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Jennifer Ashley: Clash of the Highlanders

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As everyone knows, I am such a Highlander Hussy! The maidens at Under the Covers book blog and I decided to share our love of all things kilted with you. What better way to do this, than to bring in the Mackenzie Men from the Jennifer Ashley series Highland Pleasures. Wow, what a great series name, am I right?

Read my review of The Duke's Perfect Wife

Today, Suzanne and I battle out our love of 2 of these Mackenzie men. Suzanne says Ian from The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie is the best. Over here at Demon Lover's, we disagree. We think Hart from her newest book The Duke's Perfect Wife (due out April 3) is the sexiest, the studliest, the best looking in a kilt...

So, for your reading pleasure, we're going to allow you all to agree or disagree with us! And the best part? You are commenting for a chance to win either Hart's book, or Ian's book. (Courtesy of the lovely Jennifer Ashley--who will provide the winner an ebook if you are international)

Highland Hussy: No way is Ian the best, I am all about Hart. This man knows how to play naughty in the bedroom but keep it nice during the day. Known for his sexual appetites, Hart’s reputation is well-deserved. That man could blindfold me and tie me up any day! His recent years of celibacy would be at an end, if I’d met him before Eleanor. But alas, she was his former fiancĂ©e, and true love. I know where his heart lies.
He looks best in a kilt, hellooo sexy man calves, and he is definitely the best looking Mackenzie brother. He may be eldest, but those fine lines merely add distinction to his handsome and rugged good looks.
Hart’s main goal may be to become Prime Minister, but learning to love Eleanor is beautiful to watch. Hart not only has to learn to love, he learns how to accept love. When Hart sees that his end game has changed, and that maybe he’s okay with that, he realizes that love is more important-It’s so much more fulfilling to love and be loved. And when you read about Hart, you’ll fall for him, just as I have.

And the Lovely Suzanne has to say:

Pfft, Hart may have learnt the importance of love, but he still doesn't compare to Ian. Beth brings out the best in him, a man who finds it impossible to express emotion finally finds his way. And when he is with his son *dreamy sigh* who could not love a gorgeous man with a cute little boy he clearly adores? It is like seeing a hotty cuddling a puppy; impossible to resist!

I think I will end this with a quote from Ian to demonstrate my point:

“Have I told you today that I love you?” he asked.
“A few dozen times. Not that I mind.” As a young woman who’d been starved for love much of her life, Beth lapped up Ian’s generous outpouring of the words. He’d surprise her with them, catching her as she walked down the hall, pushing her up against a wall, breathing, “I love you.” Or he’d tickle her awake and tell her while she tried to hit him with a pillow. The best was when he lay against her in the dark, fingers tracing her body. She treasured his whispered, “I love you.”

*dreamy sigh*

p.s. Ian also looks best in a kilt!

Now go on over to Under the Covers and see what else Suzanne and I have to say about these Mackenzie men.
Comment on each site's post, be entered to win, easy peasy, right? And don't forget to let us know who your favorite Highlander is.


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The Duke's Perfect Wife by Jennifer Ashley

Tomorrow, we have a treat for you! The Maidens at Under the Covers book blog are posting why Ian Mackenzie is the best of the Mackenzie brothers. Over here, I will be posting why Hart Mackenzie is the best. Please stop by our Highlander Mash-up for a chance to win a either a signed copy of Hart's book here, or a signed copy of Ian's book at Under the Covers. Ms. Ashley has generously offered to send the winner an e-copy if you don't want the paperback, or if you are international.

The Duke's Perfect Wife (Highland Pleasures, #4)The Duke's Perfect Wife by Jennifer Ashley

My rating: 4.5 of 5 flames

“Hart Mackenzie. It was said he knew every pleasure a woman desired and exactly how to give it to her. Hart wouldn't ask what the lady wanted, and she might not even know herself, but she would understand once he'd finished. And she'd want it again."

Thus begins the smokin' first paragraph of The Duke's Perfect Wife.

I’ve wanted Hart’s story since I first saw him in The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie. He was such an ass to Beth, yet, his love for his brothers, especially Ian, was so obvious. Hart seemed driven. He acted as if the fate of the world rested on his broad shoulders. And to him? Maybe it did.

