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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Giveaway & Review of My Fair Highlander by Mary Wine

My Fair HighlanderMy Fair Highlander by Mary Wine

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

***Kensington has approved a giveaway with this one! Hooray! Kensington has offered a copy of this book to a random winner-So just answer the question:
Does it matter if he’s a Lowlander or a Highlander to you? As long as he’s Scottish, IMHO ;) ***

Winner will be picked after the end of the weekend

After the first few pages I wasn’t sure I’d like the heroine. Jemma is a shrew. She’s selfish, and impetuous...

But what I liked was that her impetuousness got her into trouble and she grew from it. So often the heroine is described as “impetuous” but is in reality selfish and just does as she pleases. Here, Jemma has spent the last few years caring for her ill father. After his death she took to riding every day---any time she pleases. In the opening scene, her brother calls her on it.

“ spend your days doing nothing save pleasing your whims.”

He tells her she’s shirking her duties, she is in her early twenties-waay past marriageable age back then (14th c). And he’s done allowing her those freedoms. Laird Barras has asked to court her and all her brother wants is for her to give Barras a chance. Jemma takes it poorly and runs off. As she runs off, she sees the estate and people through her newly opened eyes, and instead of riding, she helps. Loved it. LOVED it!

But, she went riding at night. Not her brightest idea. Some English knights found her and tried to rape her. They came pretty close to succeeding but out of the blue some braw Scottish lads saved her. Le swoon.

Gordon’s men found Jemma’s mare running on Barras lands, so they knew she was in trouble. Gordon had taken to watching Jemma ride every morning and had gained permission to court her. After rescuing her, he can’t let her leave. She keeps finding excuses to leave whenever he’s visiting her brother, so this is his new plan of action: keep her so she gets a chance to know him. Pretty intelligent plan, I think. (his reasoning is that his first wife had been unbalanced from her parents instilling in her that “relations” with her husband was a sin. But as a wife she had to lay with him anyways. She went mad, and became a nun. The Church dissolved their marriage).

Unfortunately, once Jemma is saved, she is pretty much behaving like an ungrateful brat. At one point she is frustrated with him telling her what to do. She is spoiled enough that she has always said what she wants, and sees no need why she shouldn’t continue on that way:

"Making an offer for me does not grant you the right to dictate to me, sir."

"No lass, pulling ye off the ground before ye were raped does." His voice cut through the air like a hot knife. There was nothing friendly in his expression, only harsh judgment. "I asked yer brother for the right to court ye only, I never offered for ye and I'm thinking that a wise thing at the moment. I do nae need a wife that has nae got the sense of a child."

I was so glad he said that to her, she soo needed to hear it. And you know what? She grew up. I liked her a lot.

The only thing I didn't like, in fact I hated, HATED! the plot twist at the end. It came out of left-field and added nothing to the story. Making the plot twist the attempted killer was pretty far-fetched. There had been no allusion, no foreshadowing, nothing to hint at it, so it felt…wrong and awkward. The person of interest we all think it is, should have been it. It made sense, and it worked well. It’s hard to have a villain the whole book, and then only be told this random person is the villain. Sometimes the simplest direction works best. Luckily, that was only the last couple of pages, so it didn’t ruin the book, but it did pull me out of the story.

Mary Wine has a beautiful sense of the era and the location. She has a way of giving you a fantastic visual of a castle and its working day-to-day life. You can’t NOT enjoy her writing style.

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Thank you to Kensington for the Review Copy

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

His Mistress by Christmas by Victoria Alexander

His Mistress by ChristmasHis Mistress by Christmas by Victoria Alexander

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

This was a fun, quick read that had me smiling throughout the whole book.

Veronica is happy as a widow, but one who misses having a man in her bed. So she decides to take a lover. She doesn’t want a husband, though, as she enjoys her freedom and control over her own life. As she attends a lecture of her dear friend’s cousin, she sees the man she wants. He is brilliant, attractive, and has the reputation of being quite the rake. He's perfect for her.

