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Mistress of the Storm by Terri Brisbin

Mistress of the StormMistress of the Storm by Terri Brisbin

My rating: 1.5 of 5 flames

This book caught me off guard. On page one, the heroine is trying to leave a man’s bed, but he tells her that her skills are not exaggerated and he drags her back. Afterwards, we see her ritual after a night like that, where she goes to the beach to clean off, and debates coming back up for air. She would end it all if she thought her sister would be protected.

Isabel is trying to protect her sister, so when her stepfather forces her to whore herself out so he can use the information she gathers against his enemies, she does so. He uses her sister’s welfare against Isabel in order to keep her in line. We are shown emotional and heartbreaking scenes where he has her leg broken, and then lets his men rape her repeatedly while her leg is broken. This made me just want to reach through the book and choke her stepfather. It was hard for me to understand, though, why Isabel was so ready to believe he’d abuse Thora, her sister. Thora was his blood daughter, and it would be to his advantage to get a good match for her. Isabel was not his blood relation, so while I loved her protectiveness of Thora, it made little sense that she believed her stepfather would harm the girl. I get that it's the 11th century, but still, she had no reason to believe he'd hurt his "real" daughter.

I got about 85 pages in before I knew it, and I was blown away by the plot. Blown away. This book was a solid 4, until... the hero did something that floored me. It’s awful. And he did this more than once!

Duncan asks Isabel what she would like to do this evening. She dons her "whore persona" (she is a whore, btw, it's all she knows, and he has paid her stepfather a ton of gold for a month with her).

"As she considered her words carefully before speaking he felt her retreating within herself, almost as if building a wall around her innermost thoughts and desires and needs so no one could touch them. The whore's expression returned to her features and he wondered if she even knew when she used it.

"You," she whispered in a husky tone. "I wish to do you."

(...) POV shift here

His response was fast and almost furious as he crossed the few paces between them, pulled her into his arms and dragged her onto the surface of the table where they'd just shared a meal. When she tried to ease her hands free so she could touch him, he took them in one of his and held them above her head. Before she could say a word to him, he kneed her legs apart, pulled the robe and his shirt out of his way and thrust into her.

Isabel gasped in surprise, for he'd never done that in all their joinings. With no prelude and no attention to her at all, he shoved his cock until it could go no farther and then relentlessly sought his own release. Her body adjusted to his, her inner walls relaxing as they accomodated his length and thickness, pouring out moisture to ease his way. Just as her body fell into rhythm with his movements, his cock hardened and released his seed into her. His breaths were shalllow and quick, but he did not pause to relax after his release. Instead he withdrew from her and stepped away.

Laying exposed, her legs spread and his seed still escaping from within her, she felt like the whore she was...

"Now that Isabel the whore has had what she wanted," he began in a low voice.

His words hurt her for some reason she did not wish to examine too closely.

"What does Isabel the woman wish to do this evening?"


"Have I angered you in some way?" she asked.

"If and when you act the whore, I will fuck you like you are one."

Wow, he paid for a whore, got a whore, then got pissed when she acted like one?

Up til now, he's been the model hero. Patient, kind, and generous. This passage makes me want to stab him. Duncan had been trying to help her see that she could become more than just a whore, and he wanted her to see her value was more than just what she did on her back. And then he pulled this. And he did it again later! What kind of man is that? Definitely not a hero.

Lose ends:

Her sister is never told/shown her father has been using Isabel. She was used as well, just in a different way. And it felt like she was a cardboard character. She is just used by Duncan, and by her father, and even by the author as a plot device.

The betrayal, was such a huge deal, and completely under-used. Things that could have been used and could have been incredibly emotional scenes were glossed over. I mean, Duncan’s solution to free Isabel from her stepfather is a gut-wrenching decision. (won’t spoil it) But at the end, the solution is less than a paragraph. Way too easy, and too fast.

The paranormal aspect was mild, her water connection was never used to its fullest potential. Duncan is a healer, but he doesn’t understand his gifts. Isabel has a connection with water, but other than just looking refreshed after a rain, or understanding the storm and knowing how long it’ll last, there’s another plot device that could have been explored so much more.

I thought this book started off strong, amazing and intense. Then it fell apart. I'm sad I didn't like it as the plot had the potential to be fantastic. It started off so well. But I lost all respect for the hero many times over. I liked the betrayal but it was glossed over. The ending was too easy.

***Kensington provided the review copy

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A Rogue by Any Other Name by Sarah MacLean

A Rogue By Any Other Name (The Rules of Scoundrels, #1)A Rogue By Any Other Name by Sarah MacLean

My rating: 5 of 5 flames

My very first thought as I started this book, perhaps two chapters in, was “The hero is such a bastard!” followed by, “Good. They always fall the hardest.” I wasn’t wrong.