When The Duke's Perfect Wife opens, Lady Eleanor Ramsey is pushing her way through a crowd of journalists to get to Hart. When she has him alone, she propositions him. And no, not in that way. She asks him for a job. This is my favorite thing about Eleanor. She may tend to babble, but she is also very direct. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything and she is a very capable woman. What a patient and caring woman Eleanor is. Hart just bulldozes over people to get his way, and El quietly sidesteps him every time. Eleanor is good for Hart, I only wish Hart had trusted her a bit more. The backstory between the two is finally brought to light, and I was surprised at how emotionally vested in their romance I became.

Eleanor is in possession of several photographs of Hart. This wouldn’t be so unusual, except that hart is nude in all of them. Someone has been sending them to her, and she can’t resist the chance to uncover the mystery (which by the way, was a great mystery!). But that means, she is uncovering more and more about Hart, as well.

Hart has been planning his life out down to the second. He knows what he’ll do, and where he’ll be 1 year from now, 5 years from now, you get the idea. Having Eleanor sitting across from him in his carriage, telling him he will give her a job, actually fits with his plan. He wants El for his wife, he always has. He blew it with her when they were young, and now that he has her in his life once more? He won’t let go.

This poignant quote was from Mac to Hart, warning him not to hurt Eleanor again.

“We're Mackenzies," Mac said, his gaze steady. "Remember that we break what we touch." He jabbed a finger at Hart, "Don't break this one."

One thing I wish we had seen more of was Hart’s penchant for “unusual proclivities,” because it was such a huge part of who he was. What we did see, though, was how hard it was for Hart to share that side of himself with Eleanor. It wasn’t easy for him, and even Ian seemed to understand Hart better than he understood himself. In fact, Ian was in this one quite a bit, and not only did he diffuse a tense situation merely by being Ian, but he stole every scene. He is the one who kept telling Hart to let Eleanor see every side of him.

I love how this series has such a different feel to it from Jennifer Ashley's other books, even compared to her other Historical Romances. The language, the words, the way they speak, it's all such a seductive world, you’ll get swept away, just as I did.

***Thank you to the author for the ARC

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True Colors by Thea Harrison

True Colors (Elder Races #3.5)True Colors by Thea Harrison

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

You know what's really cool about this story? The heroine is a rainbow chameleon. It seems that most shifter paranormals have predators only-wolves, dragons, big cats, etc. Sometimes it's neat to have a bit more diversity.

I loved the hero, but I've noticed Ms. Harrison has a tendency of writing great heroes.

The heroine is sweet and shy, and in a whole lot of danger without even realizing it. Her best friend is murdered and Alice finds the body. A wyr cop is there but he's just so...big. Alice is afraid the killer has come back and that he'll find her. She has no idea the man in her friend's room is really one of the good guys. But one thing she does know? He's her mate. And she is scared out of her mind about that.

It took a lot of patience to win his mate, but Gideon went about it in a very interesting way. He was observant. He stays with her at her apartment that night, and he watches her, he does his best to appear non-threatening, and he puts her at ease. Meanwhile, shy Alice begins to trust her instincts about this man, and she relaxes around him.

I really loved this story. It was sweet, it was steamy, and it had a bit of a romantic suspense vibe.

I have to mention the tarot deck, though, since it seems to have a life of its own. I don't think we've seen the last of those cards.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Slayer by Theresa Meyers

The SlayerThe Slayer by Theresa Meyers

My rating: 3.5 of 5 flames

Opening with a payroll coach robbery and ending with a demon getting his butt kicked, this novel has it all. The Slayer is book 2 in a Western Steampunk plus vampires, shifters, and demons my attention, that’s for sure.

With the Jackson brothers, Remington, Colt and Winchester (I just LOVE the gun names for the brothers) each searching for a part of a book that had been separated into thirds, we enter into Winn’s book. The steamcoach is held up, and out steps a beautiful lady. Winn’s only complaint is that she’s also a vampire.

Winn comes from a line of Slayers, or Hunters. He and his brothers are the Chosen, even if Winn doesn’t want to admit it. The vampires have come for his help, which is unusual for a couple reasons. One, the vampires live in Transylvania. Two, Winn doesn’t help Darkin, he hunts them. And three, there are plenty of Hunters in Europe, why come all the way to America, to the Wild West, to find him? What is it they really want from him?

