Monday, December 31, 2012

Alpha One by Cynthia Eden

Alpha OneAlpha One by Cynthia Eden
My rating: 4 of 5 flames

I love betrayal plots where the hero and heroine have history and something breaks them up, and they meet up again later. I mean seriously, I am such a sucker for those tropes. This book made my inner self so happy!

So we begin this story with Juliana being held captive in Mexico by a very bad man. El Diablo has kidnapped Juliana to get information from her father, a US Senator. Juliana lost her blinders years ago and was never under any impressions that her dad was a good man, but this seemed pretty bad even by his standards.

But as soon as we see Juliana being dragged away to be “questioned,” we see a special ops team going in for her. This is an off-the-books type of team comprised of former Special Forces team members, and they are very good at what they do. Their team leader Alpha One is Logan Quinn, Juliana’s first love, and the man who broke her heart.

Once they save Juliana, she thinks the danger will be over as soon as she’s back on American soil, but boy is she wrong. The danger is just beginning.

Logan has so many secrets he’s kept from Juliana, and now that he’s back in her life, he has to lie to her some more. His team is going to use her as bait to bring down El Diablo, and while their priority is to take him down, his priority is to keep Julie alive.

What I loved about this book is that Logan betrays Juliana but he earns his way back into her trust. Not right away of course, but when he finally tells her what he’s been hiding all these years (and wow! I never would have guessed!), she sees that he really has loved her all these years.

A sexy and exciting romantic suspense, Alpha One had me glued to the pages.

***ARC courtesy of Harlequin and netgalley

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

NightDrake by Lara Adrian

NightDrakeNightDrake by Lara Adrian
My rating: 3 of 5 flames

This is a free short story at all major ebook retailers. I think that if you're going to write a post-apocalyptic novella/short story, it works best in an already established world. It's hard to experience the entirety of the world when you have 30 pages to world-build, create characters, and have them fall in love.

That's not saying it can't be done, it just is hard to do well.

Lara Adrian is a favorite of mine, but this story has a lot going on and I feel like it would have worked better as a PNR rather than a post- apocalyptic romance because it could have devoted more time to the characters. I didn't feel confused at any point, but I did feel like the I Love Yous were out of left field, and that there's so much happening but we only get to see snippets of it.

That being said, I'll read more if this becomes a series. I'd love to see what happens after they go back to the Strange court. Especially since there's so much we don't know.

This short story has the makings of a great series, and a great world, but if Ms. Adrian continues on with it, I hope we get to see some world-building.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Wolf Within by Cynthia Eden

The Wolf WithinThe Wolf Within by Cynthia Eden
My rating: 4 of 5 flames

Duncan works for the FBI, but even though he’s human, he knows what goes bump in the night. And he knows it isn’t good. The Para Unit has been Duncan’s home away from home for years.

I thought it was neat that there are certain humans who are predisposed to being able to take the wolf bite and survive. When Duncan was bitten, his body was not only able to handle the bite, but his alpha tendencies were magnified (not just because of his personality either, but I don’t want to give away that part!). But he didn’t want to become a wolf, he’d always figured if he got bit, his partner would shoot him. But there are other factors at play here. His partner can’t do it, and his boss won’t let anyone else do it.

His boss (quite a piece of work, btw) brings Duncan in and has Holly, their team doctor, help him through his transition. There’s something special about Holly, and if anyone can help Duncan, it’s her. But Duncan has always been attracted to this shy little doctor, and now that his body is becoming that of a werewolf, he’s afraid of what he’ll do to her. Besides, now that he’s such a monster, she wouldn’t want him anyway, right?

Holly has wanted Duncan for years, but she’s kept her distance for personal reasons. Now that he’s strong enough to handle her, should she stay away? Duncan and she can’t seem to stay apart, so...

Holly and Duncan have a few hot and heavy moments that I loved, but then there’s a huge twist in the plot that takes Duncan to Purgatory (think Alcatraz but for Paranormals). This is where I feel the book either needed more pages, or needed to rework certain parts.

Something big is brewing and we get to see the beginning, but it borderline feels out of left field. It’s important though, so it can’t be cut out of the story, and it shows where the series will be going too, I don’t know. The plot up until the last bit was just fine as it is, but I don’t think it needed to be shaken up that way. What I mean is that it seemed like there was a lot going on, and then about the last quarter of the book something big started to happen, but we didn’t have the page count to sustain that part of the plot.

