Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Red Hot Holiday Featuring K.A. Mitchell, Leah Braemel and Anne Calhoun

Ok, I'm little behind here but it's been a crazy past few months.  If you're still in the Holiday spirit, or like me are never not in the Holiday spirit, then here's a fun little read. 

"The Wish List" - K.A. Mitchell - is about Jonah and his boyfriend Evan. Jonah loves Evan but finding a ring box in Evan's desk drawer has him seriously wondering if he's ready for a commitment.  He feels like something is missing and is afraid to tell Evan that he needs something "more".  Evan loves Jonah but his Dom tendencies are something he's been afraid to bring up, lest it frighten Jonah away.  Then Evan finds a secret fantasy kink list Jonah wrote, and now he realizes that they are both going to get what they want for the Holidays.  

I liked the story, even though I find it hard to believe in this day/age that they never would've talked about their sexual preferences before now.  Plus I found Jonah's constant commitment issues (he does think about sleeping with other guys 'just to make sure') turned me off to his character and thinking Evan deserved better.  But I got some of the reason behind both their issues, and in the end it was a really good story about two real people, going through real issues, with some really hot sex thrown in for good measure.

"I Need You for Christmas" - Leah Braemel - a twist on "Gift of the Magi" find Ryan and Megan getting together for the Holiday after months apart.  She's a Mounty in the Arctic region of Canada and he's a prolific artist living near Toronto.  Megan has decided to give up her dream job in order to join the provincial police in Ontario so she can be closer to Ryan.  Meanwhile Ryan has decided to give up his home and art space to move North to be with Megan.  Both have decided to sacrifice a bit of their dreams in order to not be away from the person they love.  Of course in the end, they both realize what they've done and everything works out.

Which makes this sound kind of sappy, but the chemistry between these two is anything but.  The story is very enjoyable and probably my favorite of the three.  And I like the twist on a classic.

"Breath on Embers" - Anne Calhoun - Ronan is a  firefighter and Thea is a widow. They've been "hooking" up now for months and Ronan wants to take their relationship past the bedroom, but Thea is still too wounded from the loss of her husband to even consider changing their status.  Ronan however is determined to knock through the shell of deprivation Thea has wrapped herself in and has decided there's no time like the Holidays to make his wishes come true.  And to help Thea realize there's still life out there, that life is meant to be experienced, and he wants to be a part of hers. 

While there is a pretty hot threesome in this story, really it's the emotional element that keeps you reading.  Calhoun does a really fantastic job of letting the reader get inside Thea's emotional pain and the agony of healing.  Yet Ronan's patience and love do break through and you walk away all fuzzy that the two of them are going to start the New Year in a better place. 

Overall I'd say this is a 3.5 out of 5 flames.

eGalley courtesy of Carina Press via NetGalley

One Good Earl Deserves A Lover by Sarah MacLean

One Good Earl Deserves a Lover (The Rules of Scoundrels, #2)One Good Earl Deserves a Lover by Sarah MacLean
My rating: 5 of 5 flames

Spoiler Free

This book was wonderful. The beginning starts off with a bang! (and right where we left off in A Rogue by Any Other Name) and it only gains momentum, pulling you further and further in.

Lady Philippa Marbury is getting married in 2 weeks, and it’s to be the double wedding of the decade! She and her beautiful sister are making headlines left and right for their wedding. Yet, Pippa can’t quite come to terms with it. Oh she knows the wedding is inevitable, and her husband really is a nice guy. But Pippa is, well, odd. She knows it, everyone around her knows it. And her soon-to-be husband knows it. And he rather likes it. He likes Pippa, and for her, that’s enough.

Except, that it really isn’t.

She thinks she needs to understand the machinations of the consummation to get her jitters to go away. Being the scientist that she is, she propositions Cross, a well-known rake. She doesn’t want to be physically ruined, per se, but she wants to know what it is. What actually happens. Cross obviously turns her down. Yet, Pippa somehow ends up embroiled in his life without him even noticing. She is always there. And he can’t stop thinking about her.

Cross eventually realizes that Pippa will be in far more trouble if he doesn’t help her, than if he does. But he also tells her that knowing what’s to come isn’t really what she wants. She’s only using that as an excuse for her nerves.

Cross and Pippa have amazing chemistry, and it’s so brilliantly done. But Cross has problems of his own. He not only has a club to run, but he’s being blackmailed and it isn’t going well. There are at least 2 places where I teared up, and the most heartbreaking was where Pippa realized that Cross was trying to save her reputation, and she thought that maybe Cross needed someone to save him.