The author is very descriptive, and it’s easy to picture the landscape, the characters, the setting, as evidenced by adding in the newly completed Brooklyn Bridge (nice touch!) I had a harder time picturing some of the Steampunk gadgetry. Unfortunately the Steampunk aspect wasn’t utilized to its fullest potential, in my opinion. I'm sad to say that I feel we could take out all Steampunk aspects from this book and you wouldn't notice. It's like, "add an airship and goggles and your PNR becomes instant Steampunk." It's a fantastic plot, but I want more than a few gadgets thrown in here and there.

That being said, I did buy the first book in this series so I can find out all about Colt and Lilly. I really enjoy the author’s voice and writing style, and I will definitely be reading the next book.

This is a quote I really liked because I feel it really described Winn, the hero (who I totally pictured as Kurt Russell from Wyatt Earp—so hot).

“Why is it you prefer to operate behind the curtains?”

He tugged at the edge of his mustache. “When you live life in the shadows, the spotlight’s a shade too bright for comfort.”

***thanks to Kensington for the ARC

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Book Review: Run From Fear by Jami Alden

2.5 out of 5 flames

Honestly, I didn’t give it a low rating because it was a bad book, but mostly because I got so frustrated with the characters.

Talia and her sister Rosario live in Northern California now and despite the fact that her past should be just that, Talia still can’t live a normal life. In Seattle she had put herself in a lot of danger by mixing with a bad group of individuals and had found herself at the hands of a murderer. She escaped, got her sister put in a group of safe houses, helped put the bad guys away, and finally is trying to put her life back together. Then the man who had saved her shows up in the upscale bar/restaurant she works for and tells her one of the people who she helped put away is out again. Then she starts to receive trinkets that relate back to her attack, and it becomes clear someone wants to finish what was started.

I get she’s got a lot of baggage. If you’d been raped and tortured at the hands of some maniac you’d have issues. I get that she is attracted to and repulsed by Jack, the guy who saved her, because he saw her like that and there’s a lot of vulnerability that comes with that. I get that finding out he’s been keeping tabs on you and paying for things (like Rosie’s tuition under a “scholarship”) can make you feel like you’re back in the same situation you were before (her old boyfriend, whose brother was had done those awful things to her, had been a “business” man who had controlled her with money and was possessive). I get all that…but there’s just something about the way Talia handles it that rings false.

For instance, if you are really so afraid that you have a safe/panic room in your house, why the hell wouldn’t you have changed your name and gone under witness protection? The only family she has is her sister, so take sis with you and disappear. Especially if your real name and picture has been in newspapers and on TV all over the upper West Coast.

There’s also something about Jack that makes him come off as weak in character rather than some hero, even a flawed hero.

It’s saying something when you find the moments inside the killer’s head more exciting than the moments with your protagonists, and that’s what kept me reading. The suspense was built up well, the story moves at a good pace, the end was pretty exciting. I think I’ve just gotten to the point where I’m getting really sick and tired of these “I’m doing it on my own” females who are in mortal danger and have no training (I’m sorry learning to box does not count) purposefully putting themselves in harms way. If someone is trying to kill you keep the security expert around, I don’t care how much he annoys you. Don’t complain about people tailing your a** if it’s saving your a**. Seriously!

Maybe if I hadn’t read a few books in this vein back to back I could’ve been more tolerant but I doubt it.

However, after all that it was still something I enjoyed reading even if it was a bit frustrating. But I’d read it mostly for the suspense and not for any romance aspects.

**ePub Review provided by Grand Central Publishing (a part of Hatchette Book Group) via NetGalley**

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Bear Meets Girl by Shelly Laurenston

Bear Meets Girl (Pride, #7)Bear Meets Girl by Shelly Laurenston

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

This is a fun, fast and funny book. This whole series is like that, though; full of fun and great banter.

Lou Crushek is an undercover cop when he gets transferred from NYPD to the shifter division. Crush’s cover has been blown by his former foster mother Peg, who conveniently runs BCP. Crush hates change. It makes him cranky.

Cella is the loud-mouthed KZS operative who also plays professional hockey for the Carnivores. They call her “Bare Knuckles Malone” since she is such a brawler. When she wakes up on top of the grumpy but cute polar bear shifter Crush, she plays with him a little. Crush had one too many Jello shots and woke up with a naked feline shifter who won’t keep her paws to herself.

