My Favorite Chick Lit Authors

My Favorite Chick Lit Authors

It’s been awhile since I last wrote in this blog. I have been very busy the past few weeks as we moved in to our new house in Phoenix. When we first relocated to this beautiful city, I was so happy because finally, we have our dream house and we will be living the life that we have always wanted.

Unfortunately, the act of relocating is a different matter entirely. We had to pack up and haul our stuff and then unpack and fix everything in our new house. And until now, three weeks after we have moved in, there are still lots of things to do. Adding to my list of problems is the fact that my car broke down and now I have to find a shop specializing in transmission repair in Phoenix, AZ. This is the reason why it is only now that I am once again updating this blog.

I have recently looked at my Goodreads account and seen that there are new books from my favorite authors that have come out. I definitely need to download and read them as soon as possible.

At this point however, I am feeling that I would like to concentrate on chick lit. A lot of new chick lit books have come out and I would like to check if there are some from my favorite authors. Join me in checking out new releases from my favorite authors below:

Kristen Ashley

Author of The Dream Man series, the Rock Chick series, the Colorado Mountain series and more, Kristen Ashley is one hell of a funny author. Her books are oozing with alpha males who are very protective of the women in their lives. Kristen Ashley is so funny that I always can’t seem to put down her books. I keep laughing out loud even in the middle of the night. She definitely has a way of charming you with her stories.

Helen Fielding

Who hasn’t read The Bridget Jones Diary? Or at least watched the movie? Literally no one right? That’s how powerful Helen Fielding is, she literally makes you relate so much to her characters that you are powerless to resist. This is what makes her a really great author.

Sophie Kinsella

Are you a shopaholic? If yes, Sophie’s books are must-reads for you. Sophie has written the book Confessions of a Shopaholic and various other sequels. Her characters are flawed but loveable, funny and relatable. This are the characteristics that definitely made her books dominate the must be read piles of readers everywhere.

Meg Cabot

The author of the best-selling series The Princess Diaries, Meg writes books that are not only fit for chick lit book lovers but even for teens and children. Her writing is so smooth that you will not even notice being sucked into the story and feeling like you are in the story and observing the things that are happening first-hand. Meg Cabot is truly a gem.

Do you have your own list of favorite authors? Let me know. Hit the Contact Us button and send me an email now.

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