I liked this story and I really liked the plot, but I wish we’d had more time spent in Purgatory since that’s a huge part of the plot, even if we don’t realize it until later. I’m really excited to read the next book to find out how they can prevent the big thing they’re trying to prevent (<--yes I had to say it that way so I don’t give any spoilers away! Lol)

Final verdict is that this is a series to watch, I absolutely can’t wait to see where it’s going from here, and it’s a steamy, sexy read.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

King of the Damned

King of the Damned (League of Guardians, #2)King of the Damned by Juliana Stone
My rating: 4.5 of 5 flames

I love this author’s PNR because it’s always a little bit dark and a lot sexy. Her characters never take the easy way, and they have to earn their HEA. I tore through the Jaguar Warriors series last year and I was super excited for the spin-off series.

We first meet Azaiel in His Darkest Embrace book 2 in the Jaguar Warriors series and we learn in book 3 His Darkest Salvation why no one in the League of Guardians trusts him, I say this mainly because the series may stand on its own, but some details will be lost in not having read the Jaguar Warriors series.

Azaiel is sent to find out what happened to one of the League’s
members. When he gets there, he sees Rowan. She’s a witch who has just found out her grandmother, the woman who raised her, was killed. Rowan and Azaiel have to kill some demons right off the bat, and we find out that Rowan is no ordinary witch, she’s a very powerful witch, and she’s been killing demons since she was very young.

Rowan comes from a line of witches who, a long time ago made a very bad deal with a very powerful demon. To survive the Salem witch trials, an ancestor agreed to a bargain: Each generation, this demon takes the eldest and most powerful James witch, and he drains her dry.

It was supposed to have been Rowan’s mother, but she turned to drugs, booze and men to deal with the knowledge that she would be taken by this demon. The demon didn't want her, returned her, and marked Rowan as his instead.
Rowan’s mother is another issue altogether. I didn’t like how we knew so little about what happened. I’m assuming it will be brought to light in another book, but I really would like to know more.

Azaiel and Rowan make an awesome fighting team, and I really like Azaiel. I loved the quirky coven and extended family members, the donkey included. I loved how strong Rowan was, even when her own family turned against her, and I love that Rowan decided that the days of James witches becoming demon fodder were over.

The ending was tense, and I really can’t wait to see what Azaiel’s decision will mean for both him and the world. He’s still a Guardian, but. . .

I really liked this book, it was so intense, and it kept me turning pages as fast as I could.

***ARC courtesy of AVON and edelweiss

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Feature & Follow Friday


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This weeks question:
What is the last book to make you cry? Tell us about the scene

This is a really hard question for me. Even though I read a TON of romances over the always sticks out in my mind.
P.S. I Love You
Holly had loses the love of her life, Gerry, from a sudden brain tumor. She has been having a tough time coping with the loss of her husband. She receives a call from her mum saying she has a letter addressed to her, but doesn't know who it's from. After getting the letter she goes to sit by the sea.
Holly holds her breath and with tears in her eyes she opens the envelope that is written in the hand of someone she will never see again...
in the package are ten tiny envelopes and a letter:

The end of it reads:
PS, I promised a list, so here it is. The following envelopes must be opened exactly when labeled and must be obeyed. And remember, I'm looking out for you, so I will know...

She opens the 1st:
Save yourself the bruises and buy yourself a bedside lam!
PS, I Love You


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DemonLover's Mailbox

Recently it seemed like an early Christmas around my house because I had a BIG delivery of Audio Books; Some of them Best Seller books to do reviews on...
(Yes. Even my postman has a six pack and DL speedo)
Here's what the my mailman delivered:

by Laura Landon

FAIRIE by Delle Jacobs


by Brenda Novak

EASY by Tamara Webber

ABSOLUTION by Susannah Sandlin

EDGE OF OBLIVION by J.T. Geissinger


NIGHTMARE by Stephen Leather

by Celia Rees

by Shea Macleod

by Sabrina Jeffries

ICED by Karen Marie Moning

Reflected in You
by Sylvia Day

and my BIGGEST surprise....

Book # 11 in the Midnight Breed Series by my favorite author: 

Which one of these books are you looking forward to reading?

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DL is on the Radio... Radio...

DemonLover is going LIVE on the Radio!

Wednesday, December 12th at 6pm PST DemonLover will be on-air with her friend & previous Co-Host, Candi Fox.

Tune in for the event:
Subject: Social Media
Ever had any questions about it? Starting a blog? Have you ever wondered how to get started?
Call in, Chat, Ask questions and join the fun.
Hope to see you there!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Savage Redemption by Alexis Morgan

Savage RedemptionSavage Redemption by Alexis Morgan

My rating: 3 of 5 flames

This Harlequin Nocturne is one of Alexis Morgan’s vampire books, and I really like that series.

Quick overview:
It’s an alternate world, but it’s really similar to our world. They’re on earth, there are humans, vampires, and the hybrid known as Chancellors. Chancellors get most of the strengths of vampires but without the weaknesses (They can take blood, but don’t need it, they can walk in the sunlight, etc.). They live in New Eire, they take transports instead of cars, the vampires are “out” and in governments like the North American Coalition. So basically it’s just a slightly alternate world.