The attraction, the banter and the romance are so fun and sweet. I liked that they didn’t kiss until about halfway through the book because it was right in keeping with their characters and their slow build up. In fact, I don’t think I could have asked for anything more from these characters-they were so completely different from each other and yet they worked so well together!

I think the suspense plot was awesome, but under-used. I felt like it was completely put on the backburner. The BCP, the KZS, and the Group are all working together on a mission, when the BCP goes crazy shooting at them. Peg is after the guys who are hunting their kind for sport, KZS and the Group are just getting wind of this, and they are not happy, to say the least. Humans hunting shifters? Absolutely unacceptable. There were a few good action scenes and a good fight, but really, that was it. It’s like this part of the plot was only used when it was convenient, rather than being utilized throughout the book. There’s a small part with a human who helps rescue a lion shifter that I really hope becomes the next book, because I think those two are gonna make sparks fly off the pages.

On the whole, this is my favorite in Shelly Laurenston’s Pride series and absolutely a book you should read when you’re alone or when no one around you is asleep. I found out the hard way, there were so many parts that I laughed at, and giggled at, and quietly made awful choking noises because I couldn't laugh out loud for fear of waking up hubs and kids

The part where I laughed so loud I woke my dog up was this scene:

“Does Novikov have tusks?” Marly asked.

“They’re not tusks,” Blayne yelled while slowly dragging herself to her feet. “They’re fangs. Like the mighty saber-toothed cat of yore.”

Marly scratched her head. “Yore?”

This part is once scene where Cella keeps calling Crush her pretend boyfriend, because that’s how they start out:

"I need you to keep an eye out for Blayne," she whispered.


"Because I asked you to. God, what kind of a pretend boyfriend are you?"

"A confused and fictitious one?"

"Yeah yeah." she grabbed his hand."Come on."

This part is between Dez and Crush:

"All you owe nuzzling. You know, bear love."

"Bear love? Something else you saw on National Geographic?"

"Or Animal Planet. Both are very helpful in dealing with my husband and my new crop of friends that aren't canines."

**ARC provided by Kensington

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ARC Review of Natural Evil by Thea Harrison

Natural Evil (Elder Races, #4.5)Natural Evil by Thea Harrison

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

This novella isn’t quite like Ms. Harrison’s other works. It’s a bit slower, a bit different, and has a bit less dialogue.

As a former major in the Special Forces, Claudia is prepared for anything. Today that means helping a near-dead dog in the middle of the road get into the back of her car in the middle of nowhere Nevada. Her competency and training help her keep her cool when she thinks this dog may be wyr, and when she realizes he wasn’t hit, rather he was dragged behind a car and tortured.

A local sheriff drives by and tickets her for speeding, but he’s not really there to ticket her. She knows there’s something wrong with the picture, so she bides her time and waits, rather than running her mouth. While at the same time she sticks to her guns and refuses to let the sheriff put the dog out of his misery. That’s one of the things I like about Claudia; she’s able to have a take-no-crap personality and at the same time be respectful.

I enjoyed Claudia’s calm and logical demeanor. She was one of few heroines I’ve read who is a very take-charge personality without being rude, bossy, or abrupt. She is also very deliberate. All of her decisions are well-thought out, and she never ventures into TSTL territory.

She has a feeling that the dog she has found is no normal mastiff, but a wyr. She’s right, but she can’t get him to talk to least not until she decides to name him Precious and to buy him a pink rhinestone collar. Then we see his personality, and this is where the romance begins.

This is really where the book picks up. Luis heals enough to shift, so he and Claudia can finally get some page time. Claudia tries to figure out what’s going on with the sheriff and why this small mining town in the middle of Nevada would have anything to do with it. Meanwhile, they have this thread of passion and heat connecting them. One thing that Claudia didn’t want was a relationship with Luis, who is in his twenties. Claudia is about 40. That’s a big difference to her.

I think the way that she and Luis communicate is what helps make their romance so sweet and believable, because in this story, he stays in his Wyr form for about half the book. I think that’s a very hard romance to pull off, and Ms. Harrison did a fantastic job.

I won’t spoil any of the action, or what happens at the end, but I will say that the tarot deck from True Colors comes into play in this story, which I thought was a pretty cool touch. And the last scene of the book has the tarot deck moving on with a young medusa.