Sir Sebastian Hadley-Attwater can’t take his eyes off the lovely redhead sitting next to his cousin. When she approaches him and she is intelligent, witty, and interested in him, he thinks “I must have her.” But he wants more than a mistress. He wants her as his wife.

This was a fun story and I loved watching their courtship. At one point, Sebastian convinces Veronica to spend Christmas with him in his new home. Unfortunately he had mentioned to his sister that he would be married to her by Christmas, y’know, because he’s hot and a catch and totally self-assured---plus it’s not like she would say no, right? Riight...

So his sisters hear of Veronica spending Christmas with their brother, and tell the family that Sebastian and his new bride will be at his new home. And the family shows up en masse. Including some family who heard about it all the way in Paris!

Sebastian's solution was to just pretend he was married to her. Without telling Veronica. The pretending to be married was hysterical (remember no one told Veronica), so Sebastian and his sisters were trying to pull it off without letting on that they knew she was his mistress...which she really wasn’t...yet. Just in theory, not in deed.

By the end of Christmas, once everyone has figured everything out, and Veronica finally realizes she was being silly about not marrying Sebastian, since she loved him, and he loved her and they wanted children, another little bomb was dropped on Veronica. Sebastian was about to come into his inheritance, but only if his brothers approved it. Being an adventurer and explorer, he’d always felt like the black sheep of the family, so having a house, and a new wife, it looked really bad to Veronica. It looked as if he only wanted to marry her for the inheritance. I won’t spoil the inheritance because it was such a grand scene, with a little twist, but I will say that if all of Ms. Alexander's books are this fun and witty, I can’t wait for the next one!

***Thank you to Kensington for the ARC

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hello Readers -

I wanted to introduce you to three of the characters from The Sanction Chronicles Young Adult Series. Three witches - think Macbeth, but younger and no cauldron, and bigger gossips. Then you can find out more as they blog regularly on the Town Site

The Sanction Chronicles

Three Wicked Witches: Faith, Hope, Charity Bradford

On Reading and Paranormal Romance

The Wind Haven Wolves High School logo
Hope: I know this is not a subject that we usually talk about. Reading Paranormal Romance. I mean seriously, we live in an all paranormal town, are witches, attend Wind Haven High School - Human Population 1. So I wondered, is this topic boring to us as readers?

Faith: You would ask this. Heck yeah it is ridiculous! All the dating between groups, and the weird matches between animals and the why being love against all odds. Why would any real self respecting witch want to date a vampire? Don't get me started on werewolves.

Hope: I think my biggest issue is the characters. I know there are all kinds of shapeshifters out there. Our teacher Mr. Bruhl is a lion and he comes from Africa. In these books they have animals that come from one country then their characters are not from there.

A group of Canadian sifter panda, and all of the panda's are blond and blue eyed and descended from Scottish lords. Really?

Charity: Oh I would love Canadian Pandas. That is so much closer to home than China. I would date a man/panda. How cuddly. Plus I think it is nice that these books written by humans don't follow the rules. We should all be more accepting. Love is Love right?

Faith: Wrong. Witches should be with witches. Everyone to their own kind. How else can out traditions continue? Bad enough I have to go to High School with the other kids in Sanction. Reading about them in a Romance Novel. Gag!

Hope: Off the record. I don't care what the characters are. I like the happily ever after. We should all be able to date who we want and love who we want. Rules are meant to be broken...
- Bradford Sisters -
The Sanction Chronicles Young Adult Series

Welcome to Sanction

Year One: Volume I
By Dylan Strickland, Terry Kate, Ashley Renee
So if you want to find out more - See the locations and materials available and get involved with The Sanction Chronicles.
Welcome To Sanction - The Sanction Chronicles - Year One Volume One
Welcome to Sanction, the 3rd largest all paranormal town in the USA and Wind Haven High School accepting students from the werewolf, witch, and vampire community.