The ending also made me cry because I’m a big sucker for endings like this. I think that if you haven’t read a Sarah MacLean book by now, you need to.

***Thank You to Avon and Edelweiss for the ARC

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

FROST by Taryn Kincaid

The Delicious Days of Dagney Night

Just like you or me, Dagney Night gets up the in the morning, and gets ready for her busy work day.  She runs an art gallery. She enjoys a foamy latte. In the evening, she relaxes over a frosty glass of ice wine.
But where you or I might stop during the course of our day for coffee breaks and lunch breaks, Dagney indulges in sex breaks. (Okay, so perhaps the idea of a nooner or a quickie is not unkown to some of you.) But, like her sisters, Lily and Zena, Dag’s a succubus and she’s got to have it!
I first wrote about this trio of hot sisters in LIGHTNING. The heroine of that book was Lily Night, more human than demon on the paranormal scale, who’d put her prom date and the love of her life into a coma during their first torrid night together, and who’d been shying away from sex with mortals ever since.
Haven’t gotten to Zena yet, because she’s way at the other end of the demonic spectrum, a goodtime party girl who, frankly, scares me a little. But her time will come.
But now…there’s Dagney.  I love Dagney. Smack dab in the middle. A nice girl who’s occasionally a little to hot too handle. Like her squeeze, the artist Maxwell Raines, a mysterious fire-sex demon. Except that Dagney’s getting tired of sex just for the sake of sex alone. Unlike most other succubi, she wants something more. Especially with Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year, right around the corner!
What do YOU want for Valentine’s Day?
Tell me about your best or your worst Valentine’s Day and I’ll pick a random commenter to win a title from my backlist and some chocolatey, bookly swag.
Want to read more about Dagney? Her book, FROST, releases from Decadent Publishing on February 1 and will be available on Amazon and most other places ebooks are sold.

Dagney Night, a sought-after succubus, is no stranger to blazing hot sex. But as Valentine’s Day approaches, she longs for something more. When oddly erotic paintings arrive for display at her art gallery, arousing everyone who views them, she wonders about the mysterious artist who created the works.
Maxwell Raines, a fire-sex demon, lives a life of solitude and seclusion behind the walls of his compound at Sleepy Hollow, channeling his lustful impulses into his art—until his muse deserts him and his temperature rises past the danger point. He needs sex. Now.
When Madame Evangeline arranges a torrid Valentine’s 1Night Stand for them, will the flames of their encounter be too hot to handle?

 Dagney followed her sister’s glance, and her heart flipped like a gymnast unable to nail a vault. Darkness swathed the gallery with the exception of the lights above or below each of the paintings. The large man emerging from the shadows held her rapt. Waves of pure, unadulterated lust smacked her with such force she didn’t even see Lily and Campbell leave. The blast of raw desire crumpled her to the floor. Her gaze remained riveted on the tall hunk of ferocious male stalking toward her, radiating undiluted carnality. He set something carefully on the floor and grasped her by the elbows, his touch surprisingly gentle when he lifted her to her feet.
“I’m Maxwell Raines.”
Yeah. No kidding. Who else could a guy so hot, so studly, possibly be?
She told herself not to swoon. Ordered herself not to swoon. But, Goddess, that rumbling voice. More potent than a train barreling over the tracks. And he smelled so good. Sinfully masculine. A bit of musk, a bite of pine, an essence of dark, smoky nights. Sexy scents. Reminiscent of tangled satin sheets that had been given a good work-out.
Her legs turned to rubber, and she doubted they’d support her on their own. She’d be mortified if he’d have to scrape her puddled body up again. But he hadn’t yet relaxed his grip. Could she bullshit her way through the meeting without collapsing? “You’re late,” she said.
“I’m never late.”
“Well, the party’s over, Mr. Raines.” She waved a hand around the empty room.
“Depends on your perspective.”
“You’re big on perspective, are you?”
“I’m a painter.” A brief shrug accompanied his blunt words. “Obvious connection.”
“Right. But as you can see, everyone’s left.”
“You haven’t.” He gazed down at her, a black brow flaring. “And you’re what I’m here for.” 

Check out the sensual FROST trailer 
And you can find Taryn at:

She'd love to hear from you!

Monday, January 28, 2013

The ORIGINAL Man Candy!