***thank you to the author for the ARC

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Teaser from Alejandro's Sorceress by Alyssa Day

I've been waiting soo impatiently for Alejandro's Sorceress to come out, and then the woman had to go and post this! argh, she's such a tease!

From Alyssa Day's facebook page:

You can thank me now. I write about murderous leprechauns so you don't have to:

It was the laugh that put Alejandro over the edge. Cool, clear-headed, Paranormal Operations training flew out the window. Hot, primal rage from years of battling murderous vampires in San Bartolo took over. He triangulated his shots in his head a split-second before he took them.

A couple of heartbeats later, three werewolves lay dead on the ground.

“Glad you talked me into that silver shot,” he said mildly, as if his partner hadn’t almost died and wasn’t in danger of becoming a shifter himself.

Mac forced out a laugh and hauled himself up off the ground.

“Damn wolves. I was so focused on the possibility of big, bad, and ugly that I missed the pitter-patter of little feet.”


“Leprechauns. Bastards tripped me up, and the wolves jumped me when I was down.”

- ALEJANDRO'S SORCERESS, coming in 2 weeks!

Alejandro's Sorceress is an ebook exclusive about Alejandro and Maria from Atlantis Unleashed.

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Dating the Undead by Gena Showalter & Jill Monroe

Dating the UndeadDating the Undead by Gena Showalter

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

This was a really fun read.

It's like an issue of Cosmo for the girl who's dating an Immortal. This book/magazine has it all from horoscopes to the latest fashion for your undead boyfriend. The quizzes cracked me up, and I guess I'm "ready, willing and eager to date a creature of the otherworld."

The article "Nine Reasons We Crave Immortals" is fun and tongue-in-cheek. The Speculation if certain movie stars are undead *cough* Johnny Depp's a vampire *cough* had me thinking that the pictures they used were perfect!

Some of my favorite parts were the ads. There were pictures of waif-like beauties, and lean, built men, and beneath it would say

"Coffin Klein"

"LL Brain" for all your zombie fashion needs lol

"Recover Girl" to cover up those vampire love bites

"Jimmy Chew"

"Vladmir's Secret"

Okay I could go on all day. Bottom line: Get this book/magazine, it's friggin' hysterical!

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Multi-Author Book Signing

Last night, I had the chance to go see and hear several wonderful authors read a passage from their books. They were part of Romance of Words, a contest to win a vow renewal at the Chapel of the Flowers in Las Vegas. When I hear they were in town, I jumped at the chance to see them.

Tessa Dare reading:

Megan Hart:

Lauren Dane:

Zoe Archer:

Vivian Arend:

Courtney Milan:

Ann Aguirre:

After the author reading and the vow renewal, we all mingled a bit, and I got to hang out with these fabulous ladies!

This is me in the middle of a Lauren Dane and Courtney Milan sandwich :)

Me with Tessa Dare

Where I sat during the lovely vow renewal for a couple who had been married for 58 years! (The groom said to his bride, that he'd marry her for two lifetimes. Aww...)

You might recognize Heather from the Book Reading Gals sitting next to Lauren and Vivian

Fun was had by all, oh and cake. We all enjoyed the cake ;)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing by Terry Spear

3 out of 5 flames

My first issue was how a bunch of werewolves could hide what they were while being Navy SEALs since they do change on the full moon. My second was that I don't think it was really that hard to guess who the "bad" guy was, but then I'm a person who figured out Sixth Sense from the trailer. The third is that all the men are a little misogynistic but they are werewolves. And finally, like any pack is going to let it's leader's sister just take off with someone who isn't pack I don't care if he's the Leader's best friend or not. This definitely is a book meant for people who want a little supernatural with their romance, and not people who really love to immerse themselves in paranormal. That being said....

Finn is a member of the former SEAL group that was led by Hunter, who has recently gotten married and gone on his honeymoon. The team is retired but still take on undercover missions from time to time and recently one went very wrong nearly killing them all. So, when one of their team members is nearly assassinated Finn just knows it's got something to do with that mission and that somehow Hunter's sister Meara will be a target. He goes to Oregon to protect her only to find that Meara has decided she wants her own mate and has booked nothing but a bunch of alpha males at their resort for the next two weeks. Which, of course, drives Finn crazy because he's completely attracted to her.

