Thursday, August 30, 2012

Howl for It by Cynthia Eden & Shelly Laurenston

Howl For It (Includes: Pride, #0.5)Howl For It by Shelly Laurenston
My rating: 4 of 5 flames

Like a Wolf with a Bone by Shelley Laurenston- 4 flames

This was Eggie and Darla Mae’s story and I loved it. I’m not sure what I expected from Eggie, but I really enjoyed it. This story was a bit sweeter than Laurenston’s usual Pride books (no complaints here!) and her trademark sense of humor was present throughout.

Eggie accidentally kidnaps Darla Mae after saving her from humans trying to kill her. She’s a bit of a free spirit, or well, a hippie (hey, it’s the 70s after all!). He’s a very serious marine on forced leave. He unnerves people with his very direct stare and his eyes that always look wolf, even when he isn’t. They don’t seem like the ideal couple, but oh they truly are great together.

Their families cause more trouble than anything, but at the end, they all stick together and come through as only family can. Especially in a scene where they are racing their frenemies in a “friendly wager” but it turns sour quickly as some humans barge in with automatic rifles. We get to see some other characters from the series, but y’know, over 30 years earlier. It was pretty cool.

I loved this one. It was so fun and sweet and really enjoyable. My absolute favorite part, though, was the epilogue. If you’ve read Big Bad Beast, you’ll know exactly where it falls in the plot. Dee Ann, Eggie’s little sugarbug, has a bit in there that you’ll love.

This fits in really well with the series, but I don’t think it’s a great stand-alone. Other than that, I really got a kick out of Eggie Ray and Darla Mae.

Wed or Dead by Cynthia Eden- 4.5 flames

Kayla is dragging her feet to the altar, literally. Sexy Gage, always with the ready smile and hot kiss is waiting for her, but she has to force herself to marry him. Why is that, hmm?

I’ll tell ya-he’s a werewolf, and she knows it. He’s also her mark. She’s supposed to get close enough to kill. But she can’t. In Kayla’s world, werewolves are monsters, and she’s a good guy, keeping the humans safe from the monsters that roam the nights. It’s very black and white.

Gage knows Kayla is a hunter, but he humors her and never lets on. Kayla is also his mate, and now that he has her, he isn’t letting her go. But their honeymoon is crashed by hunters who take Kayla too. Did her own people turn on her? Now Gage has to save them from her own people, and in the meantime he has to convince Kayla that the world she grew up in isn’t black and white at all. There’s a big fat grey area and they both exist inside it.

It was refreshing to see a heroine who hated the hero come to grips fairly quickly with the fact that maybe he’s not all that bad. And what’s even worse, is that maybe she’s the bad guy.

Set in the Night Watch world, but not part of the series, this novella has everything, danger, intrigue, suspense and love. But watch out, sometimes the bad guys aren’t so bad, and the good guys might just be the monsters hiding under your bed.

***ARC courtesy of Kensington Publishing in exchange for an honest review

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Angie Fox’s new Monster MASH series + Giveaway

***Please welcome author Angie Fox to Demon Lover's. Today she's talking to us about her new series Monster MASH (review of Immortally Yours) and she's offering a signed copy of Immortally Yours to a random commenter (don't forget to leave your email!) and the best part? It's open internationally!***

Use Your Inside Voices: Tips From A Banshee Babysitter

As we all know, children can be little angels or little devils. If you’re tapped to be the responsible party for a little ghoul (or ghoulette) this weekend, you may need some sage advice. Caitlin O’ The Wisp has been minding wee ones for nigh on five centuries and offered these suggestions:
·         Bring some things to play with like a notebook, magazines, or colored paper and markers. And if there’s a graveyard near, nothing beats a rousing game of flashlight tag!
·         If they’re yelling as part of a temper tantrum, go ahead and shriek along with them. It confuses the heck out of them (for a minute). Once they’re looking at you in confusion, you can distract them with a toy or a treat.
·         If the children start to fight amongst themselves, leave them be--they’ll usually work it out within a few minutes. If not, the evil eye or a compulsion curse can be your best friend.
·         Scary stories are a great before-bed treat. If you choose the right one, they will be quietly petrified and frozen in place for hours.  Caitlin recommends “Axe Murder Hollow”, “The Tale of the Storm Hag” or “Where’s My Liver?”

Main article:
So why am I on here, talking about banshee babysitters? It’s all part of the launch of Immortally Yours, the first book in the new Monster MASH series. The books take place in and around a paranormal MASH unit during a seemingly endless war.
The heroine and her colleagues at the MASH 3063rd have been drafted until the end of the conflict, which is bad for her but even worse for people like her vampire roommate, Marius. They’re living in this quirky, ad-hock camp, trying to make the best of it while they work long hours in the OR, putting soldiers back together – knowing that they’re probably going to see these injured heroes again and again – if they’re lucky.
I wanted to give readers a taste of the series. So I set up a special website for PNN (The Paranormal News Network), which is the news outlet covering the war. is the supernatural version of CNN, with a few exceptions. Sure, PNN can be a little sensationalistic, with articles like: “Mayan Insider Scoop! Developed Armageddon “Prophecy” After Tequila Bender” and “Five Things in Your Lair That Can Kill You.” But, hey, nobody’s perfect.
I figured PNN would be a fun way to give everyone a sneak peek at the kind of world I've created in my new series. To celebrate, I’m giving away a copy of Immortally Yours right now. Just check out and post the title of your favorite article in the comments below!