Does anyone remember this photo?
Well, by some mystical miracle... he found me!
Say hello to Adrian Gatuso
Crazy huh?
Well Adrian is Romanian, 25 years old and a football...I mean Soccer player.
It seems that this was an amateur photo shoot and nothing really came of it.
I think he has potential? Ladies, what do you think?
I think he could be the NEXT book cover model!
If you'd like to say hello to Adrian, or "Buna ziua" in Romanian
find him on facebook

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Forever a Lord by Delilah Marvelle

Forever a Lord (The Rumor, #3)Forever a Lord by Delilah Marvelle
My rating: 5 of 5 flames

One day on twitter I saw a book trailer that rocked my socks. I don’t say this lightly because most book trailers, even those of KMM and Sherrilyn Kenyon, are crap. There are very few that (to me) do the job. This one got the job done.

That day I posted the link here and saw that it was on


My first thought? “Oh it’s on!”

My thoughts after finishing and losing sleep due to reading too late?

This book starts out with a heartbreaking prologue and an unusual beginning, so of course, I was hooked.

At age 10, Lord Nathaniel James Atwood learns something damning about his father and in his young mind, he knows how to fix it. He threatens the man blackmailing his father, but. . .his gun misfires. The young man abducts Nathaniel, thinking to ransom him back. However, the price is too steep. His father doesn’t save him. The young man keeps Nathaniel, befriends him, and one day many years later, lets him go. What is Nathaniel to do?

Fast forward to chapter one and we see a man readying for a round of boxing. He’s nothing like the aristocratic young lord who tried to defend his father’s honor. He’s older, he’s rowdy, he’s going by a different name, and it seems, he’s married. Or rather, widowed (not a spoiler-happens in chapter 1).

He finds out his late wife, to whom he’d told every sordid detail of his true identity, had answered an ad in the newspaper about a missing lord. One Nathaniel Atwood.

He decides to go back to London after all, but only long enough to kill his father. This trip to London lands him in the arms of Lady Imogene Norwood. And what happens from there is both a beautiful and a intense, sometimes dark story. The realistic and gritty setting in this book is a first for me. And I loved it.

Imogene won’t give up on Nathaniel, and Nathaniel won’t let her close. There is so much more going on in this story than a romance, or revenge. He continues to box while in London, and Imogene wants to back him, financially. Proposing a marriage to him, the two of them become partners, friends, lovers. It’s beautiful, and totally worth the lost sleep.

Read this one, you won’t regret it!

***ARC courtesy of netgalley and HQN

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Bear with me...

Hi guys! you may have noticed that I havent posted as much as normal, lately. For those who follow my author blog, you already know the Good News.

If you don't, I'm pregnant!! Baby Hussy is due in September,  which sadly puts me in the crappy morning sickness part of the pregnancy. I'm going to try to pick it up, I've got some reviews readt to go, I just wanted to give you guys an explanation.

Another big thing is Highland Games released after Christmas,  so between not feeling well,and a new book release I havent been the best blogger. I'm going to try to fix that.

So, just bear with me, and I'll try to get demonlover'sback on track.

Thanks guys!!

Highland Hussy

Friday, January 11, 2013

How to Misbehave by Ruthie Knox

How To MisbehaveHow To Misbehave by Ruthie Knox
My rating: 4 of 5 flames

All my friends on twitter and in the blogoshpere have been talking about Ruthie Knox. I don’t typically read Contemporaries, so at first I ignored all the awesome raves and comments. But it is still happening. Months later, my friends are still raving about her.
When I was offered the novella How to Misbehave for review, I jumped on it.

And boy am I glad I did. I couldn’t put it down.

A tornado warning traps construction worker Tony and community center worker Amber together in the basement. . .and then the power goes out. Tony has issues with the dark, and Amber is, well she’s nice. She’s really nice and sweet. Nothing amazing has ever happened to her and she hasn’t done anything amazing. Being in the dark with Tony allows her to say things she never thought she could say out loud.

Tony has commitment issues, even when it comes to Amber, but it’s so worth it to watch them work things out and learn to let go of their baggage.

A very steamy and sweet romance, and since I was offered the next book in the series for review and don't be surprised if you catch me reading it.

***ARC courtesy of Loveswept/Random House

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Fabulous FreEbies

Fabulous FreEbies!
Try these free E-books and if you like the author, Please 
buy more of their books. 

Support the authors, support a good book.


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