Of course there is the usual "You're going with me to hide" "No I'm not." "Yes you are." "No I'm not." "Yes you are." gunfire "Ok I am." but for the most part while Meara can be a bit obnoxious about wanting to help out, she mostly realizes she'd just be more of a hindrance and doesn't whine too much or does anything that endangers everyone. That's refreshing. And she doesn't hold information back from people, which is again a nice change of pace since most women in novels like this won't tell the good guys what the bad guys said to them...that's so aggravating.

Finn is also a refreshing change. Yeah he's typical arrogant alpha werewolf military male but he also will concede to Meara's way of thinking at times and isn't afraid to tell her what's going on if he feels it is really essential to her survival.

The sexual tension between these two is pretty good. The car scene where Finn is checking Meara's clothing for bugs is worth the read alone. I liked a lot of the side characters, especially Rourke the newly turned journalist. So if you like paranormal lite t's definitely worth the read and I have to admit I have a couple of characters I'm anxious to see get together from this novel so I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for new ones in this series.

**ePub Review Copy courtesy of Sourcebooks via NetGalley**

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Curran POV #4

This is the latest Curran Point of View from Gordon Andrews. It's a great scene from Magic Strikes which is the 3rd book in the Kate Daniels series. This scene is where Kate is in the hot tub, and Curran joins her (it's not what you think, if you haven't read the series. Okay, maybe it's a little what you think-lol)

I thought it has one of the best lines in it:

But now, with her hair down, and her features relaxed, she looked beautiful. I wondered if she knew. No, probably not."

the link can be found here, and you can read it online for free.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wrong Side of Hell by Juliana Stone

Wrong Side of Hell, (League of Guardians novella)Wrong Side of Hell, by Juliana Stone

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

Bill the Seraphim has tasked Logan with retrieving a soul from Purgatory. Logan’s a Hellhound, and his kind are made for escorting souls to certain levels of the Otherworld. But Logan feels he’s done his duty, above and beyond, and wants nothing more than to enjoy his good Canadian whiskey. But Bill has other plans.

Kira is dead. Her body is in the morgue at the Institution she’s spent the last 15 years of her life in. And the catalyst for her insanity? Being escorted to Hell at age 10. Logan was sent in to take her to Hell, but nothing felt right about that mission. It

In saving 10 year old Kira, Logan was connected to her in more ways than as her guardian. He just didn’t know it. And Kira's no longer a ten year old child. She's a woman. He may have left her in the human world without looking back, but that didn’t mean he’d never thought about the child he’d saved, or of the woman she'd become.

So, tracking her for the second time, he has no idea what he’s in for. Kira was such a strong character in the Gray Realm, that her heartbreaking reality was so hard to read. She was a broken ghost of a woman in reality, but a strong spirit in the Otherworld. Great contrast. It reminds me of just how well Ms. Stone writes, and shows amazing characterization.

This novella is primarily Logan finding Kira in the Gray Realm, and keeping her safe. I liked the fast paced action, and I loved the characters. I think it’s a bit hard to follow if you don’t know the “world” already, but I do think the author is talented enough to make it work. Oh, and I especially loved the cameo at the end of some familiar faces. Bill isn’t quite done meddling yet.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tempted by Blood by Laurie London

Tempted by Blood (Sweetblood, #3)Tempted by Blood by Laurie London

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

I really love how easy it is to slip into Laurie London’s writing. Her Sweetblood series is easy to pick up in the middle of the series. I’ve read all of her other books, but I don’t feel anyone would feel lost at all by reading them as stand-alones. That includes this one, Tempted by Blood.

In Tempted by Blood, we read about Jackson, the agent who thinks he’s on the edge of reverting. That means he thinks he’s getting closer and closer to becoming what their kind has evolved away from-an all blood diet, and killing those they drink from. His kind now, takes sips, or drinks from bags, and they can absorb human energy as well. Those vampires who revert to the old ways are called Dark Bloods, and as an agent, Jackson has spent the past century hunting them down. While I do feel Jackson waxed a wee bit melodramatic over his possible demise, it was understandable. This is what he fears, and he’s seen what happens to agents if they revert. They are killed. Ruthlessly, violently. No trial. So, he is right to be scared.

