!

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**Thank you to Kensington for the ARC-book releases in October 2011

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DemonLover Readers

Hello all!
Kelly here, the demonlover herself.

I just wanted to apologize for the slowing of content on the sight and my absence. Due to family circumstances I had to focus on career and family at the moment and was unable to give this site my full attention.
Please let me thank my wonderful reviewers and my faithful partner in crime, Highland Hussy, for stepping in when I needed her most.
Things should be back to normal soon and the Man Candy will flow once again; along with all more great book reviews!

And soon I will have some great giveaways coming, I picked up some great goodies at Comic-Con this year.

If you've submitted a book for review, I have not forgotten you and will be in contact soon. I have a new address, so please don't send to the old one.

Best wishes to everyone.


Free Read "Amethyst Heat"

Amethyst Heat

Dear Demonlover followers,
I don't typically post about my own work, but this is a freebie, so I don't feel too bad ;)

Amethyst Heat is a short stand-alone that you can read

This is the Goodreads blurb:

"While out riding, Meg McMurray finds herself on unfamiliar lands. Gone are the long expanses of Oklahoma prairie, and in front of her are the wild Scottish Highlands. How did she come to be there, and did Aunt Gilly's amethyst ring have anything to do with it?

A sweet romance set in the Highlands, free on-line."

I'm hard at work on my novella Highland Games and the next full-length book Highland Betrayal, both set in the Magic in the Highlands series. Hopefully this will tide you over until they're published. My website is always current.

As always,
Your Highland Hussy

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Storm's Heart byThea Harrison

Storm's Heart (Elder Races, #2)Storm's Heart by Thea Harrison

My rating:

4.5 flames

In Dragon Bound we saw Dragos kill Urien, the Dark Fae king. But as we all know, he murdered the royal family so he could sit on that throne. Tricks (who is really the princess of the Dark Fae) ran to the Wyr for protection, and Tricks became like family to them. during her almost 200 years with the Wyr, she often sees Tiago, whose Wyr form is that of the Thunderbird. What I like is that even though they've known each other and even interacted together before, neither really had much interest in the other until one day (back in Dragon Bound) Tricks tells him off. Apparently that sparked a bit of interest and from that moment on, each is on the others' mind.

So, when Tricks leaves for the Dark Fae headquarters, in Chicago, she goes in alone, without Wyr protection, for political reasons-she can't show with Wyr as it could upset the balance of power in the Dark Fae demesne. Unfortunately her cousin tries to kill her. When Tiago is sent to track her, he doesn't want to admit, it's kind of personal.

When Tiago finds her, she is completely drunk off bubble gum flavored vodka (that is so Tricks). And he is furious. But his goal is to get her back to New York. The last thing Niniane wants is to have it look like she ran back to the Wyr with her tail between her legs. So, while Tiago showers, she bolts. Of course he finds her, he's a warlord after all

One thing I really liked, is the difference between Dragos and Tiago. In paranormal romances, it's all too easy to use the same alpha male with a new name, slightly different story. This is definitely not the case here. Dragos was bored. You know, with that ennui that strikes the oldest of the immortals. Tiago loves life-he loves the hunt, he loves fighting. He gets restless if in his human skin for too long, but he isn't affected with that boredom that Dragos had. Maybe that's why he's so surprised with his interest in Niniane?

What I liked about the court politics was that they were subtle. Niniane is a very reluctant heir. Watching her not only grow into her role as Queen, but as a political force with whom one does not f*ck, was a great part of the plot. A fake company set up in Dragos' name, and a murder attempt by the Wyr really makes it look as if the Wyr are trying to keep Niniane from taking the throne, but we all know that would never happen. The trip to the Fae land Adriyel was fairly uneventful, at first...

I'll stop myself there before I spoil anything, but watching Tricks learn to become the Queen was great. Tricks kind of cries a lot, which would normally bother me, but with what's going on, it's actually really in her character. Seeing her deal with her memories of the night her family was slaughtered, watching her grow into this new, stronger woman, and watching Tiago try to figure her out makes for a fantastic read.

Anyone who loved the first book will love this one. Anyone who hasn't read the first book, will love this one. How can you not? We enter the story with Tricks, reluctant queen-to-be, and we leave the story with Niniane, the Dark Fae Queen.

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