September 1: The Hawthorne Academy of Witchcraft is burned to the ground leaving the teens from Sanction's three biggest powers with only one place to go... Now if the Witches can avoid Non-Witches, the Werewolves don't tear anyone apart, and the Vampires keep their mouths shut Wind Haven High School might survive. IF...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Forever Mine by Donna Grant

Forever MineForever Mine by Donna Grant

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

I needed a quick and romantic read the other night, you know when you get in one of those reading funks? Yeah, I needed something new and short. Donna Grant released this on Tuesday so I grabbed it and read it in about 30 minutes.

I really enjoyed it. I loved the hero, and his group of outlaws. The heroine was pretty smart, not TSTL, and not so stubborn she comes off as selfish and bossy. And the plot, oh, lemme tell you about the plot.

Bad guy is holding heroine hostage. Hero is planning on ambushing bad guy. Bad guy already knows...that means, gasp! a traitor! But who? And how to defeat the bad guy, win the girl, and ferret out the traitor? Why, with a cool plot twist of course! :)

This is a perfect read for when you need something short, romantic, and steamy. And did I mention that it was action-packed? I didn't? Well, it is! Full of sword fights, secret plots, and the taking back of a castle.

"Forever Mine" was originally published in The Mammoth Book of Scottish Romance, and FM is now only $.99

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Review: Dark Swan, Storm Born Vol. 1 by Richelle Mead

Dark Swan, Storm Born Vol. 1 by Richelle Mead
4 1/2 flames out of 5

I haven’t yet had a chance to read Richelle Mead’s novel Storm Born (Dark Swan #1) but I’m definitely interested after finishing volume 1 of this soon to be released graphic novel adaption. This is a gritty urban fantasy brought to vivid life with bright colors and beautiful artwork and it left me hanging for more.

Eugenie Markham, usually known as only as Odile the Dark Swan to the beasties she sends back to the Lands of Death, is all badass beautiful with her tats, violet eyes and fiery hair. She’s a shamanic mercenary who tracks down evil creatures for a living. But strangely her latest monster knows her real name. It’s disquieting and something is definitely afoot that will no doubt cause her later grief but the reasons are not revealed here.

She’s asked to retrieve a missing girl abducted by the fairies (gentry) which will require her to cross over into the Otherworld. Something she never does. She ponders it even though it’s wildly dangerous because, apparently, these aren’t your nectar sipping fey. Does she go?Well we don’t find that out either.Yet.

A small cast of characters are introduced along with Eugenie and they all have fun little quirks. Roomie Tim dresses up as an American Indian because it gets him chicks, Eugenie does cute little kitty puzzles to decompress and then there’s super hunky love interest and veterinarian Kiyo who is gorgeously drawn and heats up the pages.There is violence, bad language and sexuality (and some rough-ish sex) in this here book so I wouldn’t let your nosey youngsters snoop over your shoulder as you read.All of the choice bits are cleverly hidden (darn) but it’s spicy all the same.

I thoroughly enjoyed Storm Born and will do my best to track down the rest of these graphic versions as they're released. My only small niggle was one bit of dialogue that could easily have been left out or reworded because it left me wondering how Eugenie jumped to a certain conclusion about a man and his driving skills but it’s a minor nit in a very entertaining story. Other than that this has the makings of a promising series and I’m anxious to check it out.

Available for preorder from Sea Lion Books at

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lord of the Wolfyn by Jessica Andersen

Lord of the Wolfyn (Royal House of Shadows, #3)Lord of the Wolfyn by Jessica Andersen

My rating: 3.5 of 5 flames

In this third installment of the Royal House of Shadows series, we see a Little Red Riding Hood theme. Our heroine Reda is a cop who froze during a robbery, causing her partner to get shot (she feels the weight of guilt and blame of his death, feeling she is such a coward). So she has since taken a leave of absence from the force, and is instead hunting down a painting and book. We enter the story as she gets the book.

We are given little snippets and hints that her mother gave her this one of a kind book about Little Red Riding Hood when she was a child, then told her all would become clear once she was 16. But her mother died, and her no-nonsense father felt that any little bit of magic (the dreams about the book Reda had) was bs. So Reda was shoved in therapy. In the book, there’s a picture of the wolf prince who always seemed to have Little Red in a trance, a sensual haze so to speak, as if she were brainwashed (Reda’s reasoning not mine). Then there’s the woodsman. Oh the sexy sexy woodsman. What will it take for Reda to understand that Dayn is both?