The heroine is a blogger whose parents were killed by shadows. That might not make sense, but what she saw were Dark Blood vampires who stepped from the shadows. Since no one ever believed her, to the point her relatives told her she was in league with the devil, she started blogging. At first it was just cathartic. Then it became about realizing that she wasn’t alone, and all those people who followed her blog needed the validation that they weren’t alone either. But blogging on her X-Files meets Ghost Hunters type blog isn’t a paying gig, so she works at Xtark gaming. We found out in previous books that they are fronting a Dark Blood operation.

All in all, this is a fast-paced and easy to read book. It’s enjoyable, and has a super sexy hero, with green and blue highlights that I find so sexy. The heroine has a moment where she’s frozen in fear, but once she realizes her cousin’s in trouble, she is able to suck it up and help. She doesn’t venture into TSTL territory but she’s under no delusions that she can kick vampire arse, either. She knows her limits and makes wry comments about taking self defense classes in the future. Hopefullly everyone else will enjoy it as much as I have.


I love that in this series not every human can have their mind altered by vampires. It just doesn't stick on some. Makes it more realistic, I mean it makes sense that not every human would be so easily manipulated. It turns out she’s only immune to him.

I love that the heroine is a blogger and I love how seriously she takes her blogging

I love that *snicker* Arianna's profile pic is Alexander Skarsgard and Jackson's giving her a hard time about Askars

On the whole a good story that was easy to get into and enjoyable to read.

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***ARC provided by the author

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Guest Post by Siobhan Muir

I'd like to introduce fellow author, and my friend, .LinkSiobhan Muir

Thank you, Laurie, for having me here today.

My recent release, Her Devoted Vampire, just came on out Feb. 22 from Evernight Publishing and it’s a dream come true for me. I’ve been writing stories since I was a kid and learned to read. I had this teacher who said we could “publish” a story we’d written and he’d bind it for us.

I’d have a real book!

This, of course, electrified me into the idea that I could become a writer, someone who wrote down fantastic stories and sold them to people in bookstores. That was just about the best idea ever.

Then life intervened. The stories, mostly dreadfully written fantasies, sat for a long time after high school, gathering dust (I wrote them long-hand in blank books). Then I got a computer (for college) and stories managed to get into digital format. At least now they were easy to revise. :P

But it wasn’t until I’d finished grad school and had a baby that I turned my full attention back to writing – and discovered I had twelve sci-fi/fantasy stories, and two romances in various states of completion. My husband and I agreed I could have a non-traditional job that would allow me to be a mother to my children and I decided I wanted to be an author (not just a writer, and there is a difference).

I thought it would be easy – I mean, I had all these stories. A little editing, a little tweaking, and it should be a piece of cake. Yeah, right. Do you know what ‘backstory’ is? It’s an insidious creature filling your carefully woven tale with useless details and stuff that happened at some time other than the story you’re telling right now. It’s usually accompanied by great herds of ‘was’ and ‘were’, and clouds of ‘that’ and ‘which’. I had no idea all those things had infiltrated my writing, but I learned pretty quick when I sent one such untried story to a literary agent, and she took seven months to tell me she couldn’t get past the first page.
Talk about disappointing.

So when I told a friend I’d written a short Vampire romance story, and she demanded to read it, I warned her it probably wasn’t very good (it was the first romance I’d ever written and I hadn’t self-edited yet). She waved away the warning and took it. Two days later she told me I’d better give my vampire tale to the critique group in preparation for publication or she’d string me up. I thought she’d gone crazy, but I gave the disaster to the group.

Sure enough, too much backstory, extraneous details, overuse of ‘was’ and ‘were’, and I hadn’t even started the darn thing in the right place. But along with the critiques came comments like “wow, I really liked your story” and “that was a great story”. So I made their suggestions, cleaned it, fixed it, edited it, and then gave it to a line editor for one more sweep.Link

Finally, it was ready, and I’d chewed my nails down to nothing as I submitted it to Evernight Publishing, praying I’d fixed it enough. LOL

You’ll have to tell me what YOU think. The title changed to Her Devoted Vampire, and was released Feb. 22 this year. Oh, and that other manuscript with too much backstory that the agent didn’t bother to read? Yeah, that one was picked up by Siren Publishing and should be released in May on ebook, and in September on Print on Demand. :)

If you’re interested in picking up a digital copy of Her Devoted Vampire you can find one at the following places:

All Romance Ebooks:



Evernight Publishing:

If you’re interested in finding Siobhan Muir online:!/SiobhanMuir


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