Bourne is playing a game of cards with Viscount Langford, his best friend’s father, and his guardian, when he loses. Not just loses, but loses big. Bourne loses everything. Langford purposely goaded Bourne and pushed him into wagering his holdings. Langford’s reasoning was that he’d been the one tending the lands and properties, he didn’t want to give it up to the young Marquess after all his hard work. Langford got greedy. So he pushed Bourne. And Bourne lost.

With nothing more than a shilling and the clothes on his back, Bourne becomes a self-made businessman, and one of the owners of the gaming hell Fallen Angel. Bourne is now worth easily triple what he lost, but he wants his property, his history, his legacy back. He’s spent a decade trying to buy, cheat or steal it all back. Then it is finally within his grasp.

Penelope, fondly referred to in Eleven Scandals as “the Grape,” was ruined after Leighton let her break their engagement. Not in that way, oh no. Her reputation may be pristine, but no one wants the girl who couldn’t keep Leighton, the Duke of Disdain. It forced two of her sisters’ marriages and has cast a shameful pall over her other sisters. In an ironic twist of fate, her father gains Bourne’s old lands, and adds it to her dowry. Bourne goes after his lands, and if Penelope, is in his way, so be it.

the letters at the beginning of each chapter are surprisingly well done and achingly bittersweet. Penelope and Bourne were childhood friends, borderline sweethearts, and I think that is the main reason this romance worked so well for me. Each letter is a glimpse into their relationship, and into how much he’s changed, until he no longer responds to her, then finally she no longer sends them.

Bourne purposely compromises Penelope, flaunts it in front of her father to force the marriage, because all he wants is his property. But one thing Penelope makes him realize is that he has never looked beyond getting his land and ruining Langford. What happens once he’s reached that goal? Will he be happy?

My favorite part of this book is when Bourne decides to court his wife. It’s a scene where Penelope is going ice skating with her sisters, and Bourne…changes. I felt that was his critical moment, the moment where if he didn’t do something he would lose her, and that was unacceptable, no matter what he’d said before.

I love Sarah MacLean’s voice and the characters she’s created. I rather liked the jerk of a hero, even though he was ridiculously rude to the heroine. But Bourne is supposed to be an ass. It makes it that much sweeter when he falls. When he falls for his wife, he doesn’t know how to keep her, he knows only that he’ll never let her go.

eARC courtesy of Avon via edelwiess

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Firelight by Kristen Callihan

4 Flames out of 5

This is a debut novel by Kristen Callihan and bravo to her! I’ve been becoming more obsessed with Steampunk these days, but I still love a good Paranormal Romance and this one delivered.

Miranda Ellis is a Victorian woman who’s family has fallen on hard times partly because of her father and partly because of her ‘gift’, she can start fires with just a thought. After causing a fire at her father’s warehouse she feels beholden to him and has become a thief in order to help them keep their heads above water.

Benjamin Archer is a man cursed and seeking an artifact that will save him. An artifact that Miranda’s father stole from Archer and may have lost at sea. Archer wants revenge, but on his way to kill Ellis he meets Miranda and can’t make this vibrant young woman an orphan so he leaves London only to return 3 years later a much, much, much richer man and determined to claim the woman who occupied his dreams ever since he met her.

Miranda dreams of leaving her current life one day but never imagines it will be because the Dread Lord Archer has decided he wants her hand in marriage. To her delight she discovers that beneath the mask he constantly wears (rumor is he is horribly disfigured) lies a warm, intelligent, witty and deeply sensual man. To her irritation she discovers that he never takes off his mask and is determined not to consummate their marriage no matter how much they both may want to.

Soon she learns that there are dark forces surrounding her husband. Rumors of rituals, secret societies, and old enemies that are now trying to frame Archer for a series of murders. To her horror Archer does nothing to try and disprove his guilt and to his horror Miranda is just as determined to find the person responsible and prove his innocence.

When she discovers that it’s not a deformity he’s hiding, but proof of his dying humanity in the achingly beautiful marble like texture his skin is taking on, she knows that it will take much more than some simple artifact to save his soul and that “thing” may be the very gift she possess. And she may very well have to kill them both in order to do so.

Callihan takes the time to really set up characters that are believable, plot, atmosphere, the list goes on. But the tension she builds up between these two was so hot I was skipping pages to see if they finally did anything more than tease each other. You know it’s good when I skip ahead because I’m one of those annoying people who has to read every single word, which means I have to read the good stuff twice since I have to go back and read what I missed :P

ePub version courtesy of NetGalley

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Contest and Guest Post

Take 5 authors, and give them the same story starter, and what do you get? A fabulous and intriguing anthology. Read on to find out how the same beginning can turn into 5 completely different stories. Don't forget to comment and leave your email for a chance to win an e-copy of It Happens at Midnight

Thanks Kelly and Laura for the invitation to share a little about our joint effort at short stories, IT HAPPENS AT MIDNIGHT.