The story picks up after the last one, and it starts out strong. Conlan is head of security for Rafferty O’Day’s compound/clan. And he’s good at his job. One day he hears a commotion and finds a whole bunch of mercenaries shooting at a lady with 2 children, and since it’s really close to the O’Day compound, he takes out a couple of the mercs, and calls for backup.

He turns over the human woman who’s been shot, and instantly recognizes the woman who left him to finish out her stint in jail and rot in prison. In this world, if a cop/investigator loses his prisoner, he has to finish serving the jail sentence. So lawman Conlan goes to prison, stuck with prisoners he put there, and Kat runs free.

For the past 3 years he has thought of nothing but Kat. Seeing her brings forth all that anger. He gets her to the medic and stays with her, but once she’s healing, her first thought is of her nieces. Luckily the O’Days will protect them, but Kat’s in way over her head, and she’s afraid it will put the compound in danger. Conlan and Kat have to work together to keep safe, prove her innocence and find out what happened 3 years ago that caused her to bolt leaving Conlan picking up the pieces.

This is where I began to have problems with the story. I had a hard time liking Kat and Conlan was, well, he forgave her way too easily. It seems in a betrayal plot (one of my favorite plots, btw) that it should have been dragged out longer. And having a heroine who is such a freaking martyr at every turn (I guess to prove there was no betrayal?) was just too much. It would have been nice to have the guilt and anger last a bit longer. The plot was there, it really was, I just don't think it worked as well as it could have. Alexis Morgan's a great writer, but this just didn't do it for me.

***ARC courtesy of and Harlequin

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Night's Darkest Embrace by Jeaniene Frost

Night's Darkest EmbraceNight's Darkest Embrace by Jeaniene Frost
My rating: 3 of 5 flames

Mara is a Partial demon (and really? They’re called “partials” or “purebloods” there couldn’t be a better name?) and when we first enter the scene, Mara is ready to dive through a portal to Nocturna, the world where Partials live and purebloods hunt them. Purebloods survive by sucking the life essence out of partials, and the younger, the better. Partials hunt Purebloods if they come into their territory, but it's the Fallen who really hunt Purebloods. (The Fallen are Fallen Angels).

Mara and her cousin Gloria visited Nocturna as teens and were kidnapped by purebloods. A stranger named Rafael came to her rescue but he couldn’t save Gloria, she had already been taken and eaten.
This is where my complaint lies: Mara is a crappy heroine. I had a hard time liking her, therefore I cared little about her story. Rafael I loved, but not at first.

With the Night Huntress series, it’s no big deal if we don’t get to know Bones for a while, there are going to be many more pages, and more books. But this is a novella and we know nothing about Rafe at all, and I kind of feel that with it being shorter, and PNR rather than UF, it’s a big deal to not have much interaction between Mara and Rafe right off the bat.

Instead it felt like a poor substitute for a Cat and Bones story. But Mara isn’t kick-ass, she’s a brat. She doesn’t think things through and it gets her in trouble. A lot. Oh and the Rafael betrayal thing was cleared up way to easily/quickly for my taste.

Sadly, this Frost fan was disappointed with the novella. I think was good, but it wasn’t fantastic. The price point is good, but I missed the witty sarcasm and snark that I love about Frost’s writing.

***Review copy provided by Simon & Schuster/Pocket Star

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Alpha Males a post by Laurel O'Donnell

Here at Demon Lover's we love to have authors pop by to chat, and I am especially excited to host Laurel O'Donnell because her book The Angel and the Prince is the first romance novel I remember reading. And I remember reading it several times.   ~Highland Hussy

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines alpha as socially dominant especially in a group of animals.  This made me laugh.  But in a way, it’s what describes an alpha male.  Socially dominant.  He is the hero.  Usually devastatingly handsome, definitely dominant.  In charge.  Strong.  Confident.  Many times he is arrogant.  Wolverine from the X Men comes to mind. 

Despite his confidence, an alpha male works in the romance novel, because he is broken or flawed.  He needs the heroine to complete him or keep him in place or both.  He needs her love.

In Angel’s Assassin, Damien is an assassin.  He is the best assassin.  His skills are honed to perfection.  He has no doubts about his skills and instincts.  Physically, none can beat him.  Yet, internally, he yearns for more.  It’s not until he meets Aurora of Acquitaine that he understands what he has been missing.  When he sees the man he could be reflected in her eyes, his entire world shifts and he is lost.

So, what’s the appeal of these arrogant men?  Physically, they are an eye full!  It’s more then that.  They are always in charge.  Think Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  You had no doubt he was going to save Marian.  The trip was definitely worthwhile!

The trick to writing a romance novel with an alpha male is to allow him to show his tender side for the heroine without losing any of his alpha male aspects!