Dayn is Nicolai and Breena’s brother, and in his prologue, he is every bit the spoiled prince. But he overhears the battle through his father’s mind-speak, and carries that guilt that due to his selfishness, his family died. Well, really, he just wasn’t there to fight, that’s all, but he sees it the other way. In fact I got really tired of being “told” he was being/acting selfish, when I felt he was behaving normally. This was a common theme throughout the book, which it bugged me so much. Just as Reda’s cowardice is constantly thrown in our faces-it was obnoxious. Either show me she’s a coward, or show me she sees herself as one, but don’t keep telling me she is. I find it hard to see a female cop as coward. She should have had a different profession. So, Reda’s back in therapy, because not just her partner’s death, but the dreams of Little Red are back. But she’s drawn to the book, she couldn’t stop searching if she tried. And once she reads the book, she ends up in Dayn’s world.

Dayn was thrown to the Wolfyn realm. He has hidden his identity from the vampire-hating Wolfyn, and has instead stayed low on the radar. But he knows his guide is coming and once she’s there, he’ll have 4 days to make it to his ancestral home to take it back. But Dayn holds more than just his identity secret, his Big Secret (which is spoiled in the blurb of the book-not cool) causes Reda to have a massive freak-out. And that’s where I stopped liking her. It really made me mad. She had come a long way, and then she reverted to her “cowardly” self. I spoke with a friend of mine and we both felt that based on what we, the readers, were given, Reda’s behavior was unreasonable and confusing. Her brainwashing and entrancing issues were not well-done, so it felt confusing. I had to figure out that her problem with the Wolfyn was that she didn’t want to be entranced.

I did really like the ending, and the set up for the coming know, THE battle. The one each book has been gearing up for. I liked how Reda finally grew up, and I liked Dayn. Hopefully he can unite the Wolfyn and the Vampires.

**ARC courtesy of

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Angel's Blood by Nalini Singh

Angels' Blood (Guild Hunter, #1)Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh

My rating: 5 of 5 flames


With Archangel's Blade having just released this month, I figured it was time to finally read the first one. I can't tell you how wonderful this book was.

Nalini Singh has such a seductive way of writing, that she pulls you in and draws you close, until you can only eat, sleep, and breathe her world. I take that back-there was no sleeping. I stayed up late to read.

I am amazed by the talent Ms. Singh has-she made me love her characters, which normally wouldn't be a big deal, but typically, I don't like characters like Elena. She straddles the line of assertive heroine and bitchy, but it worked. She was a kick-ass heroine who I liked. She is great at what she does-she's a vampire hunter. But, she's Hunter-born. This means she has a special talent for knowing vampires on sight, by scent, basically things we mere mortals can't do. She's stronger, and she's the best of the best.

Raphael is an archangel. He wants Elena to help him hunt down one of their own, but he doesn't tell her what she's up against. The chemistry is intense, the action is intense, the world-building is intense...and the relationship between Elena and Raphael is complex.

I loved watching Raphael become a bit more human every day. He went from cruel archangel to hero material and I loved every minute.

And this was just book 1! I have the next 3 loaded up on my Nook ready to go. I can't wait!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Bound in Darkness by Cynthia Eden

Bound In Darkness (A Vampire/Werewolf Romance)Bound In Darkness by Cynthia Eden

My rating: 5 of 5 flames

When I saw that Cynthia Eden had a new paranormal romance out, I scurried over to Barnes & Noble as fast as I could. This novella is a standalone vampire/werewolf PNR, but it is set in the same world as Bound By Blood, which I also loved. Both are only $.99 and both are fantastic, quick reads.

It opens with a werewolf, scarred both inside and out, taking payment from a witch. His job? To kill a vampire named Allison.