“We” are the Pen Warriors: five intrepid writers who have joined forces for over a decade at writing retreats we affectionately call: The Red Door. In that time, between us we’ve produced over 30 books! (ok, we’ve never actually counted: But I have at least 10 on my own, so yes, we fight the good fight) :)

When the subject of a Pen Warriors anthology first came up, we had an interesting time coming up with an overarching theme or thread. Although we are all novelists, each of us has taken our fiction in unique directions. We decided that our five stories would all begin with the action taking place "down a dark street", with each Pen Warrior free to write in whatever genre she wished. It was fun reading the stories that emerged, and amusing that several of our "dark streets" misbehaved to the point where we had to re-title the anthology It Happens at Midnight.

This is how we each came up with our individual stories:

Bonnie Edwards on The Stone Heart:
I wanted something fast-paced and darker than any of my other books. I’ve written ghosts, (Midnight Confessions), love at first touch, (in Pure Sex), time-travel soul switches, (in Breathless) but never what some people would call “dark paranormal”. Give me a challenge and my inner warrior makes an appearance. Also, I love the idea of gypsy curses and figuring out how to break them. So, The Stone Heart has a deliberately darker twist that surprised even me.

EC Sheedy on Staying Cool:
I don't think there's ever one reason a writer writes a story; it always bubbles up from a stew of ideas and images. And in the case of IT HAPPENS AT MIDNIGHT, it seemed a natural extension of what five writers have been doing for years—getting together. Only this time, we rallied behind the cyber spine of an eBook. Naturally, because we're all snowflakes :-) our story choices were highly individualistic and would have made no sense at all to a NY publisher. What's the antho about, they'd ask, and our answer would be—a gargoyle, an apple, a caravan, a gate, and an Igor. Oh yeah, she'd be all over that!
In MIDNIGHT, I take credit for Igor in STAYING COOL, the second in a series of novelettes that began with the release of OVERKILL last year. The stories are centered around the shadowy Raven Force--a covert ops group of hard men and strong women doing good work in a dark and dangerous world, illegal arms dealing. A world in which falling in love is problematic in the extreme.

Vanessa Grant on The Broken Gate:
In The Broken Gate, my dark street morphed into a long country drive, and my protagonist, Jenny, took me into territory I hadn't previously explored in fiction. I think we all enjoyed the freedom this anthology gave us to take our stories where they wanted to go, and I hope you enjoy exploring our potpourri of women, men, truths and lies – with its occasional whiff of mystery and the paranormal.

Laura Tobias on The Trouble with Apples:
Present five authors with one story prompt and you’re guaranteed five very different tales. For me, the premise of a woman going down a dark road at midnight didn't conjure a road as much as a path, a path surrounded by trees. I knew the woman was hurrying to do something clandestine. Spy one someone? Too predictable, I decided. I soon realized Freya – that was her name – was charged with reconciling two estranged lovers. But why? And how would she do it? As I mulled, I remembered a fascinating conversation I’d had a few weeks earlier with a woman who breeds falcons . . . I thought about a comment from my aunt about having her coffee grounds read . . . and The Trouble With Apples began to take shape.

Gail Whitiker on The Last Fortune
A cynical fortune teller, a mysterious aristocrat, and a midnight meeting in a caravan set dangerously close to the edge of the woods. Not exactly the opening of a traditional Regency romance! But the wonderful thing about contributing to an anthology like It Happens at Midnight is that it gives you a chance to step outside your usual genre. As a group, we decided that the theme for the anthology would be “dark and dangerous”, and as an author, I welcomed the opportunity of adding suspense to a short historical set in the mid 1800’s. But even I didn’t realise how dark The Last Fortune was going to be.

We all hope readers enjoy all of the stories in this diverse collection from the Pen Warriors! It Happens at Midnight is now live on Amazon in Kindle format, and of course, we had a great time creating our baby!

Also, we’re very pleased to offer one lucky commenter a copy of It Happens at Midnight in either mobi or e-pub format.

For more information on The Pen Warriors you can check us out at our blog:

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It Happens at Midnight by Bonnie Edwards

It Happens at MidnightIt Happens at Midnight by Bonnie Edwards

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

This book has 5 short stories and I tore through them. Please stay tuned, later this week, we'll have a guest post and giveaway of this anthology, and you really don't want to miss it!

The Stone Heart by Bonnie Edwards- We need more gargoyles, and more gypsy curses. I’m absolutely convinced that they are under-used in paranormal romances. This story also has a really unique twist on it that made me want more. Beginning with a sexy game of hide-and-seek, and ending with a broken curse, you’ll have to find out if love really does conquer all?

