About Me

About Me

Kelly Oakes

Taking life, one book at a time. I’m an avid reader with a passion for all things books. My addiction to books has led me to write and review. I enjoy the discovery of new authors and genres, as well as the joy of passing on my finds to other book enthusiasts. I bring a wide area of life experience as a design consultant, blogger, author, fitness model scout, former radio co-host and book reviewer/columnist for an online news medium. All paths have led me to this point in life; constantly moving towards living the dream, rather than watching it pass me by.

To give you a background, everything started when I was 3 (that is the earliest memory I have, but probably longer than that), my dad gave me my first book as a present after being away for so long. My dad is a sea captain, and being a good father, he makes sure that we, his kids, always have something to look forward to when he comes home. For me, it was the books. It was my one most prized possession then – until now.

I think it helps also that my father read books with me as long as I remember. Oh, you’re clever. You got that huh? Yeah, he read WITH me and not TO me. He even asks me to improvise, to come up with my own version, and how I want every story to end. Papa guided me through every single bed time story using his creative use of his voice. Since then, I started writing bits and pieces of stories to show to everyone.

Later on, I decided to make a career out of it. Now I want to share not only my stories to other people, I want to give them the same experience too by introducing a variety of books available in the market. Fun, exciting, mind-thrilling adventure through every single page.