Allison is going through some things right now, and a witch has befriended her. This witch says all will be revealed by her "guide," and literally tosses her to the wolves. Well, wolf. Allison follows the witch's directions and finds herself in a seedy bar, facing a very scary man. But as soon as she realizes he's her guide, her fear is replaced with trust.

Cade doesn't know what to do with Allison's blind faith in him. Added to that, she's not a vampire. At least, not yet she's not. To Cade, she's just a lost little human. She's a rare pureblood vampire (born, not made), and she hasn't gone through her change yet. And she's forcing him to find his long-forgotten humanity.

My favorite quote:

"Come after me again," Cade warned, "you're dead. So much as look at Allison wrong, you're dead." Oh. Allison swallowed. He was protecting her again. If he didn't watch it, she'd definitely start to think he had a soft spot hidden beneath those claws and fur. "I'll rip you open," Cade continued, voice grim, "and cut your heart right out of your chest while you scream and beg for me to stop."

Maybe not such a soft spot.

A great novella that I thoroughly enjoyed. Cynthia Eden is fast becoming my go-to author for paranormal romance.

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Men of Honor Monday

After such an emotional day as 9-11-11, my tears have finally stopped falling... Who knew I'd have so many tears and that each program about the 9/11 tragedy would make me ball like a baby.

In honor of the men in uniform that gave their lives ten years ago, or many that resently passed from being a first responder, or working at ground zero...we salute you and the uniform you wear proudly.

Instead of Man Candy, Today will be...
Men of Honor Monday!
Celebrating the men in uniform; firefighters, police, military and medical response.
We thank you.

Whew! Hot stuff.
But really, special thanks to all the men and women that protect and serve, putting themselves in harm's way, everyday.
Stay safe.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Review: Call and Answer by Val Kovalin

Call and Answer
by Val Kovalin
Rating 4 out of 5 flames

Henri has just graduated high school and has been spending the warm summer nights hanging out in the bayou, enjoyably ogling a young black musician. He knows what he’s doing spells trouble, it’s 1959, he’s gay (and in the closet) and racial tensions are strong, but he’s drawn to the music and the beautiful man who doesn’t seem to mind playing for his audience of one night after night. One night things change and Henri realizes the beautiful man, Gabriel, shares in the attraction. He sings seductively to Henri, invites him inside the cabin and tells him, “You burn so bright. All that lust like a bonfire lighting up the darkness.” How could Henri resist? How could anyone? Henri is ready to lose his virginity but before they begin their lusty affair Gabriel insists Henri know exactly what he’s getting into and then transforms into an alligator!
The opening scenes are filled with a heady sense of longing and desire. I was torn out of my dreary rain filled world and felt part of the lush sensual world the author was creating. I thought to myself “this is lovely and the reason I read”. And I don’t do that often. This story was very different from the plethora of shifter books out there and I thought it felt much like a dark edged fairy tale, my favorite kind. Gabriel was something of a nature spirit, hibernating until called and then, through sex magic, spending the season raising and releasing power to avert natural disaster and heal both the land and its people. After the beautifully descriptive setup, the gator shifts felt like a natural, organic part of the story.
So the two begin their heated, hidden fling, having sex whenever and wherever they can and what starts out for Henri as a sexy summer fling grows into something much deeper. But he fears Gabriel does not feel the same. Other complications ensue when Henri doesn’t spend the power properly, makes a very poor choice (but I forgave him because he was only 18), gets himself entangled in another family’s drama and debates coming out to his parents.
I found Gabriel’s behavior at times so hysterically not human. He was never just a character who happened to be able to change into an alligator. He was human but also very much alligator and I really enjoyed his character. He came alive for me and I enjoyed this story most when he and Henri were interacting. They had some great chemistry and their affection for each other was clear in every exchange. Henri’s confusing new feelings and his longing for love were very well written.
“Now, would you come to dinner at my house?”

“Meet your family?” Gabriel gave him a searching look and started to smile.
“Please,” Henri said. “It’s important to me.”
Cher, you so nervous.”
“Well, I never brought someone home before.”
“What am I coming as?” Gabriel winked at him. “Your sweetheart?”