The Broken Gate by Vanessa Grant- This story has a very sad story with a bittersweet ending, and I think I was a bit shocked that such a short story was able to move me as much as this one did. I caught myself trying to read ahead to find out what happened. But the haunting story will resonate with the reader, making you want that happy ending. But you may not get it.

Staying Cool by E.C. Sheedy- This one will shock you with what the heroine is planning on doing, and surprise you that the hero is a gentleman at heart. This was a romantic suspense that had a great hero. This is also the only non-paranormal romance in the book.

The Trouble with Apples by Laura Tobias- This one was not what I thought it would be-imagine Adam and Eve must work together in a new incarnation, but the reader doesn't know that until the end. I should have picked up on the hints, but missed all of them. It was a cool fun story.

The Last Fortune by Gail Whitaker- This one was about was about a Gypsy charlatan who is pursued by a man wanting vengeance. This one's Historical PNR and it had a pretty good mystery. When you bargain with the devil, you never win. I think it was my favorite in the book, and I’d love to see that one continued into a series.

Absolutely a fast and intense book, although I wanted the stories to be longer. :)

This book is also free for all Kindle Prime members.

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***thank you to the Pen Warriors for the review copy.

Winners of the Escape to Romance Event

Escape to Romance WINNERS!

I can't believe the event is over and we have so many great prizes to award.

Here are the lucky winners:

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$30 Amazon gift card
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Donna Simmonds

I've sent out emails to confirm your participation in this event. Upon reply, you prizes will be sent to you.
Thank you for participating.

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Escape to Romance with CR Moss & RM Sotera

Today's final day of Escape to Romance Event bring us two wonderful authors:
CR Moss & RM Sotera
Both authors will be stopping by to chat with us here at 4PM PST tonight.

New from RM Sotera 
Cassadaga Moon ~ A Siren Erotic Romance
     In the quaint town of Cassadaga, Florida, life isn’t quite what it seems. For the strictly raised Catholic Mia Christini, life is nothing like it seems. There are only three things Mia is sure of—her best friend Cindi might just be crazy, her boss is losing control, and morals are overrated.
     Weary of existing by a moral compass, she is ready and waiting for a one-night stand. She’s twenty something, and it’s about time. When Jordan De L’croix sets his sights on her, she finds out that her integrity isn't the only thing she needs to worry about, especially from a man who gets, or takes, what he wants with ease.
     And what he craves isn't just her virginity. He craves her blood, redemption, and true love.
Contemporary Erotic Romance ~ Note: Hero and heroine involved in acts of vampirism. / Buy it here: Siren Bookstrand Author Page

New from C.R. Moss 
Sunset Desires ~ A 1NS story from Decadent Publishing
A blind date. A hot tropical evening. She’ll be someone he can’t forget. He’ll fulfill her ultimate fantasy.
Gwendolyn Tramonto is stunned to learn her cousin set her up with sex on the beach and it’s not the drink. But after a several year dry spell of no relationships, no dates…no sex, Gwen decides to take her cousin up on her offer and go out on the blind date. For once, she’d like to indulge in a fantasy, be wined and dined instead of the other way around, and if she and the man ended up in bed together, that would be a nice bonus.
Evan Cadell is looking forward to the date his uncle arranged for him through an exclusive matchmaking service and taking a one night break from work, life and all its demands. From Gwen’s profile, Evan knows what her fantasy is and believes he’s the man who can make it come true. But will one night in paradise be enough to satisfy their desires?
Genre: Contemporary, erotic romance, chick-lit / Buy it here

From the writing team of C.R. Moss & RM Sotera!

Wild West Weekend ~ A Double D Ranch book from Evernight Publishing

Two people scared to love again. Two others hesitant about commitment. A weekend in Nevada will change all that.
Bristol Ashcombe is swearing off men and taking a vacation with her friend, Cassie. Damon Dougan is packed and ready to leave the ranch for a trip, that is, until a long-legged, sexy woman steps out of a vehicle and he decides to stay. Will one sex-filled weekend be enough for either of them?
Cassie Harding travels to the Double D ranch to meet Bristol and looks forward to seeing her old friend, Dakota. Dak’s excited when Cassie, his former sweetheart, returns. Cassie and Dakota, though they’re heating up ‘the sheets’ in and out of the bedroom, have fears about commitment after years of being single. Will they find it’s better to dance together than apart?
Be Warned: light bdsm, sex toys.
Genre: Contemporary Western Erotic Romance / Buy it here

Bio for RM Sotera ~
RM Sotera is a romance vixen stuck in the body of a prim and proper woman. A transplant to Las Vegas, by day she is a wife, mom, taxi driver, counselor, and psychologist to her wild and, at times, crazy friends. But when the family goes to bed and the house is dark, she seeks refuge in her office where her deepest desires take hold. And…ultimately a story is born. Read a story by RM Sotera ~Where Happily Ever After Is Just The Beginning~
RM is currently working on the next book in the Stiletto Sanction series – Vegas Moon.
In the meantime, you can find her here:
Amazon Author Page
Siren Bookstrand Author Page
Vice President - Las Vegas Romance Writers
Double D Ranch Tales

Bio for C.R. Moss ~
An eccentric and eclectic writer, C.R. Moss pens stories for the mainstream and erotic markets, giving readers Worlds of Possibilities. For more about the woman behind the keyboard, visit:

Today's giveaway is International.