Buy on Amazon
Buy on Barnes &Noble

Angie Fox is the New York Times bestselling author of several books about vampires, werewolves and things that go bump in the night. She is best known for her Accidental Demon Slayer urban fantasy series. She is also writing a series about a group of paranormal M*A*S*H surgeons. The first book in the Monster MASH trilogy, Immortally Yours, is out now. The second book, Immortally Embraced, releases in February 2013.

Visit Angie at:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Immortally Yours by Angie Fox

Stop by tomorrow for a guest post and an international giveaway by the author of Immortally Yours, Angie Fox.

Do you guys remember that show M*A*S*H? I remember watching reruns of it with my dad back in the day. Basically it’s the day-to-day goings on in a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean War. It was zany, but at the same time, it was serious. It was a brilliant show. 

You may have noticed the series name is Monster M*A*S*H which is a play off the song, yeah, but it’s primarily a paranormal version of M*A*S*H.

The heroine Petra, is part fae, but has lived a pretty human life in New Orleans, until a few years ago. The Immortal Army recruited her. And by recruited, I mean took her. See, Petra’s a doctor who specializes in the paranormal population, and when the war between the Old Gods and the New Gods got bad, they “recruited” doctors from our world. Her tent-mates are a broody vampire and a vegetarian werewolf, both of whom are great side characters.

Petra also knows that she will never leave this hot dry land where she is forever patching up the immortal gods and their armies. She can see ghosts, but in this reality, it’s a hindrance, and absolutely nothing she’d ever tell anyone. There’s a prophecy stating that someone who can see the dead will bring about the end of the war-so any time there’s a hint of someone being able to see the dead, that person is put to death.  At one point Petra tried to force the prophecy, thinking she might be the one to end it all, but she was wrong-dead wrong.

One immortal who comes in is very badly injured, and he dies.  But she grabs, physically grabs his spirit and shoves him back into his body. That brings up some  questions: how much of that will he remember? what will he do? And once she’s touched his soul, how can she help but feel connected to him? 

Gaelen wants Petra, but how can he convince her that they are fated? The dagger that she pulled out of him follows her wherever she goes, tending to lend his fate theory credence.But ever since her failed attempt at the prophecy, she tends to think fate is a bunch of crap. Gaelen has his work cut out for him.

 The writing was fantastic. The humor was wry and sarcastic, the characters well developed, and the setting was so easy to visualize. I could practically feel the dry hot dust of Limbo. The descriptions were great. It's not like 1 paragraph of flowery imagery, then back to the story, it's more like the atmosphere is part of the dialogue and narrative. The description is almost its own character. 

I recommend this to Urban Fantasy fans, to Paranormal Lite fans, and to Paranormal Romance fans. If you like your romance to have a lot of dry wit and steamy scenes, this is for you.

***ARC courtesy of the author

Monday, August 27, 2012

NAKED by Raine Miller

The Blackstone Affair
5 Flames-HOT STUFF!
"Tastefully Erotic", That is how I would classify this delitefully entincing read in a nutshell.
Raine gives us a sexy, handsome and powerful main character in Ethan Blackstone. He oozes sex appeal and just enough mystery to keep you riveted; desperate to find the slightest clue of his tortured past that has made him what and how he is today.
The object of Ethan's desire is Brynne Bennett; attractive, curvy, smart and driven, she seems to have it all together. Brynne also has her own past and is trying to make a fresh start with a new apartment, a new job and a scholarship in the graduate program at University of London. It's clear she's running from something or someone; what she didn't know, was it was straight into Ethan Blackstone's arms.
Raine Miller has that unique ability to grab you and keep to completely entralled. Once you begin this journey into the blackstone affair, get'll read it in one sitting.
Find this at Amazon
Visit her website:

Seleste DeLaney: Guest Post

Please welcome author Seleste DeLaney today! She has a new book coming out tomorrow, and we get a teeny little sneak peek into the character of Remy today.

Remy Says: Guide to Demons         
Remy (Remus) is a new character in Seleste deLaney’s Blood Kissed series. The first novel in the series, Kiss of Death, releases Tuesday (August 28) from Mundania Press. If you haven’t read the short story prequels, those are available from DecadentPublishing  and many other online retailers.

Too many years of killer vamps have triggered the curse of the Blood Kissed. They’ve awakened the bloodline that can alter their world, because her blood has the power to control them all—even make them destroy each other.

Jocelyn thought her troubles with vampires were over when she drove a stake through her boyfriend Max’s heart a year ago. Even though she’s engaged to Chad now, she’s never really forgotten him. Now Max is back, and Chad is taking her into the heart of the vamp community—and they’re the ones trying to keep her alive. The ones who love her and each seek to claim her for their own. Because once the elders know who she is, they’re all going to want her… or want her dead.