Henri couldn’t help giving him a hurt glance. The question sounded mocking . . . Gabriel raised his hands in wordless apology. The tension drained from Henri’s shoulders, and Gabriel leaned close and pressed a kiss to his neck. “
I did feel there was a bit too much outside drama going on but that’s something I complain about in most books where I’m enjoying the romance of it all. I enjoyed the unique storyline, the hot and believable romance and the unexpected bits of humor and thought the ending went well with the dark tinged fable like feel that was set up from the very beginning but you won't see me turning down a chance to read a sequel!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Man Candy of the week: Meet Geo!

Say Hello to Mr. Geobanny Paula from Miami, Florida!
Thanks to our favorite photographer I stumbled across Geo the other day & asked him to be part of the DemonLover's Man Candy Elite! He said "YES", and consented to answer some standard questions...

Q: Where are you from? Raised?
A: Miami half Cuban half Colombian
 Q: When did you start lifting weights/ body building?
A: 14 years old
 Q: When was you first modeling shoot?, and with what photographer?
A: 5 years ago with Pumping Muscle
 Q: What is your age/height/weight/etc…all your stats.
A; 24/5’10/190lbs/waist 29
 Q; What do you like to do for fun?
A; Inspire others to change their lifestyles
 Q: What is your favorite meal? (spaghetti, tacos, lasagna)
A: Pizza!
 Q: Are you married/girlfriend?  
A; single

Q: Most embarrrassing date ever? 
A: Never had a bad date lol I make the best out of it lol

 Q: What is your 5 yr plan? Where do you see yourself in the future?
A: Get my Pro card in Men’s Physique then become Mr. Olympia then commercials/ magazines/ movies/ HOLLYWOOD
 Q: Something no one knows about you?

Okay, that’s enough.
Q: Just let me know anything else I might find interesting?
A: I can sculpt anybody that is willing to transform and learn their body

A special thank you to Luis Rafael for the use of his photos. And I'd like to thank Geo for giving us so many nice things to look at.

You can find Geo on FaceBook
Or find him on Twitter @geo_sculpting01

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dead Wrong by Wendy L. Callahan

Dead Wrong

Dead Wrong by Wendy L. Callahan
2 Flames = Fizzled

This novella reads like the bare bones outline of what could be a really great story. It’s like something you’d send out to editors to whet their appetite to see a full manuscript, but as something put out for readers to consume, it’s bland to the palate. Like your missing some ingredient to really bring out the bold flavors and enhance the meal.
Shiva is a fairly new vampire with a past who runs into a slayer, and there is an instant (and I mean of the ‘did anyone see that speeding train’ kind) connection. Her clan leader wants her as a mate, the slayer Desmond wants her as a mate, Shiva wants to forget her past which Desmond has a part in, and the slayers want to take all vamps down, and somehow werewolves are involved. Like I said, lots to work with and it needs the work.
Everything moves too quickly, from the sex, to the reveal of secrets, to the resolution. If the author wants to keep this as a novella, then she needs to go back and rehash the flow a bit. Like bring us in with a brief few paragraphs explaining the relationships and get to the really exciting conspiracy part of the plot. Plus, if the werewolves are a part of this conspiracy it might be a good idea to actually put them in the story and not just talk about them.
If the author plans on turning this into a more fleshed out series, then I don’t know if I’d necessarily put it out there for mass consumption. If it’s meant to stand on it’s own as a full short story, it seriously lacks in a lot of ways. Which is sad, because I’d really like to know more, even with the unsatisfying taste you can tell this chef could be a culinary master if she takes the time to really add the necessary ingredients to this story.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Have you heard the news? One of my Fav bloggers made the short list!