CR Moss is donating an Ebook copy of Sunset Desires
Remember these are erotica, no one under 18 can enter to win this giveaway.

Rules to enter:
You must "LIKE" DemonLover's FB Page & so I know you visited the page,
leave a special message on the Wall.
What is the kinkiest place you've had sex?
(don't worry, just name the place... something like.. "airport bathroom"...No one will know what the heck we are posting about! LOL)

Contests end at Midnight.

Winner of all giveaways held this week on DemonLover's books and Got Fiction and the GRAND prize will be announced on Sunday, February 19th.

 There are 2 giveaways that run the entire event, The RomCon Registration and 
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Escape to Romance with Shannon K. Butcher

Welcome to Escape to Romance, hosted by myself, DemonLover of Demon Lover's Books and More and Book Savvy Babe. Since it's a week of love, we are celebrating romance with the Escape to Romance event. We have so much going on this week, from author visits, interviews, and chats, to romance discussions, and lots of awesome giveaways and prizes! The more you participate, the more chances you have to win! Our grand prize of the event is a RomCon Registration Ticket! If you can't make RomCon 2012, or you are international, don't worry, you can win a $30 to Amazon or The Book Depository!

Please welcome Shannon K. Butcher
A lot of authors knew they wanted to write books from the time they were little. Their heads were full of fanciful stories that they yearned to commit to paper with a passion that only grew as they did. They spent hours reading fiction, voraciously absorbing every
kind of story they could get their hands on.

Shannon was not one of them.

When she was little, she wanted to be a daddy. When she learned the anatomical improbability of that happening, she decided instead to become what her dad was: an Industrial Engineer. So that’s what she did. She never once changed majors or veered from her path. After she graduated, she went to work for a big telecom company earning a steady paycheck while her husband pursued his dream to become a published author.

For those of you who might not know, Shannon's husband is Jim Butcher, fantasy and sci-fi author extraordinaire. She learned to write in an effort to help him improve his own work and as soon as she discovered that writing was more a learned skill than a natural talent she knew she had to give it a try. She couldn’t resist the challenge of taking the pieces of a story apart and putting them back together again. It’s the kind of puzzle that made her want to be an engineer to begin with – to learn how things work and why. She thought she’d write the same kind of thing Jim did, but then she picked up her first romance in 1998 and was hooked. Somehow, stories about how two people come to love each other made everything else seem shallow in comparison. Maybe it was just her hormones talking, but whatever it was, it was loud, so she listened and she started writing romances. She wrote great heaping piles of skillfulness – like most new writers – but eventually her work sucked less and hopefully that trend will continue as she learns more. Heaven knows she have a great teacher. (Thanks, Jim.)
A family of geeks to the core, the Butchers live in Independence, Missouri, with their son and a dog who is only one four-foot stick away from being a dust mop.

I asked Shannon about her experiences at the RomCon convention, she said:
“RomCon was great fun! It was small enough to have an intimate feel, while large enough to have something for all romance readers. I loved that there was plenty of time to sit and chat with folks and get to know them over the weekend. I met a lot of new friends there!”
(Shannon & DemonLover from RomCon 2010)

Give the readers a tidbit about my favorite series of yours, The Sentinel Wars:
They are the Sentinels. Three races, ancient guardians of mankind, each possessing unique abilities to protect humanity against their eternal foes: the Synestryn. Now, for one Sentinel, the only way to reclaim her forgotten past is to follow the blood.”

What can you tell s about your upcoming book release?
Upcoming book synopsis: Jackie Patton has been rescued by the Theronai from her captivity and torture at the hands of the Synestryn. All she wants is to be left alone, but that isn’t possible -- not when she’s a potential match for the Theronai warriors who need a woman to literally save their lives.
Forced to choose, she unexpectedly selects Iain, a cold-hearted warrior who doesn’t want to be saved. Iain is convinced that it’s too late for him -- that his soul is already as dead as his former betrothed, killed by the Synestryn. Still, he is the only man Jackie feels a measure of peace around, the only one she wants. But is Iain indeed beyond saving?

Due to be released in 2012, Dying Wish, is book six of The Sentinel Wars and follows the novella called Bound by Vengeance.