So well said!  I do love an alpha male, that protective instinct balanced with his possessive instinct, makes a hero swoon-worthy for me.

Damien is an assassin, a man with no home and a tortured past. Sold into slavery as a young boy, he is trained to kill with cold calculation, without remorse. As a reward for his ruthless success, he is given a chance to earn his freedom from his cruel master. One last mission. One final person to slay…
Lady Aurora of Acquitaine is the epitome of purity and goodness, beloved by all her people. She lives her life trying to atone for her mother’s cruelty by being a fair and just ruler. Secretly she fears that one day her mother’s murderer will return for her. When Damien enters Aurora’s life, tempting her with promises of dark passion and forbidden lust, he threatens to tear her peaceful world apart with shadowy secrets of his own.


She was more than stunning.  She was an angel.
She looked down at a beggar who held an old, feeble hand out to her, his gnarled fingers stained with mud.  Outrage filled Damien that this dirty, decrepit man should accost her in such a manner.  But the lady did not shy away from his filth.  She did not turn her back on him.  She smiled at him.  Damien found himself wishing he were the beggar, wishing he were the recipient of such radiance.  Then she bent forward, touched the beggar’s shoulder, and spoke earnestly to the old man.
Damien inched forward, ignoring the crush of people around him as he moved closer to this goddess.  He could not hear her words, but the people around her smiled.
The beggar nodded his head enthusiastically at the regal lady and smiled a toothless grin.
Lady Aurora turned and moved leisurely into the square.  Her blue velvet surcoat swished about her long legs.  The lone guard walked before her, keeping the path clear.
One guard to protect her, Damien thought, disgusted.  If he were her father, he would hire an army of men to trail her and keep her safe.
People called out to her now.  She paused and spoke to many, giving them her undivided attention.  What would she say to him if he called out to her?  Did he care?  No, he wouldn’t care what words she uttered.  All he wanted was to see those luminescent eyes turn to gaze at him with the same undivided attention she so graciously offered everyone else.
Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a movement.  A shadow.  A slithering shape.  He searched the crowd, the feeling of unease growing much stronger now, spreading across the nape of his neck and shoulders.  His gaze darted through the throng, focusing on one villager and then another.  A mother smiling down at her child.  A farmer speaking with a short baker.  A monk gazing at Lady Aurora.
And then, mixed in the crowd, Damien found him.  He was a small man, dressed in a faded green tunic.  He hunched slightly, moving slowly between people, being careful not to touch anyone, being careful not to draw attention to himself.  But unlike the people who surrounded him, there was no serenity in his face, no adoration.  Only dark purpose.  The man focused on Lady Aurora with the intensity of a predator.
Damien recognized him immediately.  He was one of Roke’s elite guards, a killer, and an assassin.  A slave of Warin Roke just like him.  Damien didn’t know his name, but he knew the face.  And he knew the ugly gleam of determination in his eyes as he trapped his prey in his sights.  What the devil is he doing here? Damien silently demanded as fierce anger blasted through him.  What game is Roke playing?
Damien moved through the crowd, inching closer to him, not taking his stare away from the stalker.  He bumped into a farmer half his size.  The man grumbled something, but Damien moved on, ignoring him, concentrating on his target.
Damien heard the gruff call, but did not look up to see who it was.  He didn’t dare take his gaze off the man, lest he lose him in the thick crowd of villagers.  Damien watched the man’s reaction.  He saw him hesitate, watched his small eyes shift from Aurora to somewhere off to the left where the other voice had originated.
For a moment, Damien thought the puny man would turn and leave.  Is he here to make sure I complete my mission?  His eyes slowly narrowed.  No, that was not the reason he was here.  He knew Warin Roke well, well enough to realize he would never send anyone to watch over him.
Something glinted in the little man’s hand.
Damien’s eyes widened in realization.  The man isn’t here to follow me.  He is here to steal my freedom!  Damn you to hell, Roke.
The killer bent his legs and sprang forward, moving with a quickness his small stature belied.  He moved straight for Lady Aurora, his dagger flashing in the fiery sunlight.

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Author Bio:
Laurel O'Donnell has won numerous awards for her works, including the Holt Medallion for A Knight of Honor, the Happily Ever After contest for Angel's Assassin, and the Indiana's Golden Opportunity contest for Immortal Death. The Angel and the Prince was nominated by the Romance Writers of America for their prestigious Golden Heart award. O'Donnell lives in Illinois with her four cherished children, her beloved husband and her five cats. She finds precious time every day to escape into the medieval world and bring her characters to life in her writing.

Where to find Laurel:

Buy Links: Kindle Nook     Smashwords     AllRomanceeBooks     OmniLit     Kobo     Diesel     iBooks     Sony


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