ParaJunkee's Views has made the short list over at BBAW
and done it in 3 catergories!
Parajunkee's View
Best Book Blog Feature or Series of Posts

Best Book Blog Meme
 Feature and Follow my Book Blog

Best Written Blog - Parajunkee's View

I just wanted to say congrats!
If you don't know who Parajunkee is? Then here's your chance to check out her great site!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tempted by Elisabeth Naughton

Tempted (Eternal Guardians, #3)Tempted by Elisabeth Naughton

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

I got hooked on the Eternal Guardian’s series last year, so I was super excited at the chance to review this book. This is Isadora’s book, and I’ve been waiting (not-so) patiently to see how she handles this.

Isadora is a very timid, with a doormat personality...until lately. She is finally waking up and seeing what she wants. And I loved watching her grow. She began this book as timid, and ended it as a queen who no one will mess with. And if they do…well, in Isadora’s words,

“My father will be dead in a matter of weeks and I’ll be your new queen. If you don’t leave us now, I guarantee I will remember your name. And the consequences will be severe.”

Demetrius is quite the opposite. He’s one of the guardians, and he’s been a complete bastard to her for about 200 years. Wanna know why? Hera’s curse. Hera cursed each Guardian to have only 1 soul-mate, and that soul-mate would be the worst possible match ever. Demetrius knows Isadora is his. And while he wants her, knowing he can’t have her, it’s more. He doesn’t want to “soil” her. We find out who his mama is, and hoo-boy, there’s a shocker! He has every reason to distance himself and make sure Isadora never looks at him with anything but disgust and hatred. Too bad for Demetrius that Isadora’s able to see behind the fa├žade.

Isadora is kidnapped at the end of Entwined, and this book picks up right in that same spot. She is taken by witches who want to free their warlock-god, and giving him a royal, virginal, powerful sacrifice will do that. But the Guardians save her, and Demetrius opens a portal and shoves both Gryphon and Isadora through. But he didn’t think about where he opened the portal and came face to face with a bunch of daemons. Gryphon is still weak from fighting the warlock the witches wanted to free (he comes back later), so he ends up near death before he’s rescued.

Meanwhile, Demetrius’ mummy-dearest tosses the two of them to an island called Pandora and binds his powers. He can’t open a portal back to their home, and Isadora’s too weak from the kidnapping, the spells, and everything to be much help. Oh, and don’t forget-she can’t be away from Casey and Callia for too long, or the 3 of them weaken. So they have to not only trust each other, they have to avoid being killed by all the crazy mythological creatures who come out at night. Which reminds me, I snickered a bit at this quote:

“What do you mean nocturnal? That harpy came out into the sun. So did that boar.”

“I didn’t say they were vampires who couldn’t go out in the sun. I said they’re nocturnal. They rest during the day, hunt at night.”

Isadora finally realizes that Demetrius has been pushing her away on purpose, way before they could even get close, let alone now that they have gotten close. She won’t let him push her away anymore, and she will make him see her as more than the timid little princess she had been.

Meanwhile, while Demetrius and Isadora have been MIA, Gryphon was found and rescued. He is fatally wounded, and his soul is dying (his soul is being killed off by the type of wound he received). He also overheard some things taken out of context which makes Demetrius the enemy. All the Guardians think he’s been planning to kidnap Isa for a while, and instantly believe all the circumstantial evidence. So, once Isadora’s back home, Demetrius, still not believing himself worthy, won’t speak. He won’t prove them wrong, he won’t even try to save his own skin. That all I can understand, but once he was redeemed…no one apologized for believing the worst in him. I mean that really made me mad since Theron especially said some pretty crappy things to him. It’s a good thing Isadora was there to speak for him. And Isadora didn’t wow just them, she wowed me as well. She also made some enemies in the process.

Nick is a character I now love. I mean, hard-core love. I want to see how he gets around this little thing that I can’t say, because man, that’s harsh. Orpheus, oh Orpheus. I hope he can find what he’s looking for. And I hope he gets a book too (*hint hint, Ms. Naughton) Oh, and a great heroine name for Orpheus would be Laurie. Just sayin’.

I think this is a series that everyone can get into, the writing flows and it’s definitely action-packed. Elisabeth Naughton has written a fresh series with believable characters who are up against unbelievable odds.

**Thank you so much to the author for the review copy

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