Do you have a favorite Romance novel?
Unfortunately, no, I don't really have a favorite all-time romance novel. I do have a long list of authors that I loves to read, including JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lori Foster, Shannon McKenna and Lora Leigh, just to name a few.

Today Shannon is kind enough offer a copy BLOOD HUNT from the Sentinel Wars Series
Contest Rules
Comment below asking Shannon a question.
Leave your email addy.
You must be a GFC or RSS follower of one of the participating sites:
DemonLover's , Book Savvy Babe or Got Fiction to enter this giveaway.
The contest is for US/CAN residents only.

Want to know more about this series? 
Join DemonLover & Shannon K Butcher for a Chat.
Ask questions, follow along or just hang out.

Chat has been changed to here on the blog. Ask a question in the comments, she's here to answer.

Chat will be TODAY from 6-7PM PST.
Can't join the chat? Then leave a question for Shannon in the Comment section at the end of this post.

The giveaways for this event will vary every day. There are 2 giveaways that run the entire event, 
The RomCon Registration and a $30 GiftCard to Amazon or $30 worth of books of your choice from the Book Depository. 
These giveaways have daily entries, as well as a few main entries. So each day you comment on a post or tweet about the contest, you get an extra entry. We want readers to be engaged in the event all week, so the more you participate, the more chances you have to win. Be sure to check back each day! Enter now in the rafflecopter forms below (1 is for the RomCon ticket and 1 is for the GiftCard)

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Escape to Romance with Shana Abe

Welcome to Escape to Romance, hosted by myself, DemonLover of Demon Lover's Books and More and Book Savvy Babe. Since it's a week of love, we are celebrating romance with the Escape to Romance event. We have so much going on this week, from author visits, interviews, and chats, to romance discussions, and lots of awesome giveaways and prizes! The more you participate, the more chances you have to win! Our grand prize of the event is a RomCon Registration Ticket! If you can't make RomCon, or you are international, don't worry, you can win a $30 to Amazon or The Book Depository!

Today we welcome author Shana Abe

Shana Abé is the award-winning, bestselling author of thirteen novels, including the internationally acclaimed Drákon Series. Her next book, THE SWEETEST DARK, begins a new chapter in the series, set in the elegance and looming danger of 1915 England.
Find more about Shana @ her website

What would this week of Romance be without a little Fantasy!

Shana had a little bit to share with us...
Once upon a time, not too very long ago, I had dinner with an older couple, friends of my parents, because we were all in town at once. But at the last minute my folks couldn't make it, so it was just me and these sweet, baffled people who cooked for me (lovely Italian), lectured me (oooh, you're divorced! tsk!), and finally flat-out said over dessert, “You write about dragons? Isn't that weird? Don't you think that's just...weird?”
     Um—no. I don't.
     I guess people who wallow about in the muck of practical life will never understand how wonderful it is to indulge in the possibility of imagination. And no offense to them: they're the folks who are really good at the stuff I hate, like drawing straight lines and planning out highway interchanges and balancing checkbooks so you're never, ever overdrawn. Kudos to them.
     I write about dragons because they're cool. I made them gorgeous shapeshifters, so that they could Turn from human to smoke to dragon, because that's even cooler.
     I made them endangered, because it fit so neatly into the European mythology of knights hunting them to death—and because it meant they'd have to learn to hide amid humanity to survive. Conflict!
     I gave them glitter and glamour and set my entire first series in the eighteenth century, because I loved the notion of these feral, beautiful creatures forced to live behind human faces, in human bodies, wearing powdered wigs and corsets and satin and silk.
     I think it worked out pretty well! It's so easy to tell when an author is passionate about the story, and I definitely felt passion for every one of these tales. It's one of the reasons that I decided to continue with the drákon but to skip ahead in time: long before “Downton Abbey” hit the airwaves, I was proposing the story that would become my next novel, The Sweetest Dark. It was a tough sell at first; few people thought the Edwardian period would be popular. But my dream bloomed on. Even when I didn't think I'd be able to sell it, I kept writing it. It burned inside me and needed to come out.
     And now, happily, The Sweetest Dark is being released this summer by Ballantine. I have a new, kick-ass heroine named Eleanore who has not one but two magical suitors, and I'm totally excited to see what happens next.
     So! Hooray for us, all of us who believe in magic (or at least would like to), who stare out windows while lost in daydreams, who don't think dragons are any weirder than fairies or vampires or witches or werewolves or angels or even true love....
     We're the dreamers. With us, all things are possible.
     And that's not weird at all.

Shana is kind enough to offer a couple of her books for today's extra Giveaway.
She's donating her latest two books in the Drákon Series, 


The Treasure KeeperThe Treasure Keeper
How do you win your copy?
Well, Shana has provided 2 questions for you to answer 
in the comment section below.