Today, Remy is with us to talk about a subject very important when dealing with vampires… demons.

"Hello and thank you. Normally I’d bow at this point, but since you can’t see me, just imagine it and gasp accordingly (I’ve been told I have quite a sexy bow). But… demons….

I don’t believe in them. The end.

Stop yelling “but you’re a vampire.” Yes, I am, that’s true, but that doesn’t say anything about demons. You see, I am not a minion of hell. I know, hard to believe with the way I dress because no one but an incubus of the highest order should look this good in leather, but it’s true. And to be fair, the incubi aren’t hell spawn either.

You see, a demon is (according to Miriam-Webster) “an evil spirit.” First, I am not a spirit; I’m flesh. You can touch me. *slaps* I didn’t mean literally—save that for later. But I am most definitely not a spirit. I’m as corporeal as the day I was born long ago. And I can guarantee you the same is true of any other “demon” I’ve had the pleasure to run across. Werewolves? More human than some of them want to admit. Fairies and pixies and all the other Fae? Less human but still very solid. If you wish to question that, I will suggest avoiding any that look particularly friendly as they tend to be the most likely to kill you.

As for the evil bit. Look at me? Do I look evil to you? Okay, maybe a little evil, but all good and no evil makes Remy a very dull lover indeed. And that, ladies and gentlemen, will never do.

But I serve no devil in hell by my existence. In fact, the most “devilish” within the supernatural community are those who claim to serve no master at all. They are a lot of fun to hang out with… as long as you don’t mind getting your hands dirty.

So, not angels by any means—though I’m sure there are a few of us who might strive for such nonsense—but not demons either. Nope. Demons are nothing but a construct of fiction and religion (which some might argue are upon occasion the same damn thing).

So what am I? I am the creature who won’t ever bother to tap on your bedroom window if I want in. And if I come inside, I can promise it won’t be to watch you sleep.

And you might even invite me to come back again.

Take that, incubi."

You can find Remy in the pages of Kiss of Death
And you can find Seleste all over the internet:
Twitter as @Selestedelaney
Facebook at both her profile  and author page

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tessa Dare Week Post & Giveaway

To wrap up Tessa Dare Week, I'll leave you with her take on Spindle Cove, oh, and that teeny little giveaway I may have mentioned ;)

Leave a comment with your email and next week I'll randomly draw a winner for (are you ready?) All Three Spindle Cove books...signed!!!
***US/CA only please

Oh, and I'm going to post a picture of Tessa and me from St. Patty's Day when I actually got to meet her! The picture was taken in a wedding chapel in Vegas (sounds crazier than it was) and I chatted with her and discovered she's positively the nicest woman on the planet. Thanks for stopping by this week everyone, and don't forget to enter the contest!

                                                   Laura Hunsaker & Tessa Dare

So, wow.  Tessa Dare Week.  I can’t get over it!  Thanks so much, Laura.

Laura asked me to talk about how Spindle Cove, as a series, came to be.

Spindle Cove is a fictional village on the southern coast of England.  There are very few men, and it’s become known as a safe retreat for young ladies of gentle breeding who need a break from the pressures of Society.

To put it simply, Spindle Cove is a place where young ladies belong, simply because they don’t fit in anywhere else.

The sorts of young women drawn to Spindle Cove include those in delicate health, like Diana Highwood (soon to have her own story!).  Or the painfully shy and heartbroken, like Violet Winterbottom in Once Upon a Winter’s Eve.  Some have interests that are … unconventional, for women of the time—like geologist Minerva Highwood in A Week to be Wicked.  And still others, like Kate Taylor (A Lady by Midnight), simply have nowhere else to call home.

So…how did this little village come to be?

Well, here’s the answer I usually give:  My very first envisioning of A Night to Surrender (the first book in the series) was a battle of the sexes, where a group of men “invade” a female-dominated village.   And in order to have a proper battle of the sexes, I knew the women involved needed to be strong-willed and whip-smart.  So that gave me the question: What kind of village would attract unconventional Regency women?  And Spindle Cove evolved from there.

But truthfully, the answer is a little more personal than that.  I think I created this village of quirky, misfit girls because I was a quirky, misfit girl.  (Well, I’m still quirky.  Okay, and I have my days when I still feel like a misfit, too.)  Spindle Cove is the summer camp I always yearned for, as a young woman – a place where I could walk and read at the same time, and no one would look at me funny.  A place where it didn’t matter what “society” thought.  A girl could explore whatever interested her most—and then hit the range for target practice.  

Basically, in creating Spindle Cove, I tried to give my younger, awkward self the home she always wanted. And in doing that, I somehow gave my grownup author self the home I needed.  This series has been a great opportunity for me to write the quirky, unconventional characters I love best.   If readers fall in love with them, too—that’s just the biggest thrill.

Laura, thanks so much for a great week!  A whole week!  (Still can’t get over it.)

Where to find Tessa Dare:
Tessa's website

Tessa's twitter

Tessa's facebook page

Spindle Cove Series:


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