Which do you prefer: books that make you think, or books that make you feel?

What's a good comeback to people who accidentally insult you? lol.

This giveaway is offered for US/CAN residents only.
You must be a GFC follower of this site or RSS subscriber. 
Please comment below and include your email addy & make sure you tell us which book you prefer.
2 lucky winners will get one of Shana's novels.
This offer ends at midnight February 15th.
Winner's will be posted on the last day of the event, 02/17/2012

The giveaways for this event will vary every day. There are 2 giveaways that run the entire event, The RomCon Registration and a $30 GiftCard to Amazon or $30 worth of books of your choice from the Book Depository.  
These giveaways have daily entries, as well as a few main entries. So each day you comment on a post or tweet about the contest, you get an extra entry. We want readers to be engaged in the event all week, so the more you participate, the more chances you have to win. Be sure to check back each day! Enter now in the rafflecopter forms below (1 is for the RomCon ticket and 1 is for the GiftCard)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Escape to Romance w/ Brenda Novak

Happy Valentines Day!
There's no better way to spend it then with 
Best Selling author of Romantic Suspense 
If you aren't familiar with Brenda's work, her books are just a fraction as lovely as she is as a person.
I've had the pleasure of interviewing and meeting her on a few occasions.

Find all her books @
and her Auction for Diabetes research on her website:

Here's my interview from RT convention last year.

Brenda says the one question she gets most often as a published author is: 
Where do you get your ideas?

When I first started writing I had THE GREAT IDEA. It was based almost entirely on a title that popped into my head one day—OF NOBLE BIRTH. This title lent itself to a very specific theme: whether one is noble or not depends on the heart and not the pedigree. That was the message I wanted to deliver, and I knew the best backdrop for a story with such a message would be a historical setting where the caste system was firmly in place, so I decided that my book would be a historical romance set in Victorian times. 

The idea for my first novel lived with me for five years while I added two more children to my family, researched the time period, taught myself the craft of storytelling and created characters that would be interesting enough to help convey my theme (the hero was born to a rich duke who rejects him because he's imperfect--he has only part of one arm). You’ve probably never heard of my first book, so you’ve already guessed that OF NOBLE BIRTH did not become the next GONE WITH THE WIND. LOL But I did get lucky enough to sell the first manuscript I’d ever even attempted, which isn’t all that common, and the publisher let me keep my precious title from which all else had sprung (publishers often change a manuscript’s title to something they feel is more marketable). 

As exciting as that was, however, I soon realize it was NOT the only idea I would ever need if I wanted to make my living as a published author. In order to build my career, I needed to write another story, and another, and another. In other words, I had to develop my imagination and turn it into a deep well of ideas from which I could draw time and again.

I didn’t know how I was going to do this but, fortunately, our brains are very adaptable. The more I demanded that my imagination deliver IDEA NUMBER 2, the harder it began to search. Before long, my mind turned into a “sifter.” It sifted through everything that came my way, every conversation I overheard, every funny anecdote I was told, every movie I saw, every newspaper article I read, every true crime show I puzzled over until I could pull an attitude from one character I’d come to know via a TV show, mix it with a situation my mother had mentioned the week before last, throw in some of my personal experience and…I was off and typing.

Some days, I still fear I will run out of ideas. For a time, while writing my last project (a romantic suspense trilogy--INSIDE, IN SECONDS & IN CLOSE), I couldn't come up with what I wanted to do next. My publisher kept gently nudging me to give them information about the stories I planned to write for 2012 so they could get started on the covers, but I had no clue what to tell them. I thought my sifter had failed me after forty books. But just about the time I finished IN CLOSE, I decided I was ready to change things up. I wanted to return to the small town romances I had been writing in the beginning of my career. As soon as that became clear, I was suddenly able to write FIVE short synopses, all for a small town contemporary series set in the fictional town of Whiskey Creek (in the heart of Gold Country, which isn't far from where I live). I thought I'd changed gears completely--but then the idea for a whole new suspense series came to me, too, and suddenly I was more stocked up with story ideas than ever before.
Now for the time to spin all them into finished books.... 

Today Brenda is kind enough to offer the Perfect Couple to 2 lucky readers...
Isn't that romantic?
The Perfect LiarThe Perfect Murder
In order to win one of these great books, just answer one of Brenda's questions in the comment section at the end of the post. 
Don't forget to leave me your email so we can contact the winner!
This Giveaway is US/CAN only please.

Here's what Brenda asked her readers:

Do you mind when authors change genres? 

How do you think they can write different kinds of stories and still be
true to what you've grown to love about them? 


The giveaways for this event will vary every day. There are 2 giveaways that run the entire event, The RomCon Registration and a $30 GiftCard to Amazon or $30 worth of books of your choice from the Book Depository.  
These giveaways have daily entries, as well as a few main entries. So each day you comment on a post or tweet about the contest, you get an extra entry. We want readers to be engaged in the event all week, so the more you participate, the more chances you have to win. Be sure to check back each day! Enter now in the rafflecopter forms below (1 is for the RomCon ticket and 1 is for the GiftCard)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, February 13, 2012

Escape to Romance with Melissa Mayhue

Welcome to Escape to Romance, hosted by myself, DemonLover of Demon Lover's Books and More and Book Savvy Babe. Since it's a week of love, we are celebrating romance with the Escape to Romance event. We have so much going on this week, from author visits, interviews, and chats, to romance discussions, and lots of awesome giveaways and prizes! The more you participate, the more chances you have to win! Our grand prize of the event is a RomCon Registration Ticket! If you can't make RomCon, or you are international, don't worry, you can win a $30 to Amazon or The Book Depository!

Please welcome today's guest author:

Melissa was kind enough to say a few words about RomCon and her experiences...

I Can Hardly Wait!

June will mark the third RomCon conference...and my third time to attend.  Last year I enjoyed myself SO much!  I met so many people who share my love for reading and for reading Romance novels in particular.  What could be better?  I’m already feeling that pit-of-the-stomach excitement build for this year!

Two events in particular are ones I’m really excited about this year.  The first is Deeanne Gist’s Titanic Tea Party.  After getting the opportunity to participate in her historical fashion show last year, I was reminded of how much I always loved playing ‘dress-ups’ when I was a little girl.  Apparently, I haven’t grown up all that much!  When the Titanic Tea Party opportunity presented itself, I was front and center with my “Pick me! Pick me!”  I’m even making my own dress!  [We’ll see how that turns out, won’t we???]  J  It sounds like it’s going to be so much fun!  

The second is the Highlander Event... which looks like it just might be a Scavenger Hunt sending the participants through plenty of wonderful Highlander stories.  And considering how much I love a story about a strong, hunky Highlander, this should be right up my alley!
Of course, the very best part of RomCon every year is the people I get to meet and spend time with.  This event has allowed me to meet people from all across the country and bond over our shared love of books.  This year I feel like I’m waiting for a reunion of old friends… and I can hardly wait!

If you love your romance books and you’re looking for one really fun weekend immersing yourself in those books, this is the place for you.  I’d love to see you there.  Stop me, say ‘hi’ and let’s talk stories... I’m always looking to add to my list of friends I can’t wait to see again NEXT year!!

~ Melissa

I, myself, can't wait to see Melissa this year at RomCon2012. For those of you that can't make the convention, be sure to check out Melissa's books.

Melissa has a reputation for turning out some steamy Highland stories in her Daughter's of the Glen series. but recently she's added a spin off series and the first book released last month.

MALCOLM MacDOWYLT sees himself a failed warrior, haunted by the death of the woman he married to become laird of Clan MacGahan.   Neither his Viking heritage nor his claim to descend from Norse gods can restore his confidence in his ability to protect his people.  His sister is held captive, her life in jeopardy and his Magically powerful half brother wants him dead.  The last thing he needs is more responsibility, but that’s exactly what he gets when his Faerie mother-in-law arrives seeking justice for her daughter in the form of an enticing woman from seven hundred years in the future.
DANIELLE DEARMON has waited fifteen years to discover the life she is supposed to live.  She just never dreamed she’d end up in the thirteenth century with a handsome Scot bent on saving everyone but himself.
With the lives of those most dear to him hanging in the balance, Malcolm sets out to battle a powerful evil magic, only to learn that the redemption he seeks exists in the arms of the woman he loves.

Have any questions for Melissa?
 Comment below, ask Melissa a question and be entered to win a signed copy of 
(This giveaway is for US/CAN only)
Melissa will be stopping by today from 4:00-5:00 PM PST
So get those questions ready!

Be sure to tweet about this great event #Escape2RomCom

You can still get a Highlander book if you live Internationally,
Just head over to GotFiction and check out the WHY WE LOVE HIGHLANDERS post 
to enter and win a copy of HIGHLAND DESTINY
by Laura Hunsaker

Or a print copy of Donna Grant's SHADOW HIGHLANDER
for US/Canada residents

The giveaways for this event will vary every day. There are 2 giveaways that run the entire event, The RomCon Registration and a $30 GiftCard to Amazon or $30 worth of books of your choice from the Book Depository. 
These giveaways have daily entries, as well as a few main entries. So each day you comment on a post or tweet about the contest, you get an extra entry. We want readers to be engaged in the event all week, so the more you participate, the more chances you have to win. Be sure to check back each day! Enter now in the rafflecopter forms below (1 is for the RomCon ticket and 1 is for the